OK, I am sitting here and waiting for the NASCAR activities to begin-looking forward to seeing how my nations do. Definitely hoping that the number 88 has an awesome day-that the number 4 does not get into anymore trouble and of course hoping that the 78 has a superb day. It was news this morning that the number 78 and it’s driver have re upped their contract; Also it is reported that they are switching from Chevrolet to Toyota which I’m not happy about. Also this morning I had some interesting things happen on Facebook; there was an account that I have yet to have verified; posing as Garth Brooks. I do not know for certain if it is him or not but I took a screenshot of a private message and sent it to the radio station. Also put it on Instagram and tagged Garth -He does have a verified Instagram and Twitter. Also there are some rumblings about CJ Pearson-I don’t know what to believe anymore-I hope that young man is not lying; he was supposed to be on Fox and friends this morning but when I tweeted the account to say that it was not airing, he said that he had to cancel. Ever since then there have been some strange happenings on Twitter involving an account that has been cyber bullying and bad mouthing both myself and CJ Pearson. Until this is straightened out I am not going to use the #StandWithCJ. I am going to use my own hashtags.-I’ve spent the morning watching investigation discovery with miss Pinky. The weather outside is not very friendly-it is definitely beginning to feel like autumn; on the verge but not yet going to get out the canine coture. With regard to CJ Pearson, I will be upset if he has been lying, I also wonder how he is gotten so much publicity when/if he has been pulling the wool over our eyes. But something tells me there is something wrong with whoever is cyber bullying many different people. Now I’m going to go back to sharing news-putting my opinion out there and I don’t give a rats ass what people think because nobody is going to muzzle my freedom of speech.


#PapalWeekend2Okay so I am back in bed and ready for sleep but I’m staying awake for a few more hours. Enjoyed my day reading Twitter and Facebook news, also spent the day with the sweet hound. Neither of us are liking the cooler weather and wish it would return to the warmer temperatures. I don’t normally watch ARCA Racing but today I did-it was interesting, and also held my attention. But I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow and the NASCAR action, little bit nervous about what could happen between the 48 and 4 because they have not spoken since their incident last weekend and I am definitely tired of Jimmie. Damn straight #HarvickNation is going to defend their driver. Today is the 30th birthday of Cinnabon but unfortunately I did not participate in the free mini Bon I think I do have three packs of Pillsbury #CinnabonRolls. Also have two boxes of keurig K cup coffee along with one bottle of international delight #Cinnabon creamer. #CinnabonStockpile. I made myself a salad for lunch #BarbecueRanch. Will definitely be tweeting during the all new episode of #CopsTV but that’s it for the blog until tomorrow-sweet dreams and God bless



#PapalWeekendSo it has just started, the pope is in town and this means that the craziness in Philadelphia and the suburbs has just begun. I am having a good time with the new phone and being a social butterfly. I love being able to speak my mind and I honestly don’t care about who I upset , My thoughts and feelings are going to be expressed. I know not everyone is capable of understanding the problems that the government has created and there’s going to be differing opinions on Barack but let’s face reality the Obama administration is not a fan of the wonderful things that make this country the great place we have come to love. I miss the country I grew up in and I want it back. I want the country where we have the freedom of speech and the right to protect ourselves from evil. I want a country where I’m not afraid of the people entering the country and if they want to cause hell. We don’t need another terrorist attack on the magnitude of 9-11-2001 nor do we need more homegrown terrorism. I love that we now have marriage equality and I don’t like Kim Davis. In my opinion, that she should resign from that elective since she is making her religious beliefs interfere with our elected duty-that makes no question why she went for that position of County Clerk if it would be a possibility of religious objections. Anyhow lately I have been getting some negative feedback from people in Twitterville findI think they are against CJ Pearson being outspoken and critical of our current president. I am also critical of Mr. President because I do not agree with anything he has done except for finally correcting the wrongs of the land as far as LGBT community affairs and when I say affairs I mean everything that goes along in the LGBT community I’ve been I do agree that every man and woman regardless of their sexual orientation has the right to marry. Last night I was watching a Periscope from my friend Billy Gilman, He came out as a gay man several months ago; he is in a monogamous relationship for almost a year and a half with a very funny and wonderful man. I feel like it is wrong to deny someone happiness just because they are homosexual. Now when it comes to denying someone the wonderful freedoms and rights we enjoyed in this country-I do not agree with the fact Mr. President has the idea of allowing refugees into our country from other parts of the world and are having severe issues-it has been made public that terrorist organizations have or are planning to infiltrate the refugees and sneak into this country- their plans are not good for when they get into this country and I do not want them here nor does anybody else who has a commonsense brain. We do not need persons who are going to cause us harm being let into this country-I do not like people that are here illegally. I do not like people who come here to study and overstay their welcome-when you say you are going to go home you go home and less you apply for citizenship legally well I have apparently been able to turn a papal entry into a soapbox entry which I did not mean to do but it is my freedom of speech and I am going to exercise it. I do not dislike the people who think or feel that Mr. CJ Pearson is in the wrong, because he is not in the wrong he is exercising his freedom of speech-he is expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings which everyone has the right to do in this country. The fact that he was blocked from one of the president twitters is absolutely asinine-it is proof by blocking someone that you do not agree or want to see what they have to say. I did some blocking myself last night from people who were being rude and not knowing what they speak of. I am not stupid nor am I normally rude-I don’t care if I upset somebody in Twitterville. Apparently a lot of people do you not understand that it is absolutely OK and acceptable to express your own opinion to say what you have to say and say what you are feeling and thinking that it’s all fine. With that all said I am going to enjoy my afternoon socializing and watching television and spending time with my little furball.


