Scientology Calls A&E ‘Hypocrites’ for Cancelling ‘KKK’ Show

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Scientology Calls A&E ‘Hypocrites’ for Cancelling ‘KKK’ Show

The Church of Scientology has gone on the attack against A&E, alleging a glaring double standard by cancelling “Generation KKK” but touting its Leah Remini anti-Scientology program.

TMZ obtained a letter Scientology’s lawyer fired off to A&E, in which it scoffs at the network’s decision to pull the plug on the ‘KKK’ show because producers paid some of the Klan members money. A&E said it was a direct violation of its policies to pay the subjects of a documentary.

The Scientology lawyer counters in the letter, “Church of Scientology understands that two on-air accusers/participants in Leah Remini’s docuseries, “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” received substantial cash payments for their participation, in violation of the same standards.”

The letter goes on to essentially accuse A&E of becoming partners in Remini’s show, giving them “free advertising and promotion for anti-Scientology books they have published.”

And the lawyer says, “It is hypocritical for A&E to proclaim its intent to ‘expose and combat racism and hatred in all its forms’ in cancelling the KKK show and at the same time promote Leah Remini’s program which promotes hatred that A&E claims that it wants to stop.”

An official at A&E tells us there’s a difference in the 2 shows because Remini is an executive producer on her show and she’s “not the member of a hate group.”

We reached out to Remini’s rep but so far, no word back.


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JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Sues CBS for $750 Million

#News #ChildDeath #JonBenetRamsey JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Sues CBS for $750 Million

JonBenet Ramsey‘s older brother just followed through on his promise to sue CBS for insinuating he killed his sister … and he’s gunning for $750 million.

Burke Ramsey just filed suit against the TV network for its special about JonBenet earlier this fall, where some experts openly theorized that Burke had taken a flashlight to his little sister’s head.

He’s reportedly asking for $250 mil in compensatory damages and $500 mil in punitive damages.

You’ll recall … Burke already sued one of the experts CBS used on their special, Dr. Werner Spitz, for $150 million … to which Spitz responded by saying he should be allowed to speculate about who killed JonBenet.

Burke’s attorney at the time, L. Lin Wood, previously told us he was planning to sue CBS on his client’s behalf. It’s unclear if he’s repping Burke for this suit.

CBS had no comment.


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Carrie Fisher’s Makeshift Walk of Fame Star Gets to Stay … For Now (PHOTO)

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Carrie Fisher’s Makeshift Walk of Fame Star Gets to Stay … For Now (PHOTO)

Carrie Fisher fans don’t have to worry about the makeshift star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame disappearing … at least not yet.

A rep for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells TMZ … they’re inclined to leave the shrine alone so fans of the legendary actress can have a place to mourn. The rep added they’ll remove it in a few days, but for now the star on Orange and Hollywood Blvd. stays.

It’s interesting … Carrie’s fans were stunned to learn she doesn’t have a star on Hollywood’s iconic sidewalks following news of her death Tuesday. This also happened back in April when Prince died.

The rep tells us back then they followed the same protocol — allow fans to mourn … but the star was eventually removed.

As for a permanent star … the Chamber says someone needs to nominate Carrie, but now that she’s passed, there’s a 5-year waiting period before she becomes eligible.

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Debbie Reynolds’ Last Words Were ‘I Want to Be with Carrie’

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Debbie Reynolds’ Last Words Were ‘I Want to Be with Carrie’

Debbie Reynolds seemingly willed her own death Wednesday, telling her son hours before the stroke that claimed her life, “I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie.”

Todd Fisher tells us Debbie cracked early Wednesday morning from grief. She was at Todd’s home during the morning hours, talking about Carrie‘s funeral, when she made the comment. Fifteen minutes later she had the stroke.

Family sources tell us Debbie actually had several strokes this year and was in failing health, and they believe Carrie’s death was too much to bear.

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Trey Songz Arrested for Going Nuts Onstage in Detroit (VIDEOS)

#Entertainment #Outburst #CelebrityArrest Trey Songz Arrested for Going Nuts Onstage in Detroit (VIDEOS)

Trey Songz made good on a threat during a Detroit concert Wednesday night … and it landed him in jail.

Someone at the Joe Louis Arena apparently told Trey his set was going too long, but he wasn’t near ready to leave. In fact, he dared them to cut his mic, promising retaliation if they did.

Well, they did and he did. Trey started destroying everything in sight, hurling objects in the air. A cop who tried subduing him was hurt after being struck by debris.

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