EOY 2017


So we’ve had a very busy few days filled with several crazy events like fire and ice. Christmas was spent with the police and fire departments because we had yet another transformer blaze. We were very thankful for the power company too since they were also working over time on a holiday. Holidays are just another day where Crime,Tragedy & chaos is concerned. The transformer fire definitely gave a different meaning to the words “coffee with a cop”-What seem like all day was probably 6 to 7 hours. Nice to have somebody other than family to talk to but I know it’s probably boring as all hell looking at my house all day. Today is Cold and snowy and whether I do not like. I preferred to be above 60Β° preferably and yesterday it was definitely not no matter if you were inside or outside. We had a furnace break down so I had to deal with a chilled Chihuahua and a grumpy dachshund. I had to wear a coat inside for at least five hours out of the 6 to 7 we had no power. Now when it comes to this weather I don’t know anyone who would want to be out in this chill I feel bad for the department of public works in every Flippin town right now because they’re having to deal with this unseasonably cold bitter dangerous weather. I know lately that I have not been sharing articles that’s because there’s so much drama and gossip and bullshit that I don’t want to pass that on because it’s just nauseating between the Kardashian’s and the government and the other crap not to say I don’t like my government but there’s so much shit going on around our government that annoys me to The point where I could get sick to my stomach. I’m not gonna put that on my blog for y’all to read over and over again. When I find something that is not nauseating continuous gossipy drama I will post again. I’m even following the sappy #TeenMomFranchise crazy stories. There’s so much drama surrounding #TeenMomOG/#TeenMom2-. There’s a few couples that are not making me crazy with their sappy spotlight desires. I have always liked Maci,Chelsea & Briana. I do like Kailyn also Amber. The remainder of the bunch is just bat shit crazy, Drama seeking crazy people and I don’t like drama as much as some people think Scorpios like drama we really don’t, Drama seeking crazy people and I don’t like drama as much as some people think Scorpios like drama we really don’t. Anyway I’m sharing things from Pinterest,Reddit & Google+ to the blog as well. My google + name is Liz Stone & my Reddit is LizStone1776

#MidDecember #Festivus

– #MidDecember-#Festivus-

OK so I’ve been thinking the past couple days and there’s tons of shit that bothers me about this world there’s tons of shit that bothers me about the US government but the tone of shit that bothers me about the US government happened before we had President Trump-and it’s still bothers me because there’s still people in the way of #MakingAmericaGreatAgain- I know that Donald had a great idea to bring back America but we have issues with the left/Democrats who do not want this world to proceed as our forefathers; my eighth generation grandfather and his cohorts intended and I can guarantee that those 56 man who signed the Declaration of Independence are totally rolling over in their graves and those of us who Love our country love our military love our firefighters and paramedics and police officers are fed up. Fed up with the Democrats trying to make America crumble. We do not want our freedoms our liberties and our rights being squashed we do not want state runners and state right now. I’m tired of our men and women in blue being murdered just because some thug doesn’t like them. I have been working in my home, I have been very non-outgoing around the public unless I know somebody because for a long time I don’t know who we can trust. It is something that I’ve done For several years.-I lost my father in 2008 he may not have been my biological father, but I do not give two shits because he treated me like one of his own and it did not matter that I wasn’t perfect and everybody else’s eyes because I was perfect in his eyes and to be daddy’s little girl shall we say, the past nearly 10 years have had its ups and downs. I don’t remember life before my stepdad who I do not think of as a stepdad in any means because erased me from the age of seven till I was 29. And the fact that I was perfect in his eyes with all that mattered it doesn’t matter to me what other people think because I know in my fathers eyes I was perfect. I have days where life doesn’t bother me in the slightest but then there are days like the holidays and significant dates that bring me down that make me think about what I do not have which is my father and his mother in my life because they are in heaven. I tend to keep to myself and less I want to reach out to other people because as an introvert I’m more comfortable with just myself and less I want to invite somebody into My Circle, I don’t want to talk to any Tom Dick and Harry Because I don’t open up to every body. I don’t open up to people because I don’t want to lose another person in my life that is important-I am blessed to have certain people in my life that I am able to trust sometimes it surprises the shit out of me that I can trust them but I keep my circle very small and sometimes it drives me crazy but I like having a small circle. I find my happiness in making things for others, I find my happiness in my furbabies. I find my happiness with my family and those who I consider close to me. Even though I would like to be more social in the real world, I have social media that I’m connected with many people. Yes I’d like to be more involved with the community but there’s limits to what I wanna do even though I have explored the political world but with all the craziness going on with sexual scandals, I’m going to sit back and watch. I may do the same thing day after day but I’m happy for the most part. I’m looking forward to the new nascar season but I’m definitely going to miss the drivers who’ve retired. I’m going to be commenting more. For the rest of the year I’ll be working on scarves because I’ve got tons of product to work with. God Bless y’all and thx for reading.

