Caitlyn Jenner Will NOT Be Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter Or Any Crime

Caitlyn Jenner Will NOT Be Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter Or Any Crime
The L.A. County D.A. will NOT charge Caitlyn Jenner with vehicular manslaughter or any other crime in connection with the fatal car crash on PCH. The D.A. has rejected the case, saying she was not speeding, she hit the brakes though belatedly, and her conduct was not “unreasonable” based on all the facts. Jenner was driving inattentively when she slammed into a Lexus, sending the car into oncoming traffic where it struck a Hummer. The Lexus driver died at the scene. The accident was put under a microscope … the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. investigated the accident for almost 6 months before submitting a 161-page report to the D.A. The case was reviewed not by the D.A.’s Van Nuys satellite office — which would normally handle such cases — but by the Major Crimes Unit at D.A. headquarters in downtown L.A. Jenner’s lawyer, Blair Berk, tells TMZ, ‘We believed from the start that a thorough and objective investigation would clear Caitlyn of any criminal wrongdoing.” Berk adds, “We are heartened the District Attorney has agreed that even a misdemeanor charge would not be appropriate.” Berk goes on, “A traffic accident, however devastating and heartbreaking when a life is lost, is not necessarily a criminal matter.” SimplyMeAndLife/UMTwpCitizen/TheHaganEstate

Tinder, Grindr Slams AIDS Org … You’re Defaming Us!!!

Tinder, Grindr Slams AIDS Org … You’re Defaming Us!!!
The folks at Tinder and Grindr are attacking an AIDS org that is warning people they can get STDs by using the apps. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) posted a billboard in West Hollywood, telegraphing a warning — you can get chlamydia by hooking up on Tinder and gonorrhea on Grindr. Tinder has responded, courtesy of its lawyer who fired off a cease and desist order, obtained by TMZ. The letter says, “Tinder cannot tolerate AHF’s exploitation of these false, unsupported statements.” Tinder is demanding the billboards be removed immediately. As for Grindr, it cut off AHF paid advertising for free STD testing from its app. AHF does not seem inclined to back down, citing various studies linking STDs to dating apps.


Brian Austin Green — Officially Asks Megan Fox for Spousal Support

Brian Austin Green — Officially Asks Megan Fox for Spousal Support
Brian Austin Greeο»Ώn just put it in writing … he’s asking soon-to-be ex-wife Megan Fox for spousal support. In the docs filed Tuesday, Green checks the box for spousal support … a move we saw coming. TMZ broke the story … Green has worked very little since last December when he and Megan were in a car wreck. Megan was not injured but Brian now has a serious medical condition … vertigo, affecting his balance and ability to work. Megan is still working on big time movies and has a steady income. As we’ve reported this break-up is as amicable as can be — Brian and Megan are still living under the same roof and co-parenting their sons. SimplyMeAndLife/UMTwpCitizen/TheHaganEstate


‘Who’s the Boss?’ Star Danny Pintauro — Grindr Users Want to Score Meth as Much as Sex (VIDEO)

‘Who’s the Boss?’ Star Danny Pintauro — Grindr Users Want to Score Meth as Much as Sex (VIDEO)
Former “Who’s the Boss?” star Danny Pintauro says Grindr is about more than casual sex … it’s filled with MSCME — men seeking crystal meth encounters. Of course, Pintauro just revealed he has HIV, so we asked what he thought about Grindr’s legal threat against an AIDS org that warned hookups on the app could lead to STDs — and he went off about meth. Pintauro thinks the drug is a huge part of the reason people hook up on Grindr, and told us all about his own experience. Danny battled crystal meth addiction. We’ve reached out to Grindr, but no word back yet. Also interesting … Danny’s controversial comment that he was “relieved” to find out he’d contracted HIV. We asked him if he wanted to rephrase. He simply doubled down.


