another long but quiet night with a great night sleep now having coffee. Another crazy episode of Teen Mom 2, definite drama but it’s good knowing that everyone has reconciled. Though it’s scary to see how it went down in some situations. I still have my favorite families. I know everything has already happened and is going well now but I’m going to be interested in seeing how they worked through the issues. Today will be spent networking and tending to my regular duties. Tomorrow is going to be a long but eventful day as will Sunday. Will update later if anything happens that is earth shattering 

Thursday Mall Excursion

It’s been a busy/long day, I spent the morning at the mall shopping and exercising. Very happy to announce that I have my Talking Ted-2 mini plush bear.   I have decided to relaunch my Facebook fan page which has miniature updates throughout the day, I still be posting on this page. My daily thought blog is under the name of IZCXP also if this link works 

Wednesday & ThursdayΒ 

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, relaxing with my kiddo is the only way to start the day. The news outta New England is not exactly clear ever since Tom made his public statement about deflate-gate. He’s still denying any wrongdoing and is upset that his 4-game suspension is going to be upheld. I actually like that they are upholding the suspension for him because there needs to be an example. An example for others that cheating is not going to be tolerated. This post will be updated with more when the day continues. Interesting phillies news, we no longer have Cole Hamels or Jonathan Papelbon, Both players were traded one is going to Texas and the other is going to California. It’s really going to be interesting to see how we rebuild our team from there and last night I did not watch very much TV because I called it an early night. I got a good nights sleep which is always a great day. Now I am watching a little bit of morning TV with pinky-Also enjoying some coffee. I read posted some things on my website; they may have found Malaysian airlines MH370 somewhere in the Indian Ocean they have found so far someone parts along with suitcases etc. and according to my friend Katie Duke there is an outbreak of legionnaires disease in South Bronx New York so do not drink the water people

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Tuesday Tidbits

Ok so I had a decent time today running around with momma and we did a little bit of everything. Unintentionally started a stockpile of my favorite snack/meal bars and oh lordy was it super hot outside. Definitely not the type of day for my doxie to be outside very long. All we need is the Palm Trees because I actually saw that there are baby pink hibiscus on the main highway in town. Yes indeed I’m definitely jealous because hibiscus are my favorite flower. I do think that I’ll be doing more weeding on Facebook because there’s still some clutter which I can’t stand. I’m hoping to be able to stay awake long enough to see a few late night programs. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the week because right now life is good and I’m having fun in life. Still planning my next tattoo. This will be my largest piece yet, going to be doing more networking tonight and work on my weeding tomorrow. Have a great night y’all

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Monday 27th Rambling

Okay so another Monday is in the books and I’m spending the evening with the queen. I had a pretty good day and sadly it wasn’t even very productive but it matters not. I got my exercise in and also some shopping after keeping up with the Kardashians + Jennners. The past few days I’ve been glued to E! I still think that Caitlyn is the sanest of the entire clan. Don’t know how long I’ll be keeping up with the Kardashians but I’ll be keeping up with Caitlyn for sure. Another thing which has been swirling in the news was the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. She was finally let go from life support yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it only because I have some knowledge about some medical care and treatment. Personally I believe that the family left her on the machines for too long,totally can understand why they didn’t want to let her pass but most families don’t want to accept that their loved ones can not survive certain injuries. With regard to the weather, I wish that summer could last all year round because I don’t like the bitter cold winters. I also wish that my metabolism would cooperate fully with the me but somehow I don’t think it’s going to. Wishful thinking that I could loose 15 more pounds. I think at this point I’m just going to focus on eating healthy and trying to cut as much carbohydrates as possible. My Social calendar is booked for August 1st with friends and I’m looking forward to it. Still single and mostly happy. Even though a relationship would be nice-I definitely don’t want or need to deal with stress and drama. I’m definitely tired of the man who doesn’t know exactly what he wants in life. I may not know what i really want either relationship wise because I have no interest in leaving my home/hometown because I’ve got it pretty good in one of the safest townships in the county. Anyway I know what I cannot stand. So with that I’m going to sign off for the night and hopefully be able to getta good night of sleep. Thanks for reading my craziness πŸ’“
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Sunday SuggestionsΒ 

okay so I can say that I’ve been Keeping Up With The Kardashians + Jennners because I am following them just because you don’t ever know what is going to happen next Just like everything else. I am also following what’s going in the real world with news etc. I’ve said this on many occasions that whatever is on my mind will eventually come out in one of my publishings. Pink and I will be watching the 2015 brickyard 400 from Indianapolis Indiana. We will be tweeting our thoughts throughout the day so another blog is on the way πŸ’š

Sunny Saturday

Okay so it’s another beautiful weekend so I’m spending it with the pup, watching Keeping Up With Kardashians. Definitely looking forward to seeing the new series with Caitlyn Jenner. Today specifically has been a long day but I am enjoying running on little sleep when I know I was up late networking. I know that I have the Sprint Cup series 2015 Brickyard 400. It’ll be Jeff Gordon’s last appearance in the 24 car for that event. Today was spent running errands and relaxing. I’m thinking about my next tattoo and I do know what I want just got to be final about where I want it.

