Grabbin Da Bull By Da Horns #ProductReview- #LilleV1985

I have been working very diligently lately on something that is A new passion ever since I hit 40 in November 2017, I have been enamored by the cosmetics industry. I knew I wanted to follow and purchase brands that were cruelty free and possibly vegan because I am a pet parent and I can’t imagine my kids or any animal being used in a negative way. My Chihuahua and my Dachshund are my best friends. I have mentioned before that I’m an introvert and I am better working solo and being my own boss having a schedule that’s consistent. Not only do I have CerebralPalsy but within the past year to year and a half, I have realized true self education that my attention deficit disorder was a lie was a misdiagnosis. I have a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome! And I know that people are assuming or wrongly understanding that vaccinations cause autism and they don’t. I know this because there are so many different spectrums of autism and I am very very blessed to have the high functioning autism. I am 99% normal and regardless if you think we’re weird or where strange or whatever-we are just unique we are not necessarily special needs. Anyhow, I spent the past three days at least sending out “offers“ too many of my “favorite“ companies with regard to their programs working with influencers and bloggers. I’ve been a blogger for probably 3+ years and I normally wait about my feelings my thoughts and my opinions. But I’m going to branch out into doing reviews etc. and I have gotten some messages back from several companies I think I’ve heard from practically everyone that I’ve reached out to. Whether or not they have a current campaign or opening four anything is more less obsolete because everybody has asked for my social media contacts/Account information. Which I think is pretty Flippin awesome. I am going to post as if I was given the greenlight because the more they see my interest in my enthusiasm the more likely they are to pick up on me. And I am not doing this for the money or the free product, though if either come my way that would be awesome though I’m not looking to make this a business. Doing product review is something I love anyway. I gladly give my opinion whether is wanted or not. So my knitting has really become a side hobby. Any help just to plug shameless plug if there is anyone reading this who has any suggestions or connections please feel free to message me on whatever platform you see this one. Thank you With that said, I’m going to bed.


#MakeUpEnthusiast-#TarteCosmetics #UrbanDecay #NYXCosmetics

#MakeUpReview, I just sent out an email inquiry to Tarte Cosmetics & Mally Beauty along with submitting a form to urban decay cosmetics. My goal is to hopefully become or stretch my reach when it comes to doing reviews for products. As many may recall I applied and was excepted to #NYXCosmetics Sample review program-I received my box a few days ago and have started doing my reviews. I love love the waterproof worth the hype mascara and also a sample review program-I received my box a few days ago and have started doing my reviews. I love love the waterproof worth the hype mascara and also The suede Matte Lipstick, they sent me the “brunch me” paid which is listed as a dusty rose but I will be honest it is more of a terra-cotta. I really like it and it retails for eight dollars in store which isn’t bad but I’m glad I got one for free to sample. I really like the Neutral shades and somewhat skin color shades. I also love pops of color which is why I love urban decay eyeshadow’s and of course our eyeshadows because their pops of color. While I love Tarte Cosmetics for their skin care and concealer etc.-I love the creaseless concealer- The coverage is amazing Maracuja oil is a miracle because when I started using make up in February 2017 I had major circles under my eyes major wrinkle agespottong etc. and this concealer has practically removed my Black eyes-I no longer look like I got punched or a raccoon and I feel younger than 40 with regard to no duck dark circles. I’m also still on my weight loss journey, my goal is 160 Ideally 150-I will admit that I’ve had some slip ups along the way because of family reunions etc. but I am learning with every day that goes by. During my one family reunion adventure to Michigan-I had a meltdown literally and physically because not only did my anxiety caused me to flip out but also my concealer melting off. At which point when I came home I discovered urban decay 24/7 all nighter setting powder. I will not go anywhere without My concealer or my setting powder now unless I do not have time to put my make up on. Though I love wearing my make up I have now come to a point where I don’t need my make up anymore but I still love putting my make up on because it makes me feel better because I know that the ingredients are natural & cruelty free etc. yesterday at the mall I got some samples from Tarte Cosmetics-the deep dive cleanser gel and the H2O serum. I love them both but I am more favoriting the deep dive gel. Not only does it take off waterproof make up but like the concealer I use has natural ingredients to make the skin look younger and erase the wrinkles etc. Some days I wish I had gotten into skincare and make up before I hit the age of 40 but I’m still young according to some people and I still have time according to some people. So I’m going to try and reverse the aging process a little bit. I thought I was going to do knitting all day But I am going to do some research on urban decay products on Tarte Cosmetics etc. because I want to expand my knowledge of my favorite brands. I hope everybody has a wonderful afternoon happy hump day and for all of us who love watching A&E, Let’s get ready to rumble Thursday Friday Saturday with PD cam, Nightwatch nation and live PD. I am out here for now but I look forward to updating everybody on the progress I’m making with my make up review Inquiries/feedback’s. As my friend Elizabeth Williams would say: stay beautiful

