Over the past few days I have been reading several articles that I could’ve posted on my website but did not because they were all of the same theme which was mostly about terrorism about Obama about the negative things that he is doing to my country-our country. I am completely disgusted by + ashamed of this man-it is most disturbing that the people voted for this guy a second time, I pray to God that we find our common sense and bring someone into the White House who has respect and honor and dignity and is not a Muslim, our country need someone who will respect the people that country the government the historical documents that this country was founded by I’m tired of people mainly Barry saying he wants more gun control he wants to focus on climate change, climate change is not so much as much of a threat in my mind as the people who want to kill and change United States of America. Think about what happened in Paris it is clear to me that Obama wants something similar to happen on our soil. I also saw a report that Mr. Obama has some health issues that may prevent him from completing his final term; the White House will not speak on the situation. But as someone who did not vote for him either time I would actually be interested to find out what is ailing Barry. As for the situation that occurred at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs-I know that PPFA provides much needed assistance to women aside from the main reason I don’t like them which is abortion. It is for the most part & honorable service that they provide two women but they are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons clearly. I am very happy that I follow so many different people on social media because I can get information from anywhere. With regard to relationship and the Internet, for some people it is very easy to interact and mingle online some of us have social anxiety which talking to people online can be significantly easier then speaking to someone in person who you’ve just met. But for some meeting online is entirely new situation and being able to trust someone you meet online is completely difficult and knew which makes one very nervous, I understand the trust is a big issue and an issue that needs to be solved by getting to know someone via text message via online chat via face time via Skype anyway to get to know somebody before you meet them in person is a good idea. I’m very wise to this because I’ve been on social media for so long. I am more than happy to assist my friends who have met online or anyone who has a social anxiety issue with people in general or if you’ve met somebody online and you want to know them more before you meet them in person even if they’re in the same state or town it is always a very good idea to chat with some for more than a week more than two weeks up until both parties are comfortable with each other enough to me or sent and if one of them is unwilling or unable to understand that the other needs to become with the situation then the situation needs to stop. Feeling safe in a relationship is the top priority no matter if it’s platonic on romantic. So if anyone who is reading this has any questions about anything I’ve discussed in this random document feel free to contact me.


Sinead O’Connor ‘Safe’ After Taking Alleged Overdose, Says Source | Billboard

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This is my opinion but for her to compose such a lengthy and false document is so wrong and for her fans to be subjected to that is wrong. Surprised she isnt in some kinda trouble for it. I am pleased to know she is okay and recieving proper assistance

Sinead O’Connor ‘Safe’ After Taking Alleged Overdose, Says Source | Billboard


After Visiting Camps in Jordan, Ben Carson Questions Whether Syrian Refugees Want to Come to U.S. | TheBlaze.com

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-In my personal opinion, Mr. Obama is forcing the situation and if these people do not want to come to America then why the hell is Barry on a mission to bring them here?-

After Visiting Camps in Jordan, Ben Carson Questions Whether Syrian Refugees Want to Come to U.S. | TheBlaze.com

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Source: Colorado shooter politically motivated, said β€˜no more baby parts’ after attacking P lanned Parenthood – The Washington Post

#Colorado #ColoradoSprings #PlannedParenthood-why in the hell does everything have to be politically motivated racially motivated what ever the motivation-I can understand in a small way how people get frustrated, but to go shoot up a place because of your diss taste displeasure with the company makes zero sense. I understand is discussed with Planned Parenthood, when I was growing up I only knew them in the respect of preventing teen pregnancy. Now they are known for murdering babies not only murdering babies but possibly using the part I’m not going any further. But a blog I am working on which will be published tomorrow sometime explains a little bit more my view.
Source: Colorado shooter politically motivated, said β€˜no more baby parts’ after attacking Planned Parenthood – The Washington Post

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