Claymont Delaware

-Claymont Delaware-Dear friends, I come to you today from an undisclosed location because I want to unleash some emotion from the past few weeks of my life. I don’t normally talk about family relationships, they are important to me the people I let into my life are very special to me. Anyhow, within the past few weeks I’ve been tending to my own knitting not getting knee-deep in politics and world news because sometimes it is just too much stress to think about how crappy the world is right now. Sometimes I think that the people who have passed on to The afterlife have the better life because they don’t have to go through the craziness of the political wars the terrorist attacks and everything else it’s negative in the world. When my dad passed away he left before the Obamanation dictatorship, he escaped reality and the world and didn’t have to see what the rest of us saw and had to go through. So last night another very important person in my life passed away and it was due to a similar illness that took my dad’s life. The other week when commissioner Timoney passed away from lung cancer it was a flashback of emotion for me I know how things went down relatively it was a fast demise, the demise of my particular family member last night was very fast-In fact it was unexpected that he would pass; So the next couple days are going to be busy for me and my family I’m not going to update very much more about this particular case all I want to say is he loved and was loved, I don’t understand why God takes people away from your life who mean very much. In other news I have started another piece on my sticks with cotton yarn. Dunno what I’m making yet but I’m hoping for it to be useful. So I’m getting my paws to be productive with my cotton yarnstash and circular 7’s seem to be better than the 9’s. Still thinking about getting blanket yarn and see if I can work with it. Just more options running through my head.
-Thursday- any how I was looking at eBay last evening and seeing what was available for matching with the Montrose Ombre -Sunday-
OK so the new week begins tomorrow and I’m sitting here in bed thinking about the past few days. So many things of happened that I just put writing on pause. Most of my time has been spent relaxing doing some thinking or looking at patterns/yarns etc. this morning I got back on Facebook and looked at a few different things I unfollowed some more so I can keep up with what’s important and lately important to me is family friends and knitting-I don’t want to think about all the other bullshit going on in the world because I’m 1000% fed up with my government with many many different things and I’m somewhat nervous for our future as Americans if we end up with Mrs. Clinton. Over the past couple hours I’ve seen a lot of things that Tom would have loved- many things that I love it I did not share to Facebook out of respect for family/friends. Still trying to think about a project for my Montrose still wanting to make a small blanket so I have to figure that out also want to successfully make a coffee cup sleeve.when I was out and about yesterday I did not hey any attention to periscope or Twitter etc. kind of took the day off from social media for the most part and it was kind of fun but I still wish that my real life off the phone was more exciting than it is but such is life and it goes on. Sorry for the rambling sorry for the broken up entry but it is what it is and I’m going to bed.