BREAKING: Fox News Commentator Says Republicans Who Don’t Agree with Trump Tariffs “Should Go Jump Off a Cliff” – News Breaking

BREAKING: Fox News Commentator Says Republicans Who Don’t Agree with Trump Tariffs “Should Go Jump Off a Cliff” – News Breaking
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End Of Month Ramblings

OK so I have been a little over opinionated on Facebook and other outlets lately so I think it’s time that I write it all down. Somethings in my count Yep I’m happy about and somethings I am not happy about, same goes with the entire world somethings I’m happy about and somethings I’m not a fan yes I voted for Mr. Trump, that does not mean that I agree with everything he does but I think he was a better choice than any Democrat out there. With that being said-I do not like the drama and the cat fights etc. surrounding the Democratic Party-Both big picture and small picture it sucks. Being opinionated or over opinionated is why I started this blog in the very first place. Most of my life is going wonderfully, I am busy I am happy with most of what’s happening, I am busy knitting and sharing articles also taking care of my canine. Staying healthy has been something that I’ve been working hard hat. I am currently 5 to 8 pounds away from my goal weight at least what my doctor wants. If I am lucky I will get down to my ideal goal weight. As for my climate that I live in, where are The palm trees, I have my hibiscus is but; this weather is tropical enough for me to miss my island home. Living 25+ years in the Virgin Islands yes I miss it even though I know it is very expensive right now I can guarantee you if I went back and had the funds unlimited-I would definitely stay but with regard to that I think that our territories should be allowed to have voting rights. I think that we need to do a statehood on Puerto Rico and possibly the Virgin Islands-the district of Columbia-I think it still needs to be what it is but I think they do need voting rights as well. I wish that our territories were recognized more not just when there is #HurricaneSeason. People seem to forget that the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico is definitely American territory there are American citizens there they deserve rights just like everybody else that lives on the mainland. As for the abortion situation, I am play life-I understand that women deserve rights they do but in the sense of murder-every child deserves a bite to live that is why there is adoption. I’ve got plenty of humans and animals if you cannot or will not take care of sad human or animal do not adopt do not foster, if you do not have the balls to be responsible and just don’t have sex. I know that I am more liberal in some areas then I don’t use where I am conservative that is why I consider myself a freethinking independent because I don’t believe everything of one party. As far as voting if you are independent, I think you need to either register with the party you are closely affiliated with or somewhat agree with in order to vote that is what I did of coarse. These damn paper ballots that we have now-I don’t like him I don’t agree with him I think it was better electronica though I understand where they were all concerned but as a election season employee of the county, I think those machines need more research before they deployed them across the stage. There were problems all over in my jurisdiction meaning my township. Some of them did not open on time and others were picky about the ballots they processed. The perforations on the ballot some selves were very unsatisfactory so they need to reevaluate how they print them and the perforations at the bottom. While I am dictating this, I am walking in my mom because I didn’t feel like going to the gym today I decided to do cardio. looking forward to the next month in the year in the month of June, I support the LGBT community, I think every American citizen deserve rights whether you are gay straight bi sexual whatever same goes for your religion-it should not matter as long as you are not a radical citiz, I think every American citizen deserves rights whether you are gay straight bi sexual whatever same goes for your religion-it should not matter as long as you are not a radical illegal immigrant or a radical in anyway you should have voting rights you should not be discriminated against. You should not be a discriminated against if you have a disability, I speak from experience I have β€œdisabilities”. But I do not see them as disabilities because I have been living with them my entire life and what people think does not matter you either accept me or get the fuck out of my life because I don’t want you. Yes I’m an entrepreneur and that means that I work for myself I do what I want that makes me happy and keeps my time filled up my finances are not a concern so that is pleasant. I know I’m a shopping addict from many different categories. I love my cosmetics, I love my skin care and I love my crafting. With regard to my love for Cosmetics, I purchase only cruelty free items and work with what I love brand wise. Always interested in trying new brands only if they are cruelty free and I’m not afraid to shout out to a company if I want to try them but yet they are not cruelty free I try to get the message across that it’s better business to be cruelty free than not. Now that I’m finished with my rambling for the day we hope, God bless America and no matter what I say about our president-right now he’s better than the alternative or alternatives especially in 2020 with the clown car of candidates, in my personal opinion I don’t think any of them are qualified to be in the White House even if they have been part of the White House before I think there is something creepy about every single damn candidate including the current president. Just being honest.

AOC Twitter: Democrat congresswoman send death threats after Fresno Grizzles video | indy100

New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has responded to a baseball team that aired a video in which she was referred to as an β€œenemy of freedom” alongside North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, saying she often receives death threats as a result of similar coverage.
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Political SAT/Crazy Life/DHS

Good Afternoon, my week has been a bit crazy with the primaries and other regular life happenings. I’m very content with my life lately even though my social life is in the toilet, other things are well. Being law enforcement during election season can be kinda insane especially if you have to jump into action- thankfully in my new location, I didn’t have any unruly voters, I did have a few questionable situations but unfortunately nothing offensive. I must admit that my new location is a better environment versus my previous station. I don’t like the new paper ballot system & I’m not alone. Our township supervisor herd all kinds of comments about the system, from “I love it to where’s the sledgehammer” which I’m leaning towards to sledgehammer side of things. Another thing that made me upset was the mudslinging and defamation happening from the loser in the primaries. I certainly do not want a sleazy low standard puppet in my local government. I actually did not have my phone with me for half the day which personally it drove me crazy since my anxiety etc. my watch died battery wise about noon so I was up a creek no paddles. I was very happy but he is with the gay good I could go home and sleep. But before I went to sleep I was very happily texted by a friend of mine who told me that my candidates won. Very happy but very interested to find out what happens in November. From Tuesday until now things of been quiet. I woke up to a friend request from someone I did not know who is not in my circle of friends or acquaintances and found out that this individual shared my cover photo from police week 2018 and was. I woke up to a friend request from someone I did not know who is not in my circle of friends or acquaintances and found out that this individual shared my cover photo from police week 2018 and had made some derogatory comments on his post. He also shared one photo from my cousin along with a slew of other photos and most of his profile is stolen media with his slanderous commentary-the township chairman says there’s nothing that can be done because there’s the First Amendment but what about #StollenMedia? I am waiting to find out what other opinions are because there has to be something against stolen media-I have decided to download an app where I can add a watermark to my photos if I so choose. We also finally got to go to the horse show and it was a beautiful spring afternoon. Sometimes I miss the horse show life but I don’t think I’m grateful enough for show riding, those days are long over. Looking back at my cover photo being stolen, I’m angry about the slander on a photo taken by the police. Still waiting for the response from my friends on if any further action can be taken. Updates will be posted as they come in.