Frustration X Chakras #Neurodivergent / #Witchcraft

Good Evening, I had a prewritten piece ready to be posted but I ended up accidentally deleting it. Darn, it was a great read too. Anyway, the damn political bullshit in Washington & the Mercury Retrograde has messed up my emotional balance this week. I was lucky today though because I got to go shopping for some witchy stuff- another book of shadows & my chakra jewelry. I was in love with a rainbow chakra pendant from #NepalTibet Handcrafts for the past few days/weeks & I knew it was meant to be mine since nobody else had purchased it. Not only did I purchase/adopt the pendant, but I also fell in love with a beautiful chakra bracelet. I am very happy with the jewelry purchase. I am also very happy with my journey up to Spencers because I found a nice selection of Metaphysical books which many had previously caught my eye that I might be adding to my library. A witch of any genre can never have enough bibles/handbooks. I know i was gifted at least 12 in my first few days. I thought this was going to be a lengthier post but oh well. I’m going to log off & enjoy my evening with the pups.