Sunday Night WrapΒ 

Well I am going to bed early tonight, decided that it would be best only because I have been working constantly on sharing stories to my blog. I have decided to continue my friends list slim down because to me friends are the people I talk to on a daily basis or who I have something significant with in my past. I also am blast to have several people on my friends list who are from the “celebrity world”, I like being able to see the feeds from people I have common bond with. Several of the stories I shared today or fromthe gossip world and that’s okay because it was interesting to me. If you aren’t following the fanpage for the blog yet please do. until tomorrow my darlings. Goodnight 

Celine Dion — I Am Back and Still the Best, Bishes! (VIDEO)

It is her opinion that she is the best, may not be everybody’s opinion Celine Dion — I Am Back and Still the Best, Bishes! (VIDEO)
Celine Dion is back on the Strip — after a year-long hiatus she returned to her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. The Colosseum was sold-out for CD’s first show since last summer … when she stepped aside to take care of her ailing husband, Rene Angelil, who’s been recovering from cancer. The 47-year-old still nailed the high notes while running through hits like “Because You Loved Me” and “My Heart Will Go On.” Celine’s scheduled to do 40 shows between now and January … for di world!

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Hulk Hogan — I Still Love WWE … And I Wanna Be Trump’s Running Mate

No thank you Terry
Hulk Hogan — I Still Love WWE … And I Wanna Be Trump’s Running Mate
Two interesting comments from Hulk Hogan — he’s NOT mad with the WWE for cutting ties with him over the N-word … and says he wants to make America great again, by running with Donald Trump!!!! First, the WWE thing … it’s been more than a month since Vince McMahon wiped all traces of Hogan from the website after reports surfaced that he used the N-word in a racial rant years ago. Even after several black wrestlers and celebs vouched for Hulk — saying he’s not a racist at heart — Vince has refused to bring him back into the WWE universe. So, how does Hogan feel about being blackballed? Check out the clip … he views the situation more as a temporary “family” conflict and joked that the only “hard feelings” he’s going to have is “when I get [Vince McMahon] in the ring again.” As for the Trump comments … Hulk says he thinks the country is finally ready for Vice President Hogan, brother. Are you?