Catelynn Lowell Cries After Being Denied Visit With Daughter – Us Weekly #TeenMomOG

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#BlogNote I understand where Cate he’s upset rightfully so upset because she was a minor when she made that decision-I think there needs to be a loophole or a possible amendment to the age restrictions on putting your child up for adoption-I think if you’re under 18 that you need parental consent to make the decision. But you need your parents sign off on any kind of legal situations such as that-I do not think that juvenile should be able to place their children up for adoption. But on the other hand I can understand where Carly’s adoptive parents are coming from and where they do not want the child to grow up on MTV, because w/ reality TV comes sometimes unwanted fame and spotlight.

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Shape Magazine/Kelly Ripa- #LiveWithKelly

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New Poll- Hillary’s Worst Nightmare Confirmed: November Won’t Even Be Close!

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