Knitting & Errands : Dog Days

Knitting & Errands : Dog Days
Here we are at the end of another long day. Been working on getting my feet comfortable in the knitting pool again because I want to be creative. I did a few errands today which were definitely interesting-it’s not every day that you find a fairly ritzy looking Cadillac Escalade that is thumping as if someone or something is kicking at the inside, enough to make you nervous and call the police. No idea what was happening but in this day and age it’s better to be safe than sorry for certain. I called dispatch I told him what was going on and don’t know if I’ll ever hear the end of it. Don’t know if it was a kidnapping don’t know if it was whatever it was it was weird it was not normal it was like something out of a television show on Investigation discovery. Ever since I got home no I have been knitting away figuring out this whole dish cloth situation figuring out all the details. And I also ordered my replacement Lifeproof iPhone 6s case. I’ve been looking around on eBay a lot I’m getting myself familiar with all the different flavors of yarn. I’ve decided to knit sets of three, Lord knows what this will turn into anything is possible.
So I woke up this morning and turned on my Periscope, not is a scoper but as a viewer and I still emoticon my friend Keith. He is a photographer up in Boston Massachusetts he owns his own business he is a former Boston police officer and he is a complete sweetheart. His website is W WW.617 and his Twitter handle is @ 617Images. He is a good friend of SpideyCop and also CBS Boston’s Rick Macomber. SpideyCop also known as AnonymousCop50. Rick Maccomber is known on Twitter and Periscope as Boston_camera. Anyway I’ve been spending the day fielding questions on W and also working on my knitting for #CraftingPawz. I have been tweeting I have been networking all over the place I’ve been very busy today I am actually watching elevation because it’s quiet around here it also look like it’s going to downpour rain any moment. The pooch has not been my best friend today even though she is giving me kisses she has decided to spend the day outside. I probably will watch TV tonight a little bit before getting a good nights sleep. I talked to a few people on Facebook messenger last night which was nice. I have not rode my bike lately because it’d just been too warm out and I know I like the warm weather but there’s just a point where it’s too hot to do anything. As I go further and further into my knitting, I’m going to venture into the exploration of materials of yarn figure out whether I like working more with cotton or acrylics. Definitely looking forward to my incoming shipment of the yarn. I ordered six skeins of Lily. I’m also going to take photos of my finished product as soon as I get a few more knitted out. With 4 1/2 dishcloths in the can I plan to get at least three more done tomorrow and wash them to see how they react. I’ve heard that you can make dish cloth with acrylic yarn I’ve just never done it before. Using the pattern I grew up producing with-this is definitely a clear sign that maybe this could be a money maker someday. Anyway I’m going to chill out with the pooch and get to bed and probably 90 minutes so I will talk to everybody tomorrow God bless and thank you for reading


Miss Cleo — Dead at 53

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Miss Cleo — Dead at 53

0726_miss_cleo_last_pic_tmz_wmThere won’t be any more calls to Miss Cleo … the iconic TV psychic is dead after battling cancer … TMZ has learned.

A rep for Miss Cleo — whose real name was Youree Harris — tells us she died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, FL. We’re told she was recently hospitalized, but was discharged last week to a hospice center.

We’re told Cleo was originally diagnosed with colon cancer … but it spread to her liver and lungs.

The rep said Cleo remained a “pillar of strength” during her illness … and died surrounded by family and friends.

Cleo’s Jamaican character and her psychic commercials became a cult classic in the late ’90s … thanks to her catchphrase, “CALL ME NOW!”

Miss Cleo was actually born in L.A. — she just nailed the accent.

After the Psychic Readers Network closed shop, Cleo bounced around to various jobs … including voicing a character in the video game, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”



Duggar #DuggarFamily

Duggar #DuggarFamily
OK so I was sitting here knitting and thinking about the fact that this clan has so much drama going on there’s incest there’s sexual predator and I don’t know if there’s anything shady about the parents there probably is and the fact that they have 19 kids and grandbabies I’m sure are beautiful. I know they’re very religious which I’ve zero problem with everybody as wrong thing Area but I was thinking about their third eldest daughter who just got engaged after dating or as they say “courting”for only one month and Wilma has it if she was really looking to get out of the family fold and get out from under the wings of the parents. If I was not situation I would want the fuck out of that place too. Anyhow getting engaged after only four weeks-how do you think you’re supposed to know somebody and know that you want to spend the rest of your life. Especially at the tender age of 22, i’m not saying that those children don’t deserve to be happy and be out from under the wing of their parents but there’s also a fine line of is this relationship moving too fast – does TLC just want to keep processing the Duggar brand. I know that it’s a very popular show and I will admit that I did watch it one time until they were involved in that crazy sexual predators scandal and yes Josh is a sexual offender and I believe that you need to lose custody of his children because as we all know sexual offenders are not permitted to be around children. Hell we all very well know how long TLC kept the Gosselin clan around for longer than they probably should have I wish that the channel would focus more on educational programs versus drama there’s enough for that hanging around. I grew up watching TLC I grew up watching all the medical and law enforcement shows and I wish it was more positive things on television for young people to watch these days. Anyway the super families and reality TV is just gone bonkers. Anyway prior to this entry there is the Wikipedia biography of this crazy plan-I have no problem with God religion or anything. The lawn and believe what you want to believe. Just remember not everybody thinks the same way you do.