Life 101

So I have not written in a few days, I don’t even think I’ve shared any articles lately because I’ve been very busy with my life which I will admit is not always super busy or entertaining. Anyway I am sitting outside with my girls and my knitting project along with a bottle of coffee. A lot of crazy things of happened around the world outside my bubble I have a bubble because I want to keep myself as sane as possible. within the past couple weeks/last few weeks I have had family and other activity keeping me from writing because some days there are not enough hours in a day. We are getting ready for election 2018 on November 6 in Pennsylvania. I am going to need to read up on everything happening since I am a deputy constable for the county of Montgomery. I’m looking forward to doing this job for the second time in 2018 and I am going to continue this job along with my other activity. I just joined the #nyxcosmetics family as a make up reviewer, My application was approved back in the first three days of this month but I just received my first package yesterday. The lipstick, the waterproof eyeliner and the waterproof mascara Definitely some beautiful products that I am sampling and what’s awesome is that we get full-size product. I am also an ambassador for Lenny and Larry’s -The complete cookie. Love the company love the fact that a few bites of a cookie will even out my blood sugar when it is low. I am not vegan I am not vegetarian or Any other type of Tarian -I am just someone in their 40s trying to live my best life as healthy as possible. I am a vigilant citizen of my town, I care deeply about what goes on in my town and in my world outside my bubble but I live in my own bubble because it keeps my anxiety down or at least I try to keep it down. I am introverted and I do have Asperger’s Syndrome But I am very fortunate to have the very mild form of the disease and when I say disease that doesn’t mean anything contagious etc. just like attention deficit disorder is not contagious etc. but it is something that I was miss diagnosed with-about a year or so maybe less I discovered that my symptoms were not aligned with “attention deficit disorder“ as much as Asperger’s Syndrome. I have learned so much about myself over the past few weeks months etc. that I regret but cannot fix my past where some dingbat Dr. blanketed me with attention deficit disorder probably because they did not know enough about the autism spectrum to properly diagnose me. So aside from my ambassadorship with the cookie company and being a make up enthusiast along with knitter and blogger my life is pretty busy and I like it busy I also like the knowledge that my day even though sometimes and some people may call it boring or I have no life or I need to get a job that paid more money, I am blessed to have the life I’ve heard that I have. I was blessed from the word go at birth. Born 2 1/2 months early and the doctors nurses etc. kept saying she’s going to die. Obviously not bitches Ivan I’m here and I’m not going down quietly but I was blessed to be born in Philadelphia I was blessed to grow up majority of the time in the US Virgin Islands and when I was not in the Virgin Islands I was here in Philadelphia suburbs and sometimes I think oh my God I would love to live somewhere else. This is home where my dogs where my mom where my knitting -Where everything is that I’m accustomed to is. Yes I love to travel yes I love seeing new sights being in new cities etc. but I’m afraid to say that this is home and I am quite happy. Anyway with that being said and I know it was a long winded ramble I am going to go finish this blanket I’ve been working on. MsLVidunder: