Deletion & Consolidation

So with in the past couple hours I’ve decided to delete some thingsBecause over the past few days I’ve been thinking about consolidating some on my social media because I will admit that I’m addicted and it’s kind of gotten out of control-I have so many aliases Twitter handles and Instagramβ€˜s that I drove myself crazy so today I deleted two Instagramβ€˜s real worked the Twitter account and Facebook pages and I may not be done yet but for right now I’m good because every time Twitter and Facebook and Instagram get upset they decide to disconnect the links. I will say that even though overall I do not like the Kardashian Jenner clown, they are fascinating I am not going to throw my money either way that’s for damn certain but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna follow them on social media to follow The drama, same thing can be said for MTV and it’s craziness. There are very few things on that network I like anymore. Sometimes I just watch it because unfortunately there is nothing else better to watch. Very interesting few days in town with regard to the Mercedes and Toyota hump job which I reposted from one of my Deleted? Instagramβ€˜s onto one of Mike on Instagram. Also tonight when I was at dinner we saw a car getting loaded on the flatbed unknown reason why but being the nosy little bitch I am, I took photos from inside the restaurant. For a few hours today I thought about getting my media credentials but I am having an interesting adventure trying to find a legitimate place to get independent media credentials so I may just end up making myself new business cards and speaking of new things I am still flirting with the idea of getting another pallet of eyeshadow I need summer colors now because I have a lot of commuted every day neutral pastels -Trying to find a festival pallet that isn’t $40 and above is definitely tricky when you want something good but not celebrity pricing out the Ying Yang. Knowing how my cosmetic cabinet looks with mostly #nyxcosmetics. Out of all the pallets I have even though I love the Jaclyn palette, It is not festival enough so I’m probably going to end up with another NYX palette because honestly they are the most reasonable high quality company that I can get something under $40. So with all that rambling finished I am going to sign off for the night and relax with my knitting and my beer. MsLVidunder:

Vida Loca

Vida Loca, the title because I have had an up-and-down week or so and I’m still here to talk about it. Events happening in Bucks County have been very depressing I have been there event to hotel fires both were historical buildings. Both incident made me think about the fact that my family is not the same as it was 10 years ago. We also of crazy things going on in the country as usual and in the world. I am trying to ignore a lot of that because my anxiety has been such a pain in the ass lately and I am finding certain situations somewhat difficult. I have found it easier to stay home vs go out. Also I have plans to start conserving money again because spending over $50 on beauty products a week is not in my budget and even spending $50 a week is not in my budget. With regard to beauty products there is something that has been on my #WantIt List for a while and it’s been on the back burner because I was debating whether not I really need it and yes I’m going to get it. I have yet to have any #BHCosmetics In my cabinet just yet-I also want to add more TARTE Cosmetics items but because of their expense I am going to limit when I buy them.-As for Hollywood oh my God seriously people things have gone crazy. Morgan Freeman is accused of sexual assault of eight women and Harvey Weinstein is still in deep trouble could be behind bars any day now. Today specifically I did my exercise than my shopping and for some strange reason there was a German luxury automobile they decided to jump the curb at one of the box stores. Management of the store said do not take pictures-I don’t listen to you unless you are the police. Besides how many times are you ever going to see a German engineer car humping a Japanese car. -Oh my God I almost thought this was deleted because I couldn’t find it in anyway with the girls sleeping after the hound’s great adventure, I am going to log off and go get some work done maybe give the Chihuahua a bath because she stinks. Sorry for the crazy rambling but that’s just the way I am some days. And FYI there are several new articles that I’ve shared from various sources…. MsLVidunder:

Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment

#Entertainment #Crime-#TMZ #Sexualharassment #MorganFreemanMorgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment

Morgan Freeman is being accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by 8 women over several years on the sets of his movies … or during media events related to his projects.

One of the allegations comes from a production assistant who worked on Freeman’s movie in 2015, “Going In Style.” She told CNN Morgan repeatedly tried to lift up her skirt to see if she was wearing underwear, and commented on her figure. She says costar Alan Arkin saw it happening and told Freeman to stop.

Another woman who worked on “Now You See Me” claims Freeman also made comments about her body as well as another female staffer’s. She says women on set knew to cover up whenever he was around.

CNN reporter Chloe Melas said she too was subject to Freeman’s misconduct … when she was 6 months pregnant and interviewing him during a media junket. Melas claims Freeman told her she looked ripe, and repeatedly insinuated he wished he’d been there when she got pregnant.

In all, CNN says it spoke to 16 people — 8 who claim they were victims, and 8 who witnessed Freeman’s misconduct.

We’ve reached out to Freeman’s reps for comment.

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