Friday X My Self-Teaching

#SoonYou’llGetBetter, I am not a Taylor Swift/Dixie Chicks fan – I have spent most of the day knitting and researching different paths to journey down education wise because my mind is hungry for something new. I have always believed in God even though I have had a love-hate relationship with him because of situations I’veContinue reading “Friday X My Self-Teaching”

Morning/Afternoon Commentary

I was thinking about everything last night I got very frustrated with what’s going on in my hometown/Township-very upset about the fact that the municipality is not being honest with the residents that have if you’re our entire lives in most cases. I don’t like the fact that they are doing things behind our backContinue reading “Morning/Afternoon Commentary”

King of Prussia Mall: Here are the new stores coming this fall | News Break

It may only be August, but we’re already thinking ahead to autumn. While the leaves fall, new stores will be popping up at King of Prussia Mall (160 N. Gulph Road). Here’s a look at ten slated to open during the fall months. All information courtesy of the King of Prussia Mall website ( —Continue reading “King of Prussia Mall: Here are the new stores coming this fall | News Break”

Crafty Craziness N Beyond

OK so I wanted to come here and Release some energy, sometimes I am impulsive when I push something to social media and sometimes I kind of regret that impulsiveness because I don’t necessarily always think about others before I think about myself and what I want to get on my social media what kindContinue reading “Crafty Craziness N Beyond”

Ghost Nation ready to scare up ratings for Travel Channel’s Ghostober

Ghost Nation is their name and ghost hunting is their game. Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are back and ready for action on Travel Channel. — Read on