Frustration X Chakras #Neurodivergent / #Witchcraft

Good Evening, I had a prewritten piece ready to be posted but I ended up accidentally deleting it. Darn, it was a great read too. Anyway, the damn political bullshit in Washington & the Mercury Retrograde has messed up my emotional balance this week. I was lucky today though because I got to go shopping for some witchy stuff- another book of shadows & my chakra jewelry. I was in love with a rainbow chakra pendant from #NepalTibet Handcrafts for the past few days/weeks & I knew it was meant to be mine since nobody else had purchased it. Not only did I purchase/adopt the pendant, but I also fell in love with a beautiful chakra bracelet. I am very happy with the jewelry purchase. I am also very happy with my journey up to Spencers because I found a nice selection of Metaphysical books which many had previously caught my eye that I might be adding to my library. A witch of any genre can never have enough bibles/handbooks. I know i was gifted at least 12 in my first few days. I thought this was going to be a lengthier post but oh well. I’m going to log off & enjoy my evening with the pups.

5-Year-Old With Autism Labeled Sexual Predator For Kissing A Classmate On The Cheek And Hugging Another | The Daily Wire

The current cultural movement that insists ill intent in many normal encounters continues to ensnare those with autism, who are unable to read the social cues of others. The family of 5-year-old Nathan Putnam says their son has been punished, β€œlabeled a sexual predator” and β€œaccused of sexual harassment” for hugging a classmate and kissing […]

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