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Okay so I can say that I’m actually having a positive energy day because I have removed a boatload of drama from my original Facebook. I don’t need to have personalities with overgrown egos all over the feed especially when I was missing important things from friends and family. I’m disturbed by the movie theater shooting in Lafayette Louisiana and I’ll be following the updates and when things are known I may write something but until then I’m going to be reserving my comments. I think I’m going to be cleaning up my Twitter accounts also because I’m going to only pay attention to the important things in life

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Thursday Thoughts II

Okay so I can say a few more things about today and it’s mostly because I’m in a better mood. I was watching some television and also a few periscope broadcasts. I will admit that I do not fancy Jeff Gordon very much but being that this is is final season as a driver in the NASCAR Sprint cup series I must say that things are definitely going to be different and the man born in Vallejo California raised in Pittsboro Indiana has definitely made a new impression on me though I will not be switching teams, I definitely love the number 88. Even though my interest in NASCAR weekend after the death of his father and wanting to see how he would handle this but light without his beloved mentor. I have learned to absolutely love the sport. It is definitely something that I have interest in because I love seeing these men are behind the wheel. Even though I may not be a fan or favor some of the drivers they are all very talented and bring something to the sport. I have been very vocal against certain drivers because they may or may not take precaution in execution of their driving style. Over the years of watching the sport I have gotten more vocal in my opinions of the drivers and tracks,etc. I love expressing my opinions on social media obviously and definitely not afraid of letting the people what I’m thinking. Long story short today there was a broadcast from Pittsboro Indiana with Mr. Jeff Gordon-today is apparently his day in the city and the chief of police made the decision to give Jeff a police baggage. This means that he is an honorary police officer in the town of Pittsboro Indiana which coincidentally is located in Hendricks County. I wonder when some of the other drivers that I do favor get to have their own day/parade in their “hometown”. Would be nice to see one for Dale Earnhardt Junior and also Kevin Harvick. I’ve also spent today following local news which has been interesting and I have several different Twitter accounts so I am able to filter what I want to see and when I want to see it. The whole situation with Donnie loves Jenny/Wahlburgers I did not watch that last night I was eagerly paying attention to my friend Ian in the third installment of his syfy movie Sharknado and yes there will be a fourth in the series I don’t know any information about it yet but I will definitely blog about it. Just as a little FYI I definitely enjoy this blog as my outlet for releasing stress anxiety anger and every other feeling and emotion. I do care about my public image/persona but sometimes I just got to say what’s on my mind without giving a flying foo what people think. I have had a good few days with my social networking and have made some stories blow up by taking what I see and passing it along to my media connections. I have been watching the Kardashian’s lately and I’m not sure why but I will say that I will be indeed watching the new series with Caitlyn Jenner. Even though I do find Khloe, Kourtney and Rob interesting + fun. I find that Caitlyn is probably the most sane of the whole bunch. I am looking forward to seeing how the children and her other family members appear/act on the series but this is always the truth the Kardashian Jenner clan is definitely a never ending roller coaster of intrigue. Even though this is a very long entry I will probably do another one tonight and I apologize for the randomness of subjects but that’s how my brain works skipping from one thought to another.

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Thursday Thoughts

Another beautiful day today and a wonderful evening last night with my social media family. Spent last night with an old friend instead of watching a drama-queen which makes me want to puke. The morning here was spent enjoying the quality time with my sweet baby girl + the television. I did miss the concert last night but again thanks to friends, I have pictures.  

Unfortunately I cannot publish the periscope videos but I have a Twitter photo of Finn Shepherd aka Ian Ziering 

The day at the mall yesterday was pretty cool especially when I run into this beautiful vehicle across from Nordstrom:  

As always I went to my favorite store besides Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, YankeeCandle + Bonez. I found this awesome shirt at Spencers: 

With all that said, I will say farewell for now. 

Crazy:On My Mind

There’s a boatload of crap in my head lately and it’s going to be driving me insane unless I purge the chaos. I know I say this too much but it’s only because it is true. I’m blessed to have a wonderful life and have absolutely awesome family and wouldn’t change one thing. I know that my life is good even though I don’t have a relationship currently, reason being is that I don’t need any unnecessary drama and stress,my past is the past, I want to keep it there. There are certain aspects of the past which I could revive because of the happiness that they brought me. Overall the good the bad and the ugly is all part of life. Even though God makes things happen for a reason, we don’t always get to know what reason. Not knowing what his reason is can drive one crazy. Crazy isn’t a place where you want to be. Crazy doesn’t tell you what it’s plans are,you just have to go with the flow and deal with whatever happens. When crazy finds me or my family I just want to go hide under a rock. Or on a rock where I can just have no worries.

From the desk of CXP, St Somewhere Island,USA

Wednesday II

Okay so I am sitting here with the pup and watching television and brainstorming. Had a semi productive day today and I’m happy to report that I am finally in the recovery stage of my sunburn. I actually got through the day pain-free and got in some fabulous exercise at the mall. Don’t ask me what happened to the wifi at my mall but they must have fixed the spotty connection problems because I was connected most of the day to Xfinity. I didn’t purchase anything big. I’m looking forward to watching Sharknado 3 tonight instead of the regular Wahlberg Wednesday. Im kinda definitely missing the Shania Twain concert in Philadelphia tonight and it’s sad but I had to see my guys (Kenny and Eric). No way I’m going to miss them. I am still following the breaking news on Blake + Miranda,still shocked and saddened that they went and got divorced. I honestly don’t know what actually happened between them though there were some possible issues nothing significant has fallen out of  the sifter. Will update  more if I find out more. I do have some good news and that being that the Philadelphia Police officer who was shot this morning is already outta the hospital and recovering from his injuries at home.