King of Saudi Arabia Agrees With Trump! Agrees To Work With Him On…

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So today is the day day I’ve been waiting for. My favorite artist is going alive in less than 12 hours, I’ll probably be home by midnight but the day begins at 230 or 3 o’clock this afternoon, depending on what time we decide to get on the road. I just saw something on Twitter m mlabout Mr. President coming to town tomorrow and they’re being snowflake protests. Snowflake protests are protests by people who are pissed off that we don’t have a female president. As of right now I’m very happy with Mr. President, I’m very happy with what he’s done in the days following his election and his actions as official POTUS. Last night I was in bed working on my knitting, something I do every night before I fall asleep-one of my media contacts in the state of California, went live on Facebook with a suicidal subject on the Hollywood Boulevard bridge over the 101 freeway. Most of the event was live until go live on TV to report the story. Many of individuals watching the live broadcast, made very unhelpful critical remarks W/regard to the suicidal subject. Long story very short-God bless in Los Angeles fire Department and LAPD, they were able to reason with the man and get him to safety. Anyhow I am going to go knit and relax. I’ll be back later to update my day. So we ended up having general admission “pit” tickets, Which meant we had no seats and it was standing room only, definitely a kick ass show and I took several pictures. Just like the last concert, Eric dedicated a song and told the story-the story of when he played my backyard. Another awesome part of the night was getting to watch a few of the XTU family. Kinda wanna know how many of any arrests were made because we know that there were a gaggle of drunken concert goers. The only thing that was a problem was that my poor feet hurt for two days.

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