Tuesday Thoughts #LoveWins

So I’m quite relaxed this morning and thankful for my wonderful life,I’m very proud to be an American and proud to support marriage equality.Many of my social media friends are members of the community and I think it’s about damn time for every single person in our country to get the right to marry the one that they love. I’m no expert in what’s right or wrong with this particular subject matter but I don’t really care because everyone should be equal.
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okay so I am sitting here at the mall relaxing with my iced water and popcorn, thinking about everything. Life is good and i donnot have too much to bitch about. Really happy that the USVI & Puerto Rico have jumped onto the marriage equality bus. I also have gotten the Autumn offering of tart melts from Yankee Candle. Also got another denim & crystal case for the phone which was only $2. I am going to bring the laptop in for a system check asap since it is as slow as a damn turtle. Nothing else is earth-shattering rightnow. so i am just going to relax. Updates later. 

Just got home and I’m back on the sofa with the pooch watching television and taking a load off my soar feet. Before I left my second home,I made an appointment for my laptop to have a diagnostic test because it’s uber slow. Being that I like all my apple devices  working well,I need to get the MacBook running instead of crawling. Tonight I have plans for just relaxing with the pup and keeping tabs on breaking news. 

Monday Musings

Well well well,it’s been an interesting morning already and it’s not even lunch time yet. I’m relaxing with the pup right now and thinking about all things that happened yesterday. I was keeping track of the race as I was allowing my sweetheart to dictate the way we spent the evening. Mostly she loves to spend the beautiful days outside relaxing which is fine cause I don’t necessarily have to watch what’s going on with life thanks to social media networking. Anyhow I had a feeling that Kyle & Kurt Busch would finish 1st + 2nd on the road course in California and by golly I was correct. I don’t usually appreciate their success but it has been a difficult season for both drivers. I’m also very happy that David Sweat is in custody/hospitalized and no longer putting the people of New York in danger. Last night I stayed up and watched a documentary on the situation then I passed out for the night. This morning I woke up and checked my networks- I’m very proud to know that marriage equality has arrived in my beloved former home of the United States Virgin Islands. Once again, love wins and everybody is equal

As always,thank you for reading my blog chiefxpressdog.

Sunday Thoughts

Every time I think about writing one of these entries, I sometimes wonder how I can make them more exciting to read because my life may seem so boring at times and it’s not always a bad thing to have downtime. But since I don’t have a very exciting life I like to plug in stories I see on my social media networks. Sometimes I write about how I feel about certain things and that gets interesting because of my strong opinions which I don’t hold very much back. Today I’m thinking about the NASCAR race that’s happening out in California and unfortunately my pup has not a care in the world about it today so we are sitting outside. I’m still extremely happy for the LGBT community that there’s now marriage equality because everyone deserves to have the ability of marrying the person they love regardless of whether make or female. To those who disagree about that,I feel bad for because it says something negative about your heart. It’s my belief that everyone deserves to be happy and to have the freedom to marry. I believe in God and I believe that we are all God’s children. I maybe a conservative republican female but I’m the type who takes a look at the complete picture and makes decisions by knowing all the facts. There’s things that I don’t agree with in this country but that’s why I make a point of voting. Getting my voice out there is why I started writing because I was tired of keeping all my feelings bottled up. Good news for the residents of the state of New York, the second prison escapee was apprehended so now we can all sleep in peace knowing that the terror is over. Related article is bellow AJC Breaking News: Report: Second escaped N.Y. prisoner shot http://on-ajc.com/1HpYnnO
As always,thank you for reading my blog chiefxpressdog.

Brief Daily Rant

Good morning, I have been busy since the last time I wrote even though i wrote not long ago. I am frustrated with something that i’m involved in but it’s all part of like and nothing is perfect. I am massively frustrated with all the fucking advertisements, they are everywhere, twitter,Facebook, meetmeย and tumblr. I know it’s helping keeping things free but for the love of sanity I go absolutely nuts when i’m reblogging,retweeting & sharing, This morning i went to breakfast and it was kickass. Now I’m sitting here watching television and periscope. Just a note about breakfast, the scrapple came from Acme and it was expired, apparently a lot of the products that they are putting out to sell is expired and that’s scary to me.

Soggy Saturday Thoughts

There’s many different opinions flying lately about several different things happening in our country and world. I think I’ve said this before in another entry but I am very proud that my country has legalized all marriages so no matter what gender you are no matter what gender you are attracted to, you are legally able to marry that person and enjoy all the freedoms and rights that come with marriage.  With regard to the Confederate/rebel flag, that is more of a difficult situation to explain.I understand that it represents certain things for certain people and it does have a place in our society but I have given this a lot of thought. Contrary to what I may have said earlier in  other entries, There is only one flag that means anything significant in this country and that would be the American Flag but with that said here’s the actual meaning of the confederate/rebel flag 


And then this is from one of my Facebook friends 

   I’m just thankful that I live in a country where everyone has the freedoms that  we do. 

