Blocking Assholes on Periscope 

so I’m sitting here with the hound and I promised my friends I’d tell them how to block the idiots that are just nasty during live streaming events. It’s simple,tap the comment,the profile appears and gives you the option to view user or block user. 


Gay marriage ruling may force Catholic schools to shutter their doors

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

There is a special place in heaven for anyone who sits on the Board of Education for a Catholic school.

It is a time-consuming, thankless job guaranteed to make some people mad due to the inevitable tough decisions that have to be made.

One of the perennial tough decision has to do with teachers’ salaries. Budgets are tight in Catholic Schools. Tuition doesn’t come close to covering their costs. Catholic schools depend on parish subsidies to keep their doors opened.

Teachers in Catholic schools earn less than they could earn teaching in public schools, but many stay simply because they believe in the mission. It pains the Board to underpay teachers, but that’s the way it is. Money is excruciatingly tight, and many, many Catholic schools rest on a precarious financial perch.

The perch is about to become deadly.

In Monday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court which…

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Wednesday Rambles 

I’m hoping that this beautiful weather sticks around for a while,because all I need now is a few rum punches and to be sitting on the beach somewhere beautiful. Yes I miss living part time in the  U.S. VirginIslands. It was most definitely a memorable experience and one that I won’t ever forget. My life on the mainland is great with my dog and my mom, ever since I left those crazy “dating-social networks” I have been less stressed out. But if there’s something that I truly friggin hate is the 8-pounds I’ve gained back since I quit smoking. None of those damn diets work for me and the only way I can loose weight is if I cut out my craved foods. If anyone has any ideas for an easy system please let me know. 

Twiiter & Facebook At Odds?

So Pink & I have been having some trouble with our Twitter/Facebook sharing issues, the links are not staying linked so we are rather pissed off because all of our news shares aren’t copying to the HW Media facebook fanpage. I don’t wanna remove our facebook fanpage but the fact that it’s not publishing posts is annoying.

Bruce Jenner’s story hits close to home for me

I am uncertain at what point during the Bruce Jenner-Diane Sawyer tete-a-tete that I first reached across my coffee table to fetch a piece of tissue paper. I just know it was not a one-off. Fortunately, Kleenex is not in short supply in my modest home. Yes, I wept freely and often as the former […]

Baltimore Burning 

Sitting here with my furkid and thinking about the chaos happening in the state of Maryland. It is disappointing that people think that the destruction of business and property is permitted. It is not acceptable for the opportunist criminals who are looting and setting blazes etc none of this would be happening if Freddie Gray would have Ben honest when asked if he had any weapons,supposedly he had a pocket knife and decided that he would run from the police instead of complying with instructions. If he would have complied with instruction, the man would still be alive and this property damage and theft etc. would not be happening in Baltimore

Is Christianity on the verge of being criminalized by the Democrats?

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

The First Amendment enrages liberals, at least that portion that protects our religious liberties.

In a conference call with the Family Research Council, putative Republican presidential nominee, Mike Huckabee, sounded the alarm:

“I think it’s fair to say that Christian convictions are under attack as never before. Not just in our lifetime, but ever before in the history of this great Republic. We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity, where it’s not simply going to be that a church’s tax exempt status is threatened, but more importantly where there will be criminal charges for a person who defies what will become a new government norm, new legal norm, and that is that homosexual [unintelligible] becomes a protected class. And I don’t think a lot of people have fully comprehended that that is a bridge—we’ve never crossed that before, it would be the same kind of…

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