Montco Man Arrested for child porn

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Montco man arrested for child porn


By Staff

A 33-year-old Montgomery County man was arrested Thursday and charged with having and sharing child pornography, police said Monday.

Russell Hunt Bates, of Hatboro, faces 14 counts of dissemination of child pornography and 76 counts of possession of child pornography and related charges.

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WWE Shooting —

Cop Guns Down Dangerous, Obssessed Fan
A deputy opened fire on a man outside the WWE’s training center in Orlando — seriously injuring the guy … who has a history of bizarre incidents at the WWE. An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy confronted Armando Montalvo at the WWE Performance Center on Monday afternoon. The situation reportedly turned violent, and that’s when the deputy fired. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the wrestling org. got a restraining order against Montalvo earlier this month after a string of violent run-ins at the facility. Earlier this summer, the WWE says Montalvo spread his feces and urine on the building. He even posted video of himself pooping in a bucket and mixing the human waste with reduced fat milk. On multiple occasions … he allegedly showed up in a wrestling outfit, banged on windows, and threatened to kick everyone’s ass because they wouldn’t hire him. One of the times he was swinging a large chain, and police had to subdue him at gunpoint. Just 5 days ago, Montalvo posted a video of himself outside the building saying he was going to go ask for a job. He said, “What’s the worst they can say?” Montalvo had to have surgery after Monday’s shooting.


My Monday

My Monday
I’m currently curled up on my sofa with a snoozing dachshund and the television on. I have been publishing several articles to my blog from other sources. Some of which I’m frustrated with and some are just pass along documents. I have continued to weed out the anti social people from my social media networks and it’s clearing up my feeds nicely. I definitely enjoy sharing my likes with the public and releasing my thoughts. I was just on LinkedIn reviewing job postings. I would like to find a way to make money from my writing but I am not up to snuff with the windows platforms and programs anymore. Besides that , I really do love the power of being my own boss and being limitless on the subjects I cover. I’m not going to be editing my feelings and thoughts to fit into someone else’s program. I’ll make my own program before being censored by big brother. Speaking of big brother, the dude thinks he’s king of the world and can do whatever he wants. That’s ridiculous and wish he would go away. I don’t like living in the world where he’s the boss. And there was an earlier article I published in my blog where people are renouncing their citizenship to the United States. Well if that’s what you want to do than that’s on you but I’m going to be honest with my opinion! If you are here illegally and want to leave then I’m definitely not going to stop you. There was also something in another article about Obama and the war on police. There’s some people thinking that it’s all Barack’s fault and here’s my thought: a lot of craziness is his fault.


The Islamic State Group Destroys History

The Islamic State Group Destroys History

US News & World Report shared a post. googleplus_color_119-9f1b52a0954dd8cbe3d0b0f708233340.png
photo.jpg The Islamic State group over the weekend reportedly destroyed parts of the roughly 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel in the historic Syrian ruins of Palmyra, in the latest demonstration of the extremist network’s attempts to draw worldwide attention to its perversion of hard-line Islam through high-profile and provocative destruction.

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ISIS Damages 2,000-Year-Old Syrian Temple
The U.S.-led military coalition, which now boasts Turkey, has been unable to stop much of the extremist group’s destruction.

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