So I’ve been wanting to write for a few days but have not had time I’ve been advertising that I was going to write but have not, until now- Sitting here eating my lunch sweet potato hummus, taking some time away from my knitting away from the kids to just think. It is Mother’s Day so whether you are a mother to a human or a furry monsterOr any kind of it is definitely your day so, I am looking over my thoughts in my mind there are many there are very many thoughts that I don’t like because I keep thinking about the past & I need cut out stress. Stress causes me to overeat etc- in the bed few days I’ve been keeping to myself more not been on my main social media a lot because I am having some fresh Gratian when it comes to being overwhelmed overwhelmed with crap that I don’t need to be concerned over. For weeks now I’ve been frustrated with NASCAR because I do not like the influx of rookies- several of them in my opinion I have zero talent and they’re just in because of their last name or their end because of Who they are related to. I really wish that the team owners would think about the talent to drivers that are in their 30s and 40s because there’s several drivers that I think are still top dog and I’m very very happy that Matt Kenseth Is back in the car. I said this on my NASCAR/knitting page that I really don’t think they would’ve brought him back unless there was trouble with Mr. Trevor Bayne. Trouble doesn’t necessarily mean trouble trouble to me trouble I say that his performance is not up to par for where they want the team to be. I’m very happy that Mr. Kevin Harvick won the race last night even though I fell asleep before ended I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up at eight something this morning and checked my Twitter. Also with regard to my make up collection-I’m actually pretty damn content with it and I don’t think I’m going to need a custom palette from
MAC cosmetics -I have learned over the past several months that many different shadows etc. can go double duty just like how Eye primer can be concealer or foundation. Even though I didn’t take a photo and post on Instagram, I did do my make up this morning-NYX cosmetics is my go to lately because I have so many products I have ability to do full face. But I will say I do love Mally Roncal. Speaking of #MallyBeauty, Some people have said some of her products look like those from Mr. Jeffree Star- there are only so many fucking ways you can do pink and gold packaging and #JeffreeStar does Barbie pink not hot pink and has anybody noticed the MAC cosmetics liquid lipstick tubes look exactly like #JeffreeStar liquid lipstick tubes. So quit being an asshole saying this one copy this one that one copy that one because there’s only so many damn ways ya can do something. I did not intentionally trying this into a rant but it’s turning into one. I’ve started working on mini blankets again since I have several darn cakes. I also have many yarn balls and skeins. Piggybacking off what I said about NASCAR, the same damn thank me sad about #MTV-TeenMomFranchise, I am getting really fucking sick of some of these broads. Let me say this right now I stand behind Barbara even though I don’t like her, I agree with some of the crazy she says about #JenelleAndDavid- I think Jace and Kaiser would be better off away from them because I don’t think Nathan or Barbara makes up stories about abuse. I wish MTV wood fire Janel and do something about the Briana situation but then again they probably won’t because they feed off the drama because the drama brings in the viewers. I agree with Leah, Kailyn & Chelsea that they need to put a lid #JenelleAndBriana because it’s just called bullshit fights because those two seem to like to engage everybody in conflict and don’t give a flying shit what Appen consequence Wise. So the only reason I watch #MTV-TeenMomFranchise, is because of Amber, Chelsea,Kailyn, Leah & Maci. I apologize for another rambling crazy post but it’s the way my brain works sometimes. So I am going to stop all I’m ahead – it is a freebie Sunday fun day I don’t know whether this day is going to be superlong or supershort it all depends on little critters. Mother nature really pissed me off in many ways this week so with all that said I am going to go back under my rock and enjoy some quiet time.