Pope Francis — Yes, It’s True … I Met with Kim Davis

Pope Francis — Yes, It’s True … I Met with Kim Davis
Pope Francis is finally copping to having a sit down with controversial Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis during his U.S. visit. Davis’ attorney went public about last week’s meeting in Washington, DC on Tuesday night — and Davis herself has talked about it Wednesday. The Vatican was slow to confirm the meeting, but finally told the NY Times it did happen. Reporters — who didn’t know about the meeting at the time — had asked the Pope last week what he thought about Davis’ refusal to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples. The Pontiff said he didn’t know her story, but generally supported someone’s right to conscientiously object. Kim says Pope Francis gave her rosaries and told her to stay strong. The Vatican refused to elaborate on what went down in the meeting.


#3Cups /#TonyStewartRetirement @TonyStewart

#3Cups /#TonyStewartRetirement @TonyStewart

Good afternoon everybody, I am sitting here on the sofa with the hound dog and we are waiting on Tony Stewart press conference, definitely not something that NASCAR fans are looking forward to I think it’s expected that smoke will be officially announcing his 2017 retirement from the Sprint cup series-he is definitely definitely going to be missed on track. Pink and I have been sitting here this morning working on our computer and tweeting different contacts and reading the news. Last night I forget exactly what I was thinking before I thought asleep but whatever I was thinking was planning to be included in this entry-if I think of what I was thinking last night; I will definitely add it to the next entry -This morning I spent time watching parking wars, Wendy Williams and now I’m watching discovery life network. I have consumed 2 1/2 cups of coffee don’t know exactly halt the coffee for the day but maybe after the next cup. I have been thinking that I want to maybe get a little bit more involved in my community and I’m exploring different options-just signed up for my Township newsletter email delivery. I have been flirting with getting an authentic OtterBox for my 6S-not completely certain if I want to put out $50 or not when I can use that $50 for other things. I was thinking yesterday that my space gray 6S would look good in white and teal but now I’m not so sure I want to spend the extra money. Last night I started a tumblr for everything that is related to real estate and luxury, I plan to share different items on that Account -Mainly houses buildings and vacation location. Definitely enjoyed the tony Stewart press conference because the world has not come to an end as far as his racing career, he is indeed stepping down as driver of the 14 car turn in 2017 but he will be stepping into an F1 car owned by his business partner Gene Haas. It is confirmed that Clint Bowyer is indeed stepping into the cockpit of the number 14; I have an interesting opinion of this but it will all work out in the and I’m certain because I do not believe that Tony would make an error in judgment as far as driving goes. I totally love Tony’s sense of humor about the fact that NASCAR will not be getting rid of him as much as they wish they would, you still going to be involved full capacity as an owner and they will still be able to do fine and suspend him if they wish. So I guess I will be heading to learn about Formula One racing-I have more than one season to start knowing what’s going on-while I have been watching the presser of the Tony Stewart situation I have been paying attention to other feeds of course and I will be going to share some other storylines. But my final thought on Tony, I love the guy because of his track performance, I love him for his sense of humor and his big heart also his genuine Love of NASCAR. It is awesome to know that he loves his fans that he is interacting with us, he is always brutally honest and says what he’s thinking and feeling. I’m sure the story of Tony Stewart will continue definitely not finished for a longshot. Seriously now I’m going to go work on other things. I’ll update things later

Tuesday Notes & Estate Blog


Okay so I have had a very busy day today and didn’t have enough time or things on my mind to really think about writing until now. It was a typical day at my second home and didn’t do anything crazy either which was fine with me. Definitely did a few laps around the mall campus and enjoyed my #NationalCoffeeDay free coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Didn’t really make any big purchases which is fine with me, spent a little time in the Apple Store and also ran around to capture all the free wifi connection locations into my new 6s. Definitely have more todo with this great device I definitely like the new yard ornament on my front lawn from my Facebook friends who happen to be township officials. I am always scouring the Internet for interesting stories photos etc.-I have a Tumblr account when I follow all types of blogs also where I have several sub blogs. I started one this evening which I will be sharing/reblogging wonderful luxury items such as automobiles and residential type material. I have had interest in real estate interior exterior design-I may not be able to execute many things on my own but I do have an eye for color design etc. I always find it interesting how there are some new stories that I cannot find on Twitter but yet I find on Tumblr-There are stories I can find on Twitter but not Facebook; I think you can get the picture. With all that said-I think I’m going to start the estate blog tomorrow since I am rather tired today-life is good God bless you all and sweet dreams. By the way if anyone has any questions and to the inbox on the fan page for #SimplyMeAndLife