Ho Ho Politics

So I’ve been thinking about the craziness going on in our government regardless all the sexual abuse and assault. Many are probably guilty but what is going to happen if someone is actually innocent? The politician from Kentucky Committed suicide because he saw what was going on with all the other persons accused-whether guilty or innocent they are still being good it’s your etc. I would love to know what is going to happen to these accusers if the said party they accused of molesting or abusing or whatever is actually innocent. Every day I turn around and there’s a new sexual harassment sexual abuse case on my phone. It’s not only the politicians it’s the celebrities the people you would not expect the news anchors everybody would not expect to have an activation against them as an accusation against them. I’m tired of the donkey vs the elephant what happened to us all being Americans those of us who are American citizens I am not talking to those of you who are illegally residing in my country, the left seems to be overrun with illegal aliens squatting in my country and voting illegally -Those of us who were born here/Here legally don’t like the people who are here illegally who are here to possibly caused damage to my country-I wonder what would happen if there was only paper ballots-There’s no way in fucking hell that the Democrats or the Republicans could cheat in an election. End of rant because I have a lot to do this week and I’m going to sleep early again W/the help of Harry Connick Jr

Ho Ho Ho Holidays

I’ve been busy working on my knitting projects a lot lately so I’ve been neglecting the blog because I’m not paying attention to the craziness going on in the world since I’m prone to getting stressed out and having anxiety about things I have no control over. Recently within the past few hours I have been sharing some articles. I am staying on reality TV side for a little while because #TheRealWorld is getting a little stressful. I’ve been getting asked why I don’t need for myself, because I’m not going to be selfish with my creativity I want to give it away and I sense I want people who need a scarf or a blanket to have. I like donating my scarves and blankets. I’m going to be busy working on gifts and donations, unfortunately I don’t think some of the gifts are going to have proper arrival times to either destinations but they will get there. I am obsessed lately with purchasing yarn and needles because let’s face it there’s some gorgeous product out there. The one thing I am proud of is being able to poop or just one or two skein of a certain color. Some of the yarn I’ve gotten single skein I have totally fallen in love with & Actually purchased more but I’m trying to do one scarf per color so I don’t go on color crazy and get fed up with the yard. I have a lot of Redheart yarn in my stash– but I’m finding that the other brands are somewhat better for scarves. Right now I’m sitting in the Knitting studio/doggy bedroom W/my hound on my lap so I’m unable at the moment because I want the kiddo to be comfortable. I don’t normally sell my projects but I will not deny the idea if I get the right monetary offer for a scarf. I will say I miss NASCAR, I’m going to miss a few things in 2018 mainly Mr. Dale Earnhardt Jr in 88 car. This war is definitely going to be different with several of the veterans I grew up watching the sport not driving next season. W/regard to political drama, I’ve had am overdose on the liberal craziness. The sexual misconduct and accusations being bandied about is ridiculous. There was a politician from Kentucky who killed himself because of accusations- what happens if he was innocent? There is someone responsible for his death. On that note I’m going back to knitting until the next time my brain needs to rant