Saturday Scrambles

so I have so many different things I might end up saying and I’m not going to apologize for. I’m eager to follow all of the stories being featured on CNN, not that I like the network at all, but I wanna know what’s happening around my country. With the South Carolina situation, The same-sex marriage ruling and the NY Escapee manhunt. I’m very happy about the fact that all American citizens can legally marry the one they love. I support that and I’m proud to say that i have social media friends who are in the community. With regard to the Escapees, I know very well how the citizens of New York are feeling because we in Pennsylvania went through it w/Eric Frein and the PSP Trooper shooting which took 48 days to wind up. I’m happy to say they took out one of the escaped killers and are on the hunt for the other. There is confirmation of Duane & Beth Chapman have joined the search for the remaining escapee, this coming from Lyssa’s periscope. With regard to the controversy over the confederate flag, I still think there are more important things to focus on because it’s not a state flag, nor is it a representation of a terrorist organization. With that said I can understand where people can want the flag banned but theres things that have the flag on it that are just caught up inย the sweep.

the reason I have my favorite beach/island photo up in this entry is because that’s where my heart is even though i no longer have property in the caribbean,i am blessed to have social media connections who i converse with on a regularย basis. I’m still interested in knowing what takes place down there. My blog’s Facebook account is focused on all things USVI. http://www.facebook.com/2pkl340

Star-Spangled Decision for LGBTCommunity

well I’m sitting here on the sofa with the furkid and doing something very rare, watching the news, the supreme court of the united states has made a landmark decision with regard to same-sex marriage, as i type this, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Being that I have a group of friends who are in the LGBTQ Community, I’m very happy about this. My night went pretty well, just did some tweeting & rebloggingย of stories. I prefer these kinda happy stories instead of the crappy negative stories.

Vietnamese-Style Sandwich – Marinated Mushroom Banh Mi with Quick Pickled Vegetables

food to glow

marinated mushroom banh mi // food to glow #sandwich #vitetnamesefood #mushrooms #vegetarianBanh Mi is one of those foods that anyone interested in food must try at least once in their life. It is simply a stunning confluence of colours, flavours and textures. And yes, it is a sandwich. A humble sandwich.

But what a sandwich. Crispy light baguette (not the chewy kind), tangy lightly pickled vegetables, creamy mayonnaise and, um, steamed liver pate. Well, it used to be liver pate and tiles of sliced cold meats. Now almost any protein seems eligible for theย banh mi treatment, but usually still meat: grilled pork and pork skin, roasted chicken, seared beef. In some cafes and off some food carts the original light-style sandwich can still be found: a smear of seasoned mayo, a few thin slices of meat, a light hand with the veg and herbs. Once it went Stateside things naturally went large. I think this is somewhere in between. Andโ€ฆ

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Paul Rucker’s Letter Of Condolence To Victims’ Friends and Families in Charleston

Prison Photography


Photo: Paul Rucker


When Obama went to Marc Maronโ€™s garage to record a WTF episode, he was in a sober frame of mind. He wasย frank about our situation right now with gun control.ย After Sandy Hook, he said, his administration tried everything they could to changeย laws but the legislation was fought by the usual NRA suspects. The legislation was watered down and achieved little.

Astutely, Obama didnโ€™t pin the blame solely on the NRA and the kowtowing politicians but also on us. Yes, us, we, you and me. Sweeping political changes will follow sweeping social pressure. But in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, in Obamaโ€™s estimation, there was lots of talk but ultimately not enough public will to ring in the massive changes we need.

This is a teachable moment of sorts. Here,ย POTUS is telling us that organising works; he is saying that politicians listen if the swell ofโ€ฆ

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Thursday Rambles

back at Starbucks charging the Ipad, and thinking, just got done periscoping with my friend Perez, today he had a great message for us about budgeting and conservation of  money, I started doing that way before I got the bluebird card from American Express, just find it so much easier having all my funds on the card. I do not carry gobs of paper around now. About concerving money, it is always good to be thrifty because you can budget and save money for the big ticket items. There is still cntroversy over the confederate flag and I can understand why some are upset, I am upset because no other flags are being comdemned rightnow, I think we need to condemn the flags that represent the terrorist organizations but it has not happened. 

Thursday Thoughts

ok so im sitting here after a restful night of sleep and a head chock full of thoughts. I have many thoughts about the confederate flag controversy but i have many other thoughts also and i am not afraid to share my opinions. I know i can be the queen of controversy myself but honestly this blog is my therapy, i can write down how i feel and what i am thinking and just let it go. things i wanna do but probably wont are all going through my mind. I am blessed that ive done so much in my life and am blessed to have the capability to scribe my thoughts full time. In my dream/fantasy life i would be be back in the caribbean with oodles of money and maybe a sugar daddy/husband. Right now i live my life day to day, do not really like planning too far in advance because if something does not go through i can get disappointed which is no fun,there are definitely somethings i cannot live without. everyone in my circle is important to me whether i know them offline or not,my social circle online is massive with many celeb level personalities.

i’m currently sitting at Starbucks/KingOfPrussia mall and just reaxing because I need a change of scenery/me time. now with regard to feeling more comfortable with my blogger/networking friends versus the people on meetme is just because I know i can be completely honest with them and not have my freedom of speech violated, yes MeetMe is now infringing on the community’s free speech. we are not allowed to say whatever we want nor can we critisize the network itself. i seriously think that they need to raise the minimum age to 18 because of the lack of social safety, if they continue to allow adullt material than they need to reevaluaste their audience.