Monday Update

Blessed morning everybody, I am kicking ass in the productive category today-already got one and a half cups of coffee under my belt probably more before the day is out but it’s going to be a positive day I know it because none of the bullshit is going to penetrate my positive vibes. I checked in with Starbucks, apparently the Rockies are charging me for coconut milk which is a no-no anyhow management is going to take care of that because apparently their messages are getting shredded. I am going to work on my gradient knitting project today also keep my head in the clouds birthdays on Facebook because Facebook is evil when it comes to drama and I’m blessed to be able to have other outlets where I can get what I need I don’t #NeedFacebook. Anyway I have created a Tumblr account and attached it to my Twitter which was or is still attached to my Facebook account and I have tried to post on Facebook but it still says fuck you that’s fine fuck you do anyway I have created a Tumblr account and attached it to my Twitter which was or is still attached to my Facebook account and I have tried to post on Facebook but it still says fuck you and that’s fine fuck you too. Zuckerberg

Is a dictator he tells us what we canning cannot do and that bullshit in this century and he is totally shadow banning etc. people who have the freedom of speech just because someone else gets butt hurt about something doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to say it. If you get butt hurt by something I’m saying #SorryButImNotSorry. Anyway without Facebook I am having a fancy-free day working on my knitting etc. did I mention that the Starbucks situation was a rookie mistake. Did I just say something about an establishment in Oklahoma saying abortion access is love? Access to abortion is fucking murder there is no reason to have an abortion under the “healthcare banner“ there are no benefits to an abortion. If you are not willing to raise a child, please this child for adoption, give the child a chance to have a better life. Have an awesome day

Coffee, Tea Or Me etc

#CoffeeTeaOrMe, as I have been posting mini vids On my platforms, I am realizing how evil and negative Facebook can actually be even though our use it to keep up with the Kardashians! Not really, I have Facebook to keep up with my interests and my family/friends and I have Said this many times in the past that I wish that my life off-line was as “entertaining” as it is online-Granted today is not one of those busy days because I have not gotten very many personal messages-that’s OK though I made it through the day-I am following still the bullshit and the crazy that is politics and it’s really depressing , Stressful also aggravating as fuck. Today was a good day socially in real life and it was also a good day paranormal speaking for me because I think one of my angels came to me in an apparition that was only visual by an extra Snapchat filter that unfortunately I did not get on film. Sometimes I can get them on film sometimes I cannot and when I say film I mean digital record ends I have put on the back burner many items that I wanted to purchase because I am trying to figure out if I really need them in my arsenal when it comes to Cosmetics. When it comes to the magic, I definitely need more material-I just saw that Jane Fonda and Ted Danson we’re both arrested I can guarantee you it’s something annoyingly political where the liberals or once again miss guided in fact I saw something in the circular file where I believe it was a political attack and I am very close to getting out of politics even though I love serving my community I believe the politics in my neighborhood are the devil. I wasn’t meaning for this to be a political rant but as life would have it it happened that way. I would have liked this entry to be about my social media exposure or lack there of lately but on a more personal note my dogs are relaxing with me and I couldn’t be happier I can when I think about a regular relationship with another human do I want one yes but do I want one no. Do I like having humans to talk to Absolutely. And I am seeing some posts from conservatives with regard to religion thing that Jesus is Lord yes he is Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior but for some of us who believe in Jesus Christ and other higher powers sometimes get annoyed with people throwing their religion around I actually did a brief Snapchat video about how annoying as fuck these people can be when they throw their own opinions down your throat when I am subjected to someone else’s religion or beliefs that may or may not align with mine at this time I get very annoyed. But then again-I am fucking annoyed with other people coming to my country and wanting it to be like their country which they fled for religious beliefs or they fled for humanitarian beliefs or Humanitarian safety. Anyway honestly I didn’t know this was going to be a rant post but I am now relaxing and happy because I got all that shit out of my head, by the way, last nights 4 cups of coffee didn’t let me go to sleep until about 11:30 PM which was later than the queen wanted to go to bed I think she wanted to go to bed at 8:30 PM. Usually, she has me up until 11. So I don’t know what time I’m going to bed tonight even though a nap seems really really really tempting. I did not get a nap yesterday but I don’t think it’s necessary today – I just got home a little while ago from my errands I did indeed get a new phone case that is capable of charging wirelessly-I don’t know if I’m going to get the charge pad or not but it’s an option now and I did charge at the Apple Store just to test case. Today is going to be a crafting day but it was interesting to have the morning out and about with the Halloween chaos happening. By the way if you are planning to stay overnight at any Morphe location on Halloween because you want to be the first bitch that gets the new Shane Dawson collection – think again because it is not happening you are not going to be able to sleep at the King of Prussia Mall or any other location because security will not allow that. Anyway I am going to log off for the day and I’m still in Facebook jail but we all know that I don’t give a shit anymore because Facebook is not my life surprisingly so adios for now and blessed be all my fellow witches.