#LongDay925I’m sitting here watching television and relaxing with the kiddo, I have had my 6s for almost 3 hours now and I’m absolutely loving it, I spent my entire day using my iPad and MacBook Air instead of the 5s. So happy to have the new device and technology. I feel like I want to go to bed early tonight but I’m doubting that is going to happen. I am definitely going to enjoy my weekend that is for sure because it is going to be another fun chase race weekend with the Sylvania300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Just hoping that everyone plays by the rules and it’s a clean safe event. I am suffering through the next few days/weeks of tortute from the butterfly bandages on my back. I have done some big time tweeting lately and I’m planning on getting much more involved with the world on social media I have tons of things to say about last night and the season finale teen mom two season six-there was drama with Leah, I am not on her side this time I am on the side of her ex-husbands. I actually think that custody of all her children should go to their fathers. And speaking of fathers, there has been new that Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend Adam has turned a leaf for the better and has done some self-improvement. I hate to say this but Adam is looking pretty damn good. Was some drama with Jo, He treated Kailyn totally wrong, As did Nathan treat Jenelle with less then stellar care. I’d say they won the asshole award last night. Well I have made some changes as far as my TV schedule has gone-decided that I will bring back a little bit of the news on that HLNTV. I spent this morning watching HLN and all the papal activity is driving me crazy because everything is being taken over by the pope and his speeches-Wendy Williams has been preempted twice mind you they never aired the episode. Absolutely looking forward to death by gossip tonight. I will update later if I don’t pass out directly following the episode so until then I’m out of here.

The Final Night W/5s

#TheFinalNightWith5SI’m not too upset about writing this entry because it is not sad, I’m very excited about the fact that I’m writing this with my old phone. The fact is that the 5s has been a pretty awesome device and it’s been my personal assistant/ secretary of sorts. As I sit here in bed watching television I’m thinking about how much activity was packed in to the day. I have been very outspoken on social media networking lately. Ever since I began following the status updates from CJ Pearson who is a very mature young conservative black man who is sure as hell not afraid of speaking his mind about what’s happening in the world and country. It’s simply amazing how he is making a name for himself in the world just by being a YouTube vlogger. I don’t think that I could have done the vlogger thing because of my self consciousness and fear of public speaking. Anyhow the fact that CJ is able to make his voice heard is terrific. I am sharing and retweeting the hell out of his stuff. I am even starting to vocalize my opinions and use the #StandWithCJ in my tweets so that he and The followers of #StandWithCJ are able to see my thoughts, I share an lot of similar feelings that CJ has about the country the government and the world involving The good the bad the ugly and the downright disturbing. Another thing I am looking forward to is the 2016 NASCAR Sprint cup series because there is going to be a handful of new drivers going to be shakeups of current drivers going to different means-it is definitely going to be interesting to see how things mesh. There’s also also a little drama happening this season with several of the Chase drivers in particular One of my drivers, Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson -I am a little nervous about what could happen this weekend in New Hampshire but I’m praying that maturity prevails and we have no big fights. I was reading some things on Twitter this afternoon with some of #TeenMom and #TeenMom2 cast members. Definitely some divorce, separation drama happening- there’s stuff happening with regard to Jeremy & Leah also some drama with Farrah Abraham. Jeremy apparently has a new relationship and completely regrets marrying Leah. He does not regret his daughter he just regrets mother choice-Which I understand honestly; Leah is not very stable or from appearances she does not seem very stable and honestly I think that all three girls of hers should go with their fathers and I’ve said that before. As far as the Farrah Abraham situation-she apparently got into a “domestic dispute” with some of her cast members on celebrity big brother; apparently she got kicked off recently which I did not see you because I do not watch that program and apparently some shit went flying literally so did some furniture. Enough of the drivel-I am getting sleepy, I just hope I am able to stay awake until 11 o’clock. I will continue this rant in the morning on a new entry of course. I may possibly have a new photo of my sweet Pink Ruby and myself that I will be posting to my Instagram. But good night for now and sweet dreams.


