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Easter Eggs

So I have not written in a long while and I guess it’s time for me to update. As I sit here in Delaware and think about the happenings of late I have to say that I am for the most part happy even though some things could be different I guess I shouldn’t totally be complaining. The weather definitely plays a role in my moods and with Mother Nature not necessarily sticking with a particular season, my mood doesn’t stay on an even keel. Sometimes I think about the fact I have lived in the same place for the majority of my life and that’s good and bad at the same time .There are times when I wanna relocate because I get tired of seeing the same thing every day but then again I love where I live. I do miss traveling and exploring different places. Periscope is definitely an amazing system of traveling without leaving your house but it’s not like actually being there. I’m also not happy about the new update to swarm and foursquare because they don’t seem to have the travel capabilities that I loved. As for social networking, to spite the minor bumps in the road with certain people, I’m definitely not unsettled. I’d rather be alone rather than dealing with liars and flakey playboys. With that being said I do like having people to communicate with. Someday I’ll find the person I’m supposed to find. Until then I’m going to just be sharing my opinions of life and this world. I still have issues with the government of this country because they are absolutely amazingly naïve. My thoughts on the naive government have been expressed before and probably will be expressed again. But for now I’m going back to the interwebs.


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EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom 2 Stars Jenelle Evans & Chelsea Houska Talk Boyfriends, Kids, Weddings, & MORE Ahead Of Season 7! | Mobile

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As far as I’m concerned with the squabbling between cast members, I agree with Jenelle and Kail needs to muffle like about any and all medical situations. It is not her place to comment or make assumptions etc. As for Chelsea and Cole: I am beyond happy and excited that they found each other and have a steady loving positive relationship for the rest of their lives. Baby daddy drama, Adam needs to be a man and hey what is owed to Chelsea. About Barbara & Jenelle: every time Jenelle has a new relationship, there’s always “he’s the worst boyfriend ever” I don’t think she’s ever going to be happy with the man in Jenelle’s life
EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom 2 Stars Jenelle Evans & Chelsea Houska Talk Boyfriends, Kids, Weddings, & MORE Ahead Of Season 7! | Mobile

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