Cosmetics And Opinions

OK friends, I have been thinking-I know that is a scary scary thought, especially on Halloween. I have been thinking very much about cosmetics and influencers on YouTube also on Twitter etc. and I have been voicing my opinion about Shane Dawson collaborating with Jeffree Star and why I am not going to be getting their collection. Just as I suspected or shall I say expected, the color story is basic and boring also these colors are colors that I pretty much am convinced I have in another brand or brand. I never really was a fan of Shane Dawson, I never really educated myself on him as an influencer because I am not a fan. From what I’ve seen with his collaboration W/Jeffree Star, I was skeptical from the very beginning I understand that Shane has apparently come up with the colors and names on its own but it also apparently takes over a year to put these collections together at least and that is respectable but with the entire beauty community I have seen a gaggle of similar color stories from different brands and it is discouraging even the new #TATIBeauty,Is Basic neutrals with several different finishes and apparently that is only volume one I’m disappointed that she can go out and make different choices with her freshman launch. I would’ve expected something more outgoing instead of basic bitch neutrals. I love #TooFacedCosmetics & I am an avid collector of their miniature pallets I probably have at least 99% of the miniatures-if I do not have one it is because it’s too similar or it isn’t available anymore and I can’t find it. There are products coming down the pipeline from different companies that I’m eager to see-I just saw that #ColourPopCosmetics is coming out with hyaluronic acid infused concealer and I swear by Hyaluronic Acid- I know that I am a spokes person/influencer of all products and I work with NuSkin But I have not been very successful quotes selling and networking” with the public. I do use some of the products I love them they have made me healthier but in all honesty I am not going to change products if there’s a specific line from a specific brand it is working for me I will stick with it I will promote that. Anyway with regard to Facebook and my band/jail sentence, I am out of jail and I am able to post on my account How much not just on my pages but I have decided that I’m going to maintain a low profile because I don’t know who or what bit me in the ass. I don’t think it was karma even if it was karma it was a blessing in disguise I believe. I do not agree with certain social media platforms that do not allow you to use your first amendment after all that is what my country was based on is the amendments or bill of rights. As I am dictating this post, I am knitting I am watching television and I am having my tea and speaking of tea and witches, yes I am one no I do not eat children no I do not worship the devil and I do not pray to Satan and I believe in God I believe in one nation under God but I also believe that we are allowed to warship whatever deities /higher power we choose as long as we are not harming others. In no way am I intending to offend anyoneAnd if it happens I am sorry. I appreciate all my friends family and followers, I am almost up to 300 on the website which is kick ass awesome with that I am going to sign off for now and work on what needs to be worked on.

Halloween Entry 1

Good morning and happy Halloween – I am working my buns off today because yesterday I didn’t feel so good. Little do people know, I do have mild asthma which I don’t really talk about because it doesn’t affect me every day like it does other people. Right now though, I am watching #GhostHunters, Because I didn’t feel well the last night-I didn’t get to watch the Penhurst Asylum investigation which aired last night along with the season finale of #GhostHunters. I’m looking forward to see the number to of #GhostHunters, just like I did not watch ghost hunters, I did not watch #DogsMostWanted which means that I did not watch that final episode with Mrs. Beth Chapman. Honestly even though I love the family, I do not like how they are profiting off her death and I say this because there is been an onslaught of merchandise, official merchandise that they are marketing as what I would call memorial/tributary. I pumped out at least three blogs articles this morning and I’m going to continue, I’m just saying that the house which is divided, A house divided about the impeachment investigation of the president-I know impeachment doesn’t mean removed from office it just means that he’s being incriminated or something like that indicted is the word I’m looking for indicted. I am not a fan of the Democrats I’ve made that obvious I’m not a fan of any politician who does wrong in their power so to speak “power” – I’m totally against the way some townships/ villages/boroughs are being screwed up. Why can’t we just leave our communities as they were as long as it’s moving smoothly why fix something that is not technically broken just I am not a fan of the Democrats I’ve made that obvious I’m not a fan of any politician who does wrong in their power so to speak “power“-I am totally against the way some townships/villages/boroughs are being screwed up. Why can’t we just leave our communities as they were as long as it’s moving smoothly why fix something that is not technically broken just because Because there’s a politician that wants it a different way. If it isn’t broken don’t do a damn thing to it. I speak like this because I don’t like what’s going on in my hometown I have made that clear I I am very unhappy with my local government but on the other hand I am very happy that we did not sell the solar system like the Democrats wanted. Funny thing happened the other day, there was a knock at my door and a friend of the incumbent candidate handed me a pamphlet of the “accomplishment”-yeah? Not getting my vote sweetheart. I’d vote for the candidate not the party but it’s which candidate I feel is best appropriate for the job and she was not the candidate that I wanted in the job. Yes I am Going to vote with my designated party affiliation. I’ve also been thinking about my spirituality my religion just me lately and regardless of what people think how people feel, I am going to do what makes me feel good and what makes me go through life easier. I believe in God but I also believe in anything that helps my mental health and if that includes the craft so be it. So with that I am going to bed you farewell until my next overloaded brain session I love you and thank you for reading.

Facebook X Trump Etc

Dear friends, I am hanging out with my kids and working on crafting. Call me crazy, but I actually have had enough text messages from the President so I actually reported him as spam considering that actually texts me on a regular basis. I know it’s sad but true & honestly, it is aggravating. So, even though I was able to post on my master Facebook twice, it’s apparently blocking me from updating status. Other than that, I am able to do everything else. I’m not going to be staying on Facebook on a regular basis but all the sudden I can randomly post. Today I have been working on the knitting and and ignoring most things so I keep my head in the game. My emotional support companions have been amazing today as they are every day. There are definitely things more important than Facebook. Granted Facebook is a great thing to keep me in the loop with family. I am purging people from life. Blocking the text messages from the president is also going to relief some stress. Just reading tweets about the wildfires on the west coast does not look good. I have decided that I am going to expand my home gym to include yoga equipment I know this is a jumbled mess of entry but it is what it is.