#PopeInTheUSA good morning and welcome to my life, I’m just sitting here watching the Pope addressing the congress via the television, even though it is technically time for the Wendy Williams show. I just got off the computer after spending a few hours networking while the phone charged. I’m definitely excited for my new phone to get here,It is definitely going to be nice to have a relaxing day as far as the iPhone mayhem since I’m not going to be scrambling around like many others will to get their hands on an iPhone tomorrow. Last night I was watching and tweeting along with Ghost Hunters while networking with others. Ever since I started following CJ Pearson and using the #StandWithCJ my Twitter traffic has grown which is actually really good. I’m also using the hashtag #SimplyMeAndLife. Hopefully I am driving attention to my blog -I switched my profile picture yesterday and I was told by a new reader that I look 15-years old and I’m not really sure if it’s a good thing or not. I just wish that I felt as young as I supposedly look. I’m still feeling like an old lady because it is getting colder and my arthritis is starting up again on top of the back wound problems. I have not given up on my new tattoo idea, just saving extra money so I have money left over. I’m two cups of coffee into my day , it’s definitely not the end of the day and definitely not done with the caffeine. So the White House and the Potus is still in denial about blocking young CJ Pearson because of his outspoken criticism of the government and I am in full agreement with him on all his comments, I don’t like what is going on in Washington and it definitely needs fixing. I don’t give a flying fuck what the democrats are saying, they are wrong. My country has gone down the toilet since Barack’s inauguration. Now I am really looking forward to seeing how long my back Will tolerate the Steri-Strips that replaced my stitches-yes I’m allergic to it, yes they are annoying but no I cannot remove. they doctor says she wants them to stay on for a minimum of 10 days but I’m not certain that they’ll last that long-i’m not going to pick him I’m not going to remove them myself I am going to wait until they fall off and all I’m going to say is thank you God for Benadryl I’m definitely going to write another post when I get to the mall today I want to see all the frantic activity but right now I’m going to sign off and spend a little time with the puppy.

Wednesday Evening Update

#WednesdayEveningUpdateOK, so I just deleted by mistake my original beginning of this journal entry, I am having a wonderful day, finally got my sutures out from my back surgery two weeks ago-if you are new to my blog I had an atypical mole removed from my middle back. Anyway I have enjoyed the week and I think that’s going to be the sentiment through out the remaining of the month and possibly the year. I am blessed with wonderful friends and family. I am keeping myself busy with this blog,writing my thoughts and feelings along with sharing stories about what kind of craziness is happening in the world. Anyhow I am very eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new phone this weekend and I’m definitely saving up to do some upgrades to my blogging. Today I spent most of the time networking with like-minded folk on both Facebook and Twitter, I shared a few articles from Facebook to our fan page-definitely some interesting things there if you have yet to check it out please do. I will be going back to my second home tomorrow afternoon; planning on spending the morning with my little girl watching television and sharing articles maybe writing a few things of my own. I am still following this wonderful young man CJ, this evening he found out that one of the presidents Twitter account has blocked him😩, It means you are being heard and the White House does not like what it hears when it blocks American citizens from speaking their mind which is what they’ve done to CJ and it is wrong. Wrong for the commander-in-chief to be blocking American citizens to be stifling freedom of speech-they are just in serious denial of the truth the truth that they are doing wrong and illegal things. Nothing Barack Obama has done or is doing or could possibly do in the future is for the American benefit. The only thing I see that he has done well in my eyes is that he has given the LGBT community equal rights when it comes to marriage. Yes I know that Mr. Obama was in the White House when Mr. Osama Bin Laden was captured/killed. There are things that he could done which he has not done I am speaking a belt recognizing the law-enforcement members who are being assassinated day in and day out they have not been invited to the White House oh no but a young man who makes a clock gets invited to the white else because is a Muslim boy he gets invited to the White House. Something is fucking backwards in the White House in this “leadership”. And by the way just for record purposes the pope-Pope Francis-is in the country for his visit , The suburbs the city the entire tri-state area is being totally thrown around because this #ShepherdOne is in the area, my Township my neighboring Township is all under state of emergency-State of emergency so that we can get money back from the government for all the extra hours of manpower by the police by other departments we are spending. I don’t remember the last time there was a papal visit but I know there was one when the late President Reagan was in office. In any event I am going to spend the evening relaxing watching some television, Tweeting and hopefully getting a good nights sleep I will be back in the morning and let everybody know what’s happening so until then good night.
#SimplyMeAndLife #UMTwpCitizen

Tuesday/Wednesday Notes

#Tuesday/WednesdayNotesOK so I’m relaxing with my furbaby on the sofa and thinking about yesterday’s events and it was a busy day so I didn’t even get the opportunity to write anything or share very much. I did my regular window shopping at the mall and ended up purchasing my new phone and phone case which totally set my adrenaline into overdrive. That’s nothing new but it was completely unexpected excitement for the day and pretty much the rest of the month. I also went out and about with a friend for dinner and dancing-I ended up just watching the other people have fun only because I am not that much of a dancer though I did really enjoy the music. I slept pretty good once I got to sleep and I’m going to be having another good day because I finally get the sutures removed from my back. I’m also thinking that maybe it’s grocery shopping day because I need to restock my coffee creamer and probably things I don’t know yet lol but right now I am going to go heat up some leftovers for breakfast. I’ll be updating later and probably sharing some more stories from other sources.

Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra dies at 90

Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra dies at 90


NEW YORK (AP) – The lovable legend of Yogi Berra, that ain’t ever gonna be over.

The Hall of Fame catcher renowned as much for his dizzying malapropisms as his unmatched 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees, died Tuesday. He was 90.

Berra, who filled baseball’s record book as well as “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations,” died of natural causes at his home in New Jerse…

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