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U.S. Congress: Revoke Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom

#PresidentialMedalOfFreedom #BillCosby
I just signed the petition “U.S. Congress: Revoke Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 15,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:



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MiVidaLoca Tuesday- MallyNyxChic

Good evening and welcome to the next chapter, this morning I was at the mall-I exchanged the sculpting palette for some tools and two other products. I purchased a gold eyeliner also another lip color and this evening I purchased some disposable lip applicators and sponges from Amazon so I have enough tools and cosmetics for a while or at least I hope. Last night I was entertained some by #CopsTV & #TeenMom2- I have a lot to say about the #TeenMomFranchise: When the whole thing started, it was a mission to teach young women and young men the struggles of becoming teenage parents -Fast-forward almost 10 years later and it turned into the daily weekly sitcom drama and even though we’ve gotten to see The teen mom kids grow up, it’s just a whole shit show of dramatic craziness and well I enjoy keeping tabs on their lives I really don’t think that the show itself is productive anymore especially when they have a new teen mom series#YoungAndPregnant- haven’t young people learned a damn thing that being a teenage parent is not easy it’s not fun it’s not glamorous it’s a 24 hour job that you cannot do on your own unless you’re really really filthy rich. Granted I do enjoy following half of the original girls and half of volume two but the rest of it is fucking drama central. Especially when it comes to Jenelle, Briana and I hate to say this but Tyler and Catelynn. Everybody on Twitter as the rite to throw their own two cents into the pond of thoughts. That is the breeding ground of rumors and crazy talk and it’s just not the MTV shows they get the rumors and crazy talk lately. The moms who have settled down into a routine and made their lives better outside of MTV and those who don’t depend on MTV to pay the bills. The DeBoers & The McKinneys plus Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon. The three couples at the end are the ones that I still paid engine to do and give a damn about because they have their shit together properly and don’t necessarily rely on teen mom and MTV to pay the bills granted if it weren’t for MTV we wouldn’t know any of these people and we wouldn’t follow them like their long lost family-just remember just because we see them on a regular basis on the Internet and get to know what’s happening in the world does not mean that we know everything that goes on when they are not on Twitter on Facebook on TV-there’s a lot of shit that goes down that nobody knows about. OK I’m sorry I’m preaching but it’s just how I feel about certain things and very strong headed and very strong minded. I was also thinking about my life as I have been going too many things last 10 years specifically where it’s been good it’s been bad it’s been ugly but it’s been fun in some cases. There are things that I need to put in the past places I may never go again in my life some of those places I grew up that meant a lot to me. I will always love the United States Virgin Islands I will always have fond memories of living on island I was blessed to have a home in the islands from 1985 to 2011- but I’ve decided that I need to stop living in the past because It’s not healthy for me which probably means several things in life aren’t healthy for us. I need to lose weight because I feel like crap health wise and I’m just literally putting lipstick on a pig. I’m a pretty pig but pig none the less. People say I’m pretty etc but they don’t understand my struggles with how I look/feel about myself. I love myself but am I completely happy with myself:absolutely not. So many things I’d love to change. The extra weight I’ve gained over the past years makes me feel uncomfortable with my appearance. I’m not that type of big girl who’s okay with it. I don’t like being big. I’d love to be back at 130 lbs. I could definitely be tempted to do liposuction or bodyscupting if it were safe and affordable but it is what it is. I’m going to bed soon. Thx for letting me vent.

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MallyNyxChic & MiVidaLoca

So I’m sitting here watching television during a little break from my knitting. I’ve been knitting numerous scarves for donating this autumn. This past weekend I went crazy at the beauty store replacing products and upgrading products. Never again will I purchase certain products online anymore. Being that it’s Monday, I’m waiting on #CopsTV tonight because it’s a new episode supposedly but after all these years all the episodes blur. Anyhow since I’m currently watching mtv, it’s a teen mom 2 marathon since the new season starts tonight. I’ve realized over time, that there’s things I cannot stand about some of the drama especially with Jenelle & Briana. I’m definitely on Kailyn’s team. With regard to the makeup collection, there’s items that I I really needed but then there’s stuff I just wanted. Either way my arsenal is pretty much complete, anything else from here on out is complimentary. I’m going to write part two later tonight.

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