Active Shooter Near Home Depot In Midland, Texas; Up To 30 People Shot, Officials Say – Breaking911

Active Shooter Near Home Depot In Midland, Texas; Up To 30 People Shot, Officials Say – Breaking911 — Read on

Gunman at large in hijacked mail truck, ‘shooting at random people’ in Texas: Police

A gunman is at large in a hijacked mail truck and “shooting at random people” in Odessa, Texas, police warned. — Read on

KOP x Seawitchy

Good morning America and welcome to Saturday-it is Labor Day so I want to say thank you to every single red-blooded beautiful American citizen who puts their blood sweat and tears into making our country great again. Life is good at the moment and I am content with what’s happening now that I have emotionallyContinue reading “KOP x Seawitchy”

Miniature Horse And Goose Up For Adoption In Pa. Are A Packaged Deal | News Break

(CNN) — It’s a surprising interspecies friendship. Hemingway the farm goose and Waffles the miniature horse are not only roommates at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They’re inseparable. — Read on

Opinions + Oracle

OK so I’m sitting here knitting and relaxing with the three furbabies we’ve been getting texts from #DonaldTrump continuously, yes I voted for him-was it the right thing? At the time. I know there is not a live #LivePD until the middle of September but hey I’m watching the reruns anyway. Also, I am followingContinue reading “Opinions + Oracle”

#BH90210 X #Witchcraft

Good morning happy Friday, it is early in the morning I’m usually just getting up right now but I have been up since 5:30 because there’s been activity in the house.- I said in a Facebook post that I was going to do a brutally honest opinion blog which I am-as much as I loveContinue reading “#BH90210 X #Witchcraft”

In God We Trust

Good Evening, I just woke up from a necessary nap. Pink wants another meal which she will get as soon as I get up from my current situation. The first thing I thought of when I woke up was ”in God we trust ”, and yes I do but I also believe that there areContinue reading “In God We Trust”

Witchy Rambles

Lig dom tosú ar dtús trí an rá go raibh mé níos social ó thosaigh mé ag staidéar / ag foghlaim bulaíochta and I have acquired some definite knowledge that will be handy and I’m glad that I have multiple different platforms to gain my knowledge from between Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the App StoreContinue reading “Witchy Rambles”

August Ramblings N September Intentions

So yesterday was a lazy day for me, I spent the day in my pajamas I barely even put on make up but I needed it lazy day I stayed home all day I think. I got a lot of research done I got a lot of things planned in my head as I saidContinue reading “August Ramblings N September Intentions”