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Random Evernote Thoughts

OK today’s been a little strange-it started out really well and I was in a great mood we got the house cleaned up etc. and the shit hit the fan at the dinner table. Earlier in the day I had been working on one of the PCs and the mouse was on the counter which is fine- but someone else decided it wasn’t fine which annoyed the shit out of me -I like certain things a certain way depending on what the item is and if it’s out of place I get agitated-

Something else that came to my attention is when I post certain photos on Instagram, I get offers of influencer or ambassador or affiliate offers but they’re never in that category I am looking to be representing. It’s ridiculous to get an offer for activewear your sunglasses or jewelry or clothing that I wouldn’t wear. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the offer but I declined them or ignore them for a reason I don’t wear or use certain things.

It’s me it’s like a but in my family orders more shit than I do, when I order something I have a reason or a task or an item whether it be Current or in the future. When I see people spend money that they could use to stay for their future for their next day or in case of emergency-what the fuck-I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for voicing my own opinion

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Alyssa Milano Dragged Twitter for Attending Marianne Williamson Fundraiser

The actress announced she would attend the fundraiser for Democratic hopeful Marianne Williamson, who has been accused in the past of being anti-vaccination. And when she hit back at a critic for smoking in his profile pic, things got even worse.
— Read on amp.toofab.com/2019/07/17/alyssa-milano-marianne-williamson-support/

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Tuesday Evening

good afternoon/evening-hello, I am sitting here in bed relaxing with my girls watching television after a long and crazy day-I when I turned off my iPhone , I didn’t expect to be on my iPad all afternoon but I kind a like it that way-those who are important to have my cellular number with me but everyone else wait till I turn my phone back on. Earlier I tried to adjust the lazy arm tablet holder that I received in the mail yesterday-it was stiff af but it managed to break when I tried adjusting so I emailed the seller told them what was going on, they needed a picture-then they tried to tell me the directions on how to set it up-I told him I follow those directions and it still broke, long story short I’m getting a refund-I’m on I’m also getting a refund on the Morphe order Which was the wrong order and it was only a back up order-looking forward to getting that money back and definitely app that I don’t have those JH the master collection brushes anymore because I don’t support her I don’t like her, I like the eyeshadow palette I have but it’s because it’s beautiful product. Looking forward to the rest of the week just because I like being optimistic. I did order a new iPad case so that when my mom and I figure out a lazy tablet holder, it will be protected. Anyway tonight I’m looking forward to getting a good nights sleep, hopefully Pink will not have a bad night like last night, we were up until almost 11 with shenanigans. Definitely looking forward to getting my two yarn drums that I ordered from Joann during primo days. Also started the canine blanket gift. Photos and further information will be posted later this week. Good Night

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Tuesday Morning

OK good morning, I just switched from #OneNote, over to #Evernote because there were some situations that I didn’t like with #OneNote- otherwise my day so far has been pretty damn good even though I am low on Bankroll, it’s worth it when I’m happy . By this time everyone knows that I can be a shopping addict when it comes to cosmetics and yarn and things that pertain to my hobbies or my entrepreneurial lifestyle. I am right now sitting at home with my kids watching television having my lemonade and contemplating my next move. I do this every day I just don’t always spill about it. This morning I added to the arsenal not intending to but I did. I am full of energy today and I am full of ideas for the blog. There are many articles that I’m going to upload and there are many opinions rattling around in my head. Last night the queen had some issues which kept us up until almost 11 PM so I had originally planned to stay home and be with her because today is actually the five year anniversary of her sisters passing. Being that my senior dachshund is 14 years old, I am aware of the lifespan today my plan is to hopefully finish the grape purple scarf and then figure out what’s next because my plans for the yarn I have on deck has changed. I also have the plan in my head for the canine blanket I am doing for a friend. Even though I complain about certain things where I live about politics and politics in general some days, I do love where I live because I have everything within 5 miles of my residence. So I’m going to sign off temporarily and get those articles rolling that I’ve seen that I want to post so I will talk to everyone later

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Monday’s JSC Beyond

OK my friends, on the heels of the JSC inventory in my collection, after I receive my BH cosmetics update I’m going to take a pause and look at what I have and then be very picky about adding additional items, I know that Jeffree is working on an autumn collection. Which I’m definitely interested in seeing what is included but I don’t know if that means I’m going to add to the collection but I will say I do love Jeffree’s amazing formulas. Since I published the last journal entry, I have seen Twitter explode with angry tweets about the president, I have said this already but if you are unhappy with Mr. Trump then you need to follow Pamela Anderson I think she is one smart woman. She followed through with a threat of moving to another country if Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States. Now if Mr. Trump wins 2020, I think we are going to have a lot of angry people and those people need to think about the fact that Congress and the house and the senate are really the ones passing these laws and Mr. President he is just signing the paperwork so if you are angry at anyone, it should be at the men and women in congress and in the house and the Senate. Also, I placed an order for another set of yarn drums from Joann’s but made by ArtBin. Speaking of my crafting abilities, I am almost finished with the grape purple scarf and I’m debating which project to start next because my dog blanket order has been approved so I need to get working on it. So all in all, it has been a very busy day. I’m going to sign off and maybe go to bed early we will see but it’s the end of this journal entry so until another time I’ve been adios mi amigos.