Dover Delightย 

So it’s almost evening and mom and I have had a good day,watching NASCAR,periscope and just chillaxing. Mom’s discovered the handsome young men in Xfinity series. She’s also enjoying the commentary by Kevin and Michael. The weather in Dover is absolutely amazing as it is here in Philly. Mom is working to brainstorm an article about “MeetMe” because it’s something that she’s wanted to do for longtime just dunno how to compose it and it is a subject that also changes often. Until another time,love Miss Pinky

Grilled veggies, millet, greens, cocoa chili dressing

Wendy's Place

Grilled red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and pork shoulder chops on a bed of greens and millet is toppedย with a dressing concocted of olive oil, grilled red pepper, cocoa powder,worcester sauce, honey and a dash of lemon. You can add as much heat as desired. This recipe is based on the one I found in the June issue ofย Yoga Journalย (a favorite of mine) and I think itโ€™s a great one for this holiday weekend.

summer veggies, cocoa chili dressing-6I think it would be just as lovely as it was written in Yoga Journal with grilled corn, black beans and a mesclun mix. But I opted for pork (just bought a LOT of local pork) and our garden greens which at the moment are tender young kale and spinach. I made the millet the night before and warmed it up with someย broth- a little water and salt would do just fine.

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WordPress Virgin: Monster Mile & Beyondย 

Good Morning Everyone: 

Mom and I are going to enjoy the day and watch some automobile racing. I know mama has A possible job this afternoon which is fine with me because I know where she sleeps at night. Yesterday was a very big day for her because her blogging efforts and communication of thoughts was recognized by one of the worlds most popular celebrity bloggers. Mr. Perez Hilton not only tweeted twice to mom yesterday but like one of her previously posted Instagram selfies. Aside from the fact that mama had way too much coffee yesterday and was up very late she is still a very happy camper. So please stay tuned to my new website for today’s news and updates courtesy of Fox sports and Dover international. 

Hugs and kisses, Miss Pinky

Hello world!

so I didn’t even expect to get a WordPress site because I thought I had enough social media networks though my manager thought otherwise. I am a silver dappled dachshund living in the keystone state of Pennsylvania and I’m very blessed to have a loving family and great group of social media friends. I done do very much socializing with other pups in the real world because I can be over anxious about new things. I go to PetSmart on a monthly basis for my spa days and clearance shopping, my wardrobe is growing sporadically whenever my momma finds something that I supposedly can’t be with out. My life is pretty much awesome and I have everything I want and something’s I don’t even need. Until the next time,I love you!

~Miss Pinky 

Island Dreams

There have been some times where I miss what used to be my island home,for some 20 plus years my family owned a beautiful piece of property on the northern side of St. Thomas. A wonderful retreat from the real world -a place where I would spend many weeks each year. I truly loved traveling with my parents and enjoying another way of life because it’s not like the life on the mainland. When living in a the Caribbean you adapt to another level of life. Honestly I miss not having a place to escape to because there are definitely times I just wanna say fuck it. I miss waking up to the smells,the sounds and just the life. If I had the financial capabilities I would definitely leave the mainland and reinvent my life in the islands. It’s very easy to do a lot of things online. If I could,I’d be living in a hotel on island and be doing a boatload of blogging about being a Virgin Islaner. A girl can dream of what she’d love to do, will return with more thoughts later 

Josh Duggar and Josh Komisarjevsky: A Tale of Two Joshes

Definitely some food for thought

Homeschoolers Anonymous

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

Two Joshes. Both ATI alumni. Both perpretratorsย of serious crimes.

But each one received very different reactions from the conservative Christian milieu in which they grew up. And those reactions are worth taking a closer look at.

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar was homeschooled by his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, with the Advanced Training Instituteย โ€”ย the homeschooling curriculum developed byย Inge Cannonย (the former Director of HSLDAโ€™s National Center for Home Education) for Bill Gothardโ€™sย Institute in Basic Life Principles. According to a police report released last week, Josh molested at least five young girls. Josh began molesting these girls around the age of 14, despite him claiming that he โ€œaccepted Christ at the age of seven.โ€ Joshโ€™s crimes were not reported for at least a year, and only then they were reported to a police officer who himself was later convictedโ€ฆ

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My Life:Friday Editionย 

So I’m sitting here in my bed following some hot water therapy where I reflected back on my day and things were prettyfucking awesome because I got some tweet backs from one of the most famous bloggers in the world , Mr. Perez Hilton also known as Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Anyway not only did he reply to one of my tweets but he liked one of my previously posted Instagram photos which I thought was pretty damn cool and I definitely consider this a feather in my cap. Also earlier today my friend Ian Ziering posted a pretty damn awesome photo on his Instagram. Which I will post below-have a great weekend everyone and I will be back later