Crystal Ball & Life F2

I told you in the past entry that I would be writing another one. Past few days have been very interesting to say the least because we had my dadβ€˜s 10th angel anniversary yesterday which is why my mood was shot to hell and it was so much negativity surrounding me-I was upset and regardless of what people say it never gets easier on those special anniversaries. And there is no program in life no book to follow with the loss of a family member whether it be sister brother father mother, uncle etc. anyway yesterday I tried the Starbucks Frappuccino #CrystalBall. Basically it is a peaches and cream flavor but it’s not as strong as it could be plus there’s a funky after days. I should’ve gotten a small/tall but I got the large/Venti. Anyway I will not be getting it again even though it is a limited edition. There are other limited-edition things that I would rather get. I was thinking about adding some political jargon into this post only because some of things that happen in the real world are bothering me severely. I know our current president is not the best in the world to some, he is the best in the world. I look at it this way we are better off with him and we are with the Clintons but part of me says what would happen if Mr. Trump was impeached and we got Mr. Pence as mr. President, iPhone many people know and I am not a Barack Obama fan which is why I feel like he was a disaster as president just like people think Mr. Trump is a disaster as president. Mr. Trump with all due respect, you are a better businessman vs politician. I also remember saying that I wanted to knit tonight, right now I feel like I want to go to sleep maybe it was because I took a warm bath I don’t know but tonightβ€˜s activities are yet to be determined. With regard to the protests and rallies, I do not remember any of this bullshit pansy ass millennial’s causing this much ruckus in the past. Well some of my friends say it because of Mr. President I don’t really know because everybody has a different view of Donald. That is all for now I may be back later again but Lord only knows what is in stored for me tonight

Crystal Ball & Life

Ok so I haven’t spilled my guts lately so here goes- life is still like a roller coaster ride and always will be. I never know what my mood is going to be. Yesterday was not a good day because it was my dad’s ten year angel anniversary. I was in a negative mood all day – today was much better but still kinda boring in the sense of the typical day with the awful weather. I really need some spring weather to come stay. It’s not just the lack of sunshine but the low temperatures getting to me. Knitting is definitely a positive and productive task that I love. Especially knowing that I have a bundle of different yarns in my stash. My needle collection is pretty good also even though I still want the acrylic circular interchangeable. Another addiction is something new… About what feels longer but Only six weeks into my fascination with makeup because I have come to realize that I need Snapchat filters in real life. My collection is multi-brand, still waiting on some palettes but I love what I have already. Adding to it piece by piece. Usually, my lip products come from #NyxCosmetics but recently got my pawz on some #TooFaced gloss then today purchased my first #MeltedLatex liquid lip color #ByeFelicia :purple: It’s going to be something that I must keep track of my makeup spending since it’s too damn easy to whip out the credit card. I’ve collected various different palettes of shadow from #MallyBeauty and the above-mentioned #TooFaced. Loving all of the colors I have but my only wish now other than finding a happy and healthy relationship is to get myself back into healthy eating and some weight loss. My plans for tonight is just knitting because it’s relaxing.. Enough for now unless I wanna come unleash my thoughts on politics etc later this evening.