Mario Lopez Walks Back Remarks on Kids and Gender Identity | NBC4 Washington

Mario Lopez apologized Wednesday for telling conservative commentator Candace Owens that it’s “dangerous” and “alarming” for parents to honor the wishes of young children who identify with a gender other… — Read on

Mario Lopez gets backlash over comments on trans kids

Television personality Mario Lopez spoke to conservative talk show host Candace Owens about the “dangerous” practice of parents supporting the decisions of transgender children. — Read on

Morphe Extensions II

OK so I just posted an article on the blog about Jaclyn Hill, her cosmetics company is rumored to be a sister company of Morphe which doesn’t bother me because it really doesn’t matter in the sense that as a consumer we have the option to purchase or not purchase a particular product-just like withContinue reading “Morphe Extensions II”

Rant About CNN

Dear CNN, I don’t trust you I don’t like you-I hate the fact that you are so negative towards our president-your opinions are not important what is important is you report the facts of what the truth report the news-President Trump defending his attacks on Cummings, Baltimore?-Mr. Trump is the best president since Mr. BushContinue reading “Rant About CNN”

Morphe Extentions

Good afternoon everybody, just sitting here watching #MTV, Thinking about everything that is going on this weekend-Hurricane Jeffree was absolutely amazing and even though I did not get to see him in the flesh/in person, it’s just energizing that I was in the same room with him same building as him-today has been very interestingContinue reading “Morphe Extentions”