Mid December Chill II

so as I was saying earlier, I’m not impressed with what’s going on politically in this world-it is scary because the world is turning into a place where terrorism is running rampant and where people are being killed for very stupid reasons. There are many things I want to speak on but I also think it is putting me in A position where I could be targeted if I speak out on certain things. So I’m not going to speak out on everything that bothers me-but I will say this-I am very very very disturbed by the way my country is turning into a Very volatile very hateful place. There are too many people that have been brainwashed by the Obama administration and my other liberal radical us to believe that allowing the government to have control Is a good thing, it is not a good thing We the people have rights and freedoms that allow us to say as we want to say do as we want to do carry weapons. I miss the days where we used to be able to not have to lock our car doors our house doors etc. in order to keep out the bad guys etc. The only thing that bothers me is news coverage of certain events. Specifically the lack of coverage of the United States Virgin Islands when it came to hurricanes Irma and Maria, for certain outlets do not understand or acknowledge that the United States Virgin Islands are indeed a United States property. The fact that it took over three months to get enough people and help to the island of St. John St. Thomas St. Croix to restore the power and make repairs to some of the buildings etc. The fact that the media has not covered the restoration of power etc. there was something else the bother me, the “Governor” of San Juan Puerto Rico, she was a complete utter bitch where she complained about not having things or not being able to do things but yet she had the resources available to her- Anyway I’m gonna spend the rest of the evening with my children watching television and relaxing with a cold beer and a pair of knitting needles.

Mid-December Chill

So I have not written in a while nor have I been very good about posting articles but I have been very busy with my life which is very good. I have been knitting- I have been making scarves for the less fortunate and also for Christmas gifts. And sorry not sorry but I don’t give a flying fuck if I offend anybody when I say the word Christmas, I’m not going to edit how I feel to appease the people who do not believe in the things that the Christian people early and I don’t want to see my country ending up like the state of California which is a sanctuary state which is very disgusting to me. What is also disgusting is the Shit loads of sexual harassment claims and cases going around seeming to tag every Tom Dick and Harry in the political world in the celebrity world etc. I’m very frustrated with the left and the lack of brains of the liberal beings of the world. Lately I have been ignoring a lot of things because I want to keep my wits about me and be smart and keep myself happy. My life I am pretty damn happy, I have my family & my friends. I have things that keep me happy even though I’m not in a relationship of sorts I have not found the right person. With regard to people and interaction I am very liberal about my thoughts I do not give two shits if you’re gay straight bi sexual etc. you are allowed to love who you love and it uncontrollable who we fall in love with. I don’t think the fucking government needs to be telling us that women can’t marry each other or men can’t marry each other it’s not that era anymore where it’s taboo. With regard to Mr. President I have mixed feelings now and I always have egg mixed feelings about Mr. President and even though a lot of people do not like him, he is still a human being and everybody needs to respect him as a human being whether they like him or whether they do not. You do not need to wish him ill will. The only reason I voted for him is because I liked what he was saying I like the fact that he supported our military and our firefighters, paramedics and police officers. I know that I did not want Mr. and Mrs. Clinton back in the White House but I do think that Mr. Bernie Sanders got screwed it’s very obvious that Mrs. Clinton bought every fucking vote she could and made Mr. Sanders pretty much smother himself out of the election. With regard to reelecting Mr. Trump, i’m not sure and I’m not sure because there are there not many things that have been accomplished from his campaign. And partly because of the fucking Democrats etc. who are not cooperating who are not allowing Mr. Trump to get things completed as he said he would and I know Mr. Trump has the power to override some of these asshole liberals but I don’t know why he’s not doing it. He needs to do that-Donald needs to put his goddamn foot down and say this is My country and my people elected me into her office to better the United States of America. Now I’m probably going to do another rant later but I think I’ve had enough for now.