Mario Lopez Walks Back Remarks on Kids and Gender Identity | NBC4 Washington

Mario Lopez apologized Wednesday for telling conservative commentator Candace Owens that it’s “dangerous” and “alarming” for parents to honor the wishes of young children who identify with a gender other…
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Morphe Extensions II

OK so I just posted an article on the blog about Jaclyn Hill, her cosmetics company is rumored to be a sister company of Morphe which doesn’t bother me because it really doesn’t matter in the sense that as a consumer we have the option to purchase or not purchase a particular product-just like with James Charles, we have the option to purchase his product or not purchase this product-I know the young man is still wet behind the ears but that doesn’t mean that he can go around being discriminatory and everything else he’s doing it’s very immature and I understand the company when they say he’s young he has time to grow but in my mind he has already done some damage that is unforgivable friend even though I like his eyeshadow palette, that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy it just like how I like some of the new Jaclyn Hill products in the way of eyeshadow-I’m not gonna purchase- I am going to seek other alternatives-like my BH Cosmetics, I have a few dozen different than palettes. My brand go to right now is BH Cosmetics and of course now Morphe but I also still love my Tare and Too Faced – I collected several different mini sets from #TooFacedCosmetics, I have collected several #BHCosmetics mini and full-size palette. I do have at least one full-size #TooFacedCosmetics, I think next up is organizing each unit and labeling each drawer along with grouping each brand and sister brand. But the rest of my day is going to be spent with the kids working on knitting etc. of course I will share any article that I see fit, I will address a little something right now. That when I am a fan of somebody whether the news is good or bad or Indifferent momma I will share it regardless. It’s not that I’m trying to throw shade or the negative-I want to remember the articles that I posted in the gossip rags so my blog is a multipurpose blog-it is for me to have my mental therapy of getting my feelings and thoughts out there it is also for me to remember things and it is to get news and other information out to the public. I think I have come to or just accumulated 200 followers so I am very appreciative of that-maybe in a few years I will surpass 200 I have been blogging since 2014 so if it takes another four or five years to get more or double the following I am now that’s OK but I’m getting my message out there and people are listening to me. Thank you. Accumulated 200 followers so I am very appreciative of that-maybe in a few years I was there past 200 I have been blogging since 2014 so if it takes another four or five years to get more or double the following I have now that’s OK but I’m getting my message out there and people are listening to me. Thank you

Rant About CNN

Dear CNN, I don’t trust you I don’t like you-I hate the fact that you are so negative towards our president-your opinions are not important what is important is you report the facts of what the truth report the news-President Trump defending his attacks on Cummings, Baltimore?-Mr. Trump is the best president since Mr. Bush and Mr. Bush-I’m tired of the attacks on Mr. President, we all have to realize that the people of the United States Voted for Donald J Trump-I don’t like what’s going on in California, New York etc. Minnesota-any “state or Commonwealth” who is trying to make them self into their own country-disturbing and disgusting.

Morphe Extentions

Good afternoon everybody, just sitting here watching #MTV, Thinking about everything that is going on this weekend-Hurricane Jeffree was absolutely amazing and even though I did not get to see him in the flesh/in person, it’s just energizing that I was in the same room with him same building as him-today has been very interesting just because I finally picked up the sister palette do you the grand prize freebie palette that I was gifted on Saturday. I know that I got at least $65 worth of free stuff which jumps started my #MorpheBrushes Grand collection-not saying that I’m going to get everything under the sun but I am going to get certain items for sure just like I’m going to add every collection I have. So on Saturday, as I’ve written in my blogs recently-I was gifted the 25D so I, of course, had to go get 25C-she is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to using her on the regular. I know it’s a lot of browns and neutrals but they are the essential colors necessary. When I was in the store today, I got some information not only about #JamesCharles palette alternatives but also the man-Jeffree Lynn Star. So contrary to rumors, the man stayed in Philadelphia night at the Valley Forge casino-in fact he stayed at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia which was what my mom’s gas was-I have not been inside that particular hotel-but I have been to the Ritz Carlton in the US Virgin Islands. After I finished at the mall, I went grocery shopping and was witness to an auto accident-just a minor fender bender scrape the bumper kind of thing. As a witness to an accident, I offered to stay on location if they wanted to call the police-of course she did but decided to cancel the call to report when apparently she thought the police were going to take too long. As we were leaving-a cruiser popped up behind us so obviously, it was too late to cancel. Anyway, the drivers exchanged insurance information and I did not need to stay anymore. The Jeffree Star/ Kat Von D Controversy is still confusing to me. Something tells me deep down that it’s a battle of the brands and there’s just smack talk because they can. Honestly, I have more #JSC than I do #KVD. And it’s probably going to stay that way because I love the formulas. So when I love a formula-I’m not gonna switch around. Anyway, I’m going to sign off and go get working on my knitting project. Thank you for reading as always.