Deletion & Consolidation

So with in the past couple hours Iโ€™ve decided to delete some thingsBecause over the past few days Iโ€™ve been thinking about consolidating some on my social media because I will admit that Iโ€™m addicted and itโ€™s kind of gotten out of control-I have so many aliases Twitter handles and Instagramโ€˜s that I drove myself crazy so today I deleted two Instagramโ€˜s real worked the Twitter account and Facebook pages and I may not be done yet but for right now Iโ€™m good because every time Twitter and Facebook and Instagram get upset they decide to disconnect the links. I will say that even though overall I do not like the Kardashian Jenner clown, they are fascinating I am not going to throw my money either way thatโ€™s for damn certain but that doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m not gonna follow them on social media to follow The drama, same thing can be said for MTV and itโ€™s craziness. There are very few things on that network I like anymore. Sometimes I just watch it because unfortunately there is nothing else better to watch. Very interesting few days in town with regard to the Mercedes and Toyota hump job which I reposted from one of my Deleted? Instagramโ€˜s onto one of Mike on Instagram. Also tonight when I was at dinner we saw a car getting loaded on the flatbed unknown reason why but being the nosy little bitch I am, I took photos from inside the restaurant. For a few hours today I thought about getting my media credentials but I am having an interesting adventure trying to find a legitimate place to get independent media credentials so I may just end up making myself new business cards and speaking of new things I am still flirting with the idea of getting another pallet of eyeshadow I need summer colors now because I have a lot of commuted every day neutral pastels -Trying to find a festival pallet that isnโ€™t $40 and above is definitely tricky when you want something good but not celebrity pricing out the Ying Yang. Knowing how my cosmetic cabinet looks with mostly #nyxcosmetics. Out of all the pallets I have even though I love the Jaclyn palette, It is not festival enough so Iโ€™m probably going to end up with another NYX palette because honestly they are the most reasonable high quality company that I can get something under $40. So with all that rambling finished I am going to sign off for the night and relax with my knitting and my beer. MsLVidunder: