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OK, it’s almost the end of another wonderful day with my sweetheart-she has been a wonderful little companion today and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week because I know it’s unpredictable-I’m thankful for every day I am content with my life. I have great friends I have a wonderful family I have awesome social network connections- I don’t know what is going on with #MySpace, But it is currently down for service-that’s OK though it’s not absolutely necessary app for me-I have other ways of getting to my people, as far as #Zello is concerned things went well today, definitely working towards making my dispatch career no it be voluntary I am still happy to have it-I wish I had more things to report from my local area but only time will tell to see how things go. I know there were a few incidents recently in Philadelphia with bar fights etc.-I know that Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett is he home recovering which is a blessing that he was able to fight terrorism on the homefront and win the battle. There is definitely more activity fire wise up in New England and there’s definitely a larger population of illegal immigrants up in the Massachusetts area. I know this because tonight there was a fiasco where immigration had to be called, a Spanish-speaking officer and the state police had to be called to a large crowd. I don’t remember the details cause I wasn’t able to write them down or type device. Anyway in the next coming days I am going to the editing some of the people and groups I follow on Twitter so I can rearrange some of the feet I receive four news and other things because I am tired of seeing certain things. As far as the presidential situation after Obama, I am very much looking forward to the next installment of POTUS because God willing we will have somebody who gives a flying fudge about our stay for a nation and our rights as citizens and I know that our freedoms do not come free but we definitely deserve to keep our first and second amendment and I wish that the government itself would get their damn nose out of certain areas of the citizen lives. I want my government to stop allowing imports to be eligible for certain rights and privileges that natural homegrown citizens are entitled to. I’m praying that we have a Republican in the White House come one year from now-I don’t really give a flying poop if it’s Trump if it’s one of his party mates I just don’t want Mrs. Clinton nor do I think the Bernie Sanders is a positive player for the Democrats. The guy is already old let’s face it and we know this job as president of the United States is a big deal-definitely a job that can aid you more then any other and Mr. Sanders is already at his grandpa stage in life. I was going to put this on Facebook earlier but as I nibbled my way through the day I realized that I am happier on peanut butter and cheese and spinach-a little chocolate goes along way and I’m definitely getting my fill of chocolate-I know I’m not a skinny mini anymore but I am nowhere near being morbidly obese either-I know I need to eat better but with this weather being as it is-who isn’t going crazy with carbs? But I’m just going to go look for more articles to share.


Sunday Funday

-Sunday Funday-
Good Morning & welcome to another week of the unknown, I am getting to like the unknown in some respects because everything is unscheduled and unexpected. Last night I removed RIBNS from my Zello and also Twitter because of their public behavior display. I don’t think that speaking fluently in expletives is appropriate for an incident group who tries to be “professional” http://www.ribns.com is their website and anyone up in the Providence Rhode Island is probably familiar with them 451.9125/#RibnsAlerts Today I’m spending my day w/the television locked on to Discovery Life Channel because they are doing a marathon of some of the best Emergency Room programming. Other than what’s going on today, I’m looking forward to the 2016 NASCAR season & eventhough it is difficult to accept that Tony Stewart is a hanging up the helmet after this season, I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting things in store w/Dale Earnhardt Jr & Martin Truex Jr. I am totally content with my new job with NEID, and contributor to other incident reporting groups, I am happy to say that the only time I would consider myself bored is times in between calls. But it’s the times in between incidents that I work on the websites. So whenever I see something I deem newsworthy, I’m going to share it and definitely going to speak my mind on any tweets that I find bothersome.


-Saturday Notebook-
The sun is now sitting on another day, another Saturday has left us and we are sitting here watching the first 48, I’ve spent the day using all of my devices and rejuvenating my MySpace page/account. It is hooked up to my Liz-Pink Facebook account. So anyone who is friends with me on that account and see what I have to say on MySpace. I also learned that my #StickyNotePinz Tumblr Account copies over to my #ChiefXPressDog fan page which is awesome because that will encourage me to use that Tumblr more often with my real estate and landscape etc. architectural fancies. We have had our fair share of incidents today all over the country with fires automobile accidents winter related accidents. I am very upbeat that orange county finally has all three of their escaped convicts back in custody. I remember Mario Ramirez was live at the Orange county sheriffs department with that story on Monday. Also my friend Howard from KTLA/Fox 11 was live on the red carpet for the SAG awards which a periscope a little bit very awesome but I had other things I wanted to follow on periscope so surprisingly I had all of my devices running at one point today so I’m very happy that the day is almost over and I can go relax in the hot bath. Currently planning on staying with Pinky for a little bit longer because she is enjoying relaxing with her mama. I’m planning to hopefully stay awake long enough for CopsTV to grace my screen. It’s amazing some of the things I hear about over the Zello and the periscope with regard to incidents and accidents and whatever else, there was a gang-related shooting in Colorado and there was a three alarm fire in Kentucky and then of course it’s the Gasparilla parade in Florida and hello Mardi Gras 2016. I am completely jealous and somewhat disheveled that I am not in the wonderful city of New Orleans with my Nightwatch family because there’s just something unique about the big easy.


Tyga Is Renting A Hollywood Home Over An Hour From Kylie Jenner’s Calabasas Crib | PerezHilton.com Mobile

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Personally I don’t like him so I really don’t care about the distance between him and Kylie geographically, I think she can do better.

Tyga Is Renting A Hollywood Home Over An Hour From Kylie Jenner’s Calabasas Crib | PerezHilton.com Mobile

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Aloha Friday

-Aloha Friday-
Finally Friday and we are not trapped inside the house anymore which is awesome. Currently sitting on the sofa with the sleeping doxie and the Zello just decided to watch a lil bit of tv because it’s the weekend + I’m just looking for some stuff to keep my energy flowing. Definitely sad that the season two finale of #Nightwatch is airing next Thursday which is sad, I love my NOLA family. Rumor has it that the 3rd season of #Nightwatch could be filmed in Tampa Bay, Florida. Last night I was so damn tired I just passed out. Like I said yesterday I’m going to be focused on looking into shareable articles. Please stay tuned for breaking news and interesting stories
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