#AlphaSpotPress, I decided to revitalize or resuscitate my BlogSpot because I want somewhere to dump my thoughts even if I don’t want to publish them all over the universe. Yes I’m using gab and yes I’m using all other platforms but today I realize something, that I am an alphabet soup of craziness. I have attention deficit disorder, anxiety,aspergers, cerebral palsy and lastly a little touch of obsessive-compulsive disorder. With the past few days being anxiety hell and then having very calm happy days I’m at the point where I don’t know what mood I’ll wake up at. Last night I really got some good sleep and I’m hoping to eat that tonight. I’ve been watching all kinds of crazy things going on with Twitter etc. and The Democrats are very very very very evil-they are very negative towards conservatives and everyone that wants good for America-it seems that the Democrats want nothing but bad, they want to destroy America the new Democratic Party is more or less Satan. We have so many fucking scandals in America now and around the world that there are days where I don’t want to open up Facebook or Twitter or anything else because I don’t want to see the evilness in the world-I don’t trust major media because they twist every fucking story to feed their negative agenda. Speaking of negativity and drama which is something I’m very very very allergic to, MTV and their teen mom franchise. Many of the mothers are just pure out fucking drama queens. I used to love watching The series but I avoid it sometimes now because I can’t stand the drama going on the Twitter fights etc. yes I’ll watch it in rerun I will chime in eventually. So I know this was a crazy mixed up topical entry and I apologize but this is how my brain works. Good Night & God Bless.
Liz Stone