Relationships & Working

So I have not done a diary entry in a while, I know the title of this one is quite strange but that’s the way my life is. I am very busy in my product review and promotion. I have decided that I am completely booked as far as product I want to review. I love each product that I’m working with right now so I’m not really looking to do a lot of mix and match or replacement-there are items that I’m looking to try but that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon products that work for me. My skin care routine is important being that I am almost 41 years old-I don’t always look 25 anymore. Anyway with regard to relationship- I am social I am tired of flirtationships that fizzle out, I’m also sick and tired of people wanting relationships and not following through with promises. I’m not gonna throw my recent relationship partner under a bus because he is not worth the promotion-I don’t like being told that he’s gonna be there for next 40 years and then he disappears for 3 1/2 days claiming his phone wasn’t working; at the same time I saw him on messenger reading my messages but failing to reply so I call bullshit on his excuses or reasoning. So I am moving on from that situation and focusing on what needs to be focused on which is my family my projects etc. I have friends which is awesome and over the past week or so I’ve realized who is a friend and down to earth. But I have decided that if there is another relationship things will definitely be different and I will not be taken for granted or anything else like that and communication is big for me consistency is big for me I thin don’t go 3 1/2 days without talking to me if you’re my friend or in a relationship with me because that will always end in disaster for you . I have always been careful of who I allow in my life and now it’s going to be a bit tougher to break down the protective wall. I will be working on articles today because I know there’s A shit ton going on in the news. Also becoming close to election midterms so don’t forget to vote.


Pre-order iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4.

I don’t often share my personal emails but I thought since this one was for #Apple #iPhone #AppleWatch- I thought I would share this with my readers/followers who are interested in Apple products. I have loved apple for a long time and I was supposed to Apple in the beginning but once I got the 4s,
From: Apple <news>

Date: Sep 14, 2018 at 11:50
Subject: Pre-order iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4.


Product Review & Promotion #LivePD

So I’m sitting here today with my girls, watching LivePD And working on my blankets for the animal house. I wanted to do an explanation post about my β€œjob”-I didn’t get into it for the money I didn’t get into it for the fame I got into it because I want to do a public service to the community when it comes to the products I use or consume. I started β€œworkingβ€œ when I signed up to be a deputy constable during election times with the county and then I randomly contacted certain companies that I purchase product from. I was approached by NYX cosmetics via email because they were looking for some customers to do sample reviews and I jumped on that one because I love their products are use their products on a regular probably daily basis. From there I went to other cosmetic companies that I frequently use products from and submitted my social media no I have not been picked up as anything official from anybody else I continue to do reviews and I will spend my own money to purchase product to do reviews but I have my limits. Which is why I purchase often from posh Mark. Because 9/10 I can get a perfectly intact unused or lightly used product for a fraction of the retail price. Anyhow recently I signed up with another company because I had been watching it for a few years and I didn’t go into it for the money. I went in because I like the products and I think there are some that I will use because there are some products offered by NuSkin that are not offered by Amy current skincare line and I’m not going to totally switch out my skin care line I’m going to add on to my current regimen. I am keeping an eye on all the brands I do reviews on and there are some lines that are coming out they just make me think why, why spend my money on a product that I already have under a different name/color-the thing that annoys me the most is when a cosmetic line decides to rebrand or tweak a certain color or a certain palette and have a new label on. So with that all said I will come back to do another blog in a few days but in the meantime I will share articles that I find interesting.