Autumn Chill


I’m so not ready for the cooler weather, I don’t like it, I don’t like bundling up to keep warm. Yesterday was a definite crazy and busy day with tons of tweeting. The day ended on a pretty good note thankfully. I know that the account on Facebook posing as Garth Brooks was definitely not the real Garth. I don’t understand why people are compelled to catfish others. Rumors of retirement have just been swirling around Tony Stewart recently and it appears that there is a press conference on the schedule for Wednesday and it’s suspected that Smoke will be making the formal announcement that he’s hanging up the helmet in 2017 & Clint Bowyer will be taking over the 14 car. Many people including myself are definitely sad about the news but we’re also upset about the way the story was brought to the public attention. Two reporters (Caire B Lang & Jim Utter are responsible for the breaking news way before the conference. While I understand that reporters have jobs to do but to break a story that is this high profile without any word from Mr. Tony Stewart himself is kind of disrespectful. I know there are people who think that Tony is responsible for the death of Kevin Ward, he is not responsible because he did not kill the man-the man killed himself by getting out of the vehicle and walking into get a lot of traffic-they’re still no news on the “pending” wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Ward family. But anyway today’s going to be spent on the sofa with the pooch watching television and monitoring all stories of importance to me that includes the Tony Stewart retirement also the CJ Pearson situation and also I am going to take in you to speak my mind on what ever I’m thinking because that is my right that is my freedom of speech most definitely proud of the Eagles and the Phillies on their game wins yesterday unfortunately the Phillies are not in the running for anything important this season-though I am very happy we got rid of Ruben Amaro; better days are ahead I pray. Even though today is #FreeCoffeeDay to the Eagles victory, I will not be participating in that free coffee giveaway by Dunkin’ Donuts-I will be participating tomorrow in the #NationalCoffeeDay dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a free cup of dark roast. Definitely a good thing.


#PapalWeekendWrapUpI am sitting in my bed watching investigation discovery until I decided it is time to go to sleep-I decided that my day was fairly good even though we had that run in with that individual trying to catfish people into thinking he was Garth Brooks. Mr. Brooks would not use an album cover as his profile photo, he would not solicit his fans for money, he would not get his name wrong on his profile. I had my doubts from the beginning that this imposter was not who he was trying to portray. It is rather disturbing that people go and mislead people. Just as a precaution when I first was befriended by this individual I made the conscious choice to tag the official Garth Brooks fan page on Facebook with every status update which I included this imposter in. I pray that Garth or somebody on his team finds out about the imposter because this account needs to be shut down. Despite the fact that this was not Garth-I spent the morning listening to I heart radio: the Garth Brooks Channel which set me for a very good day because that is a type of music I listen to when I very first started enjoying country music. The day went on to include Twitter wars with democratic Fulk who thought it would be fun to name call Andy grade people-mainly conservative activist CJ Pearson. When it comes to people cyber bullying others it is really sad because they have no life to speak of that is exciting enough for them not to harass others and make others miserable. I am very thankful for the mute and reports spam buttons. My afternoon was spent watching NASCAR, it was not exactly the best day for my nations-two of my nations ran out of gas, One of my nations refused to speak to the media again which I understand and I respect him for that because it is better to not say anything when you’re in a foul mood. That nation’s wife tweeted me this morning when I re tweeted her tweet containing a quote from Eric Church. Aside from the craziness with the imposter and the cyber bullying from the assholes along with the NASCAR follies I spent the day reading the papal updates on Facebook and Twitter. So I am going to return to Twitter for little bit longer and see what other things I can get myself into. Definitely will report back in the morning after when I hope is a good night sleep

