Influencer X Selling : Giraffe

OK so I am thinking about my influencer and promotions/reviews part of life and even though there are products I use that I do talk about, My ability to influence a sale of a product is limited because it takes two people to do a product sale-the seller and the buyer. Regardless of how goodContinue reading “Influencer X Selling : Giraffe”

An English Estate With an American Backstory Embarks on a New Journey – WSJ

The historic property outside London is home to Mayflower Barn, which is believed to be pieced together from the ship that carried the Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. — Read on

Ulta Commentary #NyxCosmetics Etc

OK so I’m in Ulta, and I had a fleeting thought about #NyxCosmetics I have The #SwearByIt eyeshadow palette, and I’m looking at but seriously debating because I don’t necessarily need the #ModernDreamer eyeshadow palette. The reason I don’t necessarily need it is I probably 99% chance have those colors in another palette or palettesContinue reading “Ulta Commentary #NyxCosmetics Etc”