Short Thought

Dear Family, Friends & Follows- on Tuesday I apparently upset somebody somehow & Zuckerberg brought down the ban hammer. No, I don’t know what the offense was but I am blessed to have friends who have been in jail before so they were able to give a little information about being a social media jailbird. The good news is that most likely my sentence is 3-5 days but I am not sure if I am going to return to the platform straight away. I am actually exploring different avenues of communication between myself and my fans. I have over 200 followers here but also have over 400 on Instagram if I add up my three accounts. I do enjoy social networking but I am beginning to think that the universe is trying to get a message to me that Facebook isn’t the only spotlight I should be in. So I am jumping around the plethora of platforms I have to see where I fit in. Until later my friends I bid you farewell.

BH90210-My Tumblr

So this was my favorite or one of my favorite episodes of the miniseries #BH90210 I know there have been people saying that they want a season two. People do not understand that the revival was slated for one season forsix episodes and that was it. Granted we have seen videos from the cast saying that we the fans need to petition for a second season with the #RenewBH90210. People have gone as far as finding an address for some head honchos of fox TV. In my opinion I do not think that it is wise or appropriate to harass a television network – because let’s be honest, the ratings kept nosediving every episode and if I were a network advisor I would look at the ratings and say is this something that I want to have on my station even though #FoxIsHome to #BeverlyHills90210. I love the cast and I loved the episodes for the most part but I believe it ran it’s course. Most scripted television drives me absolutely fucking insane now and I honestly cannot stand certain stations certain shows etc. But I love my actors and I will support them with that said, God bless you, Aaron Spelling, may you rest in peace and you will never be forgotten for being part of my childhood and would you please say hello to our beloved Luke Perry thank you both for being part of my childhood.

Rambling Chaos

Good afternoon, I am in the middle of my first jail sentence from Facebook-it took me a little while to realize what the fuck is going on why I couldn’t post on my main account-apparently somebody probably got butt hurt about something I said but I don’t really give two shits and I am very fortunate to have multiple accounts on various platforms that I can utilize. Right now I am watching live PD I am also knitting -I’m going to do some reading in a little bit. I got my exercise in this morning after some exuberant amounts of coffee and some knitting. I am almost finished with the scarf I am working. I also have an idea to do a chakra project. I am working on a vera gated radiant project with another brand and I was also able to get in some cosmetics photos education this morning with a friend so I am very happy even though Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole. I do not have any official information about my Facebook fan/jail but one of my good friends who have known for probably six years on mine is unfortunately a career Facebook criminal by no fault of Ruth it is just the liberal media doesn’t like the conservative voice so she told me it was probably a 3 to 5-day ban since I am able to comment and like and utilize my fan pages. Anyway, it’s an awesome day in the neighborhood so thanks Mother Nature. I commented on Instagram and elsewhere that I am on the fence with regard to the latest release from LunarBeauty also Shane Dawson + Jeffree Star. I am not completely educated on Shane Dawson so I don’t quite understand his personality. Aside from that, I am not convinced that the palette is not a replica color story. Speaking of replica color story, James Charles mini palette is just a cash grab. Anyway I have been thinking about my Facebook jail sentence, I am actually taking this as a sign from the universe that I need to step back and reevaluate my priorities. My priority is to keep my sanity and keep myself ground . Since I do have access to my fan pages and other account, I am going to post a closed for business/vacation photo on my main account and not bother with it for the time being I was going to stay for the indefinite future but doubtful that that would happen. I am working tonight, I finished this far I am now working on a gradient project Lord only knows how this will turn out. So the other reason I’m staying up tonight besides the 4 cups of coffee, there is a special episode of live rescue on at 11 PM-let’s see if I’m awake at that hour, knowing my canine pals I probably will be but in what capacity I do not know-whether I will still be alert and communicative or if I will be cuddled up with the phone off. Anyway tomorrow I am going to continue my video updates and my blogging + my crafting. Zuckerberg/Twitter dude, I don’t care about you because you are liberal pieces of shit and you are in a party that doesn’t value the true American citizen. Before I go on a rant I’m going to shut this blog entry down because I don’t wanna stress out. Not stressing out is why my blogs have not been as plentiful lately because some if not all the crap going on in the world has invaded my sanity. My sanity is more important than any fucking topic on this planet so until later I’m out of here.