Facebook Fake


This morning was interesting because there was an account that appeared to be. Garth Brooks, I began to question this when it began to private message me-knowing how busy his schedule is, I’m spies the guy has time to sleep. Anyway I posted a photo to my Instagram; I tagged the verified account of Garth Brooks. I think I did the same on Twitter, I know a lot of fake accounts pop up I am not gullible enough to fall for that bullshit of people cat fishing. I also do not appreciate people cyber bullying others whether it be on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram; what ever media you choose to use and say negative and degrading things about people. Why do you think there are so many suicides of children who have been bullied or cyber bullied it is because nobody has the balls to stop it let alone speak about it. I didn’t start this blog to be negative or be positive -I started this blog because I want to be honest and share my feelings and thoughts, maybe there’s other people who share my opinion. I honestly don’t think that social media is monitored properly when it comes to the cyber bullying or bullying in general and that needs to be fixed-there are plenty of social media networks that have taken a turn for the worse because they do not have social safety. Mainly social networking site and “dating sites” need to improve their social safety and security standards. There is something that kind of bothers me about some “dating sites” that you can only login using your Facebook-that is only a good thing when people are being honest when they are not felons or crooks or liars cheaters or sex offenders. I stay away from sites that require a Facebook logins because I don’t want “dating sites quote to know all my personal information where I’m going what I’m doing etc. also I do not want people knowing my information unless I tell them. I guess the bottom line for this entry is be honest and don’t go portray someone you are not-if you find it necessary to have a “second life” think about your first life and what is wrong with your first that you have to have a second life. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, break up with the person; if you’re in an unhappy marriage get a divorce don’t murder your spouse and for the last thing if you’re unhappy in your job or you cannot find a job, find something that you are happy with and be an entrepreneur. And I don’t think this entry would be complete without a little piece of my mind about the president who I still do not like who I still think is the trying the American citizen by even flirting with the idea of bringing “refugees” into this country where it is been known that Jihadists want to infiltrate and mix in with those “refugees” who happened to be all men I have not seen women and children mixed in with that group . Come on I’ll get real get serious and get focused on who these people are trying to cross into my country. I think it was something I said on a post on my fan page for this blog: about being in this country legally or illegally. Apparently there is another what some people May say has questionable qualifications for president. Mr. Ted Cruz was born in the country of Canada but his mother is American therefore he is an American citizen by birth. I know I was all upset about Mr. Barack Obama being born in Kenya and a lot of people are upset about that which I totally understand. From what I read on Wikipedia or whatever site I was on this morning trying to figure out who the hell Ted Cruz was, I now understand where it is legal for Barack Obama and Ted Cruz to be eligible to run for president-I do not believe that it is proper to have a president who is not of a certain religion unless he or she is going to do what is best for the country regardless of their faith. I think it is atrocity that Mr. Obama has been non-recognizing certain events that is happened in this country-it took longer to lower the flag to half staff after the Chattanooga military shooting then it did to turn the White House into a beautiful rainbow for the LGBT community marriage equality decision by the Supreme Court. I know that Democrats will try and say that Mr. Obama has done good has done great things for United States of America-yes he captured/demolished Mr. Osama bin Laden and has done some wonderful things for the LGBT community-those are wonderful accomplishments for him to be proud of, but there are things that really really irritate me that have happened under his administration as well. Mainly the war on law-enforcement: under the republican government, we did not have to read about what is practically daily assassinations of police officers of random drive-by shootings of fire houses . Also we did not have people killing people just because of the color of their skin-it is very disappointing to know that there are people in this country in the world who do not like you because of the color of your skin, everybody is human everybody has the right to live and there is no or that should be no #BlackLivesMatter or #WhiteLivesMatter, In reality folks- #AllLivesMatter. And just for the icing on top of the cake here, there should be no furbaby on this planet that is Miss treated or does not have a home. Every animal deserves to be loved and know what love is. on behalf of my miniature doxie Pink thank you very much for listening to my mom spill her thoughts and please stay tuned for the next entry and beyond.