Day Of The Dead X My Birthday

Good Morning y’all, it’s finally the Day Of The Dead which is also my birthday. Today I opted for a day off just to have to myself. I am definitely going to grab my #MoonSpell and do some research on other things I want to get eventually. The drama in the beauty community is absolutely unnecessary and in my opinion, is going to make the final decision for me on what gets added to the arsenal and what doesn’t. Drama either makes me want something or not want something. Very happy to be getting my witchy library update in a few days. Furthermore, I am going to be doing more Harry Potter research because falling between two houses isn’t unheard of just very rare. So I’m home finally had been earlier but didn’t bother to update. I had Popeyes chicken for lunch and also a birthday cake. Strawberry funfetti W/aqua funfetti icing. I did bring home some Morphe goodies plus an awesome Harry Potter binder. I know that I am late to the party with regard to Harry Potter, but with everything, I am late on the discovery. Sometimes I ask myself what if I would’ve known sooner could I have done something better but then I think it is what it is and I’ve done what I’ve done when it’s time to be done. I am enjoying my day it’s been a little wacky I will admit. Shopping this morning was fun, I got my #Moonspell & I also picked up two cans of setting spray which was necessary because I hate running out of products. I am looking into different Harry Potter memorabilia/stationery etc. what drives me nuts about somethings is the price point no matter where you find whatever nine times out of ten, it’s overpriced. It’s hard to believe that I feel like this entry is over because I’ve said everything I needed to say in the past couple entries so I’m going to end this and go pick up the knitting needles. God bless you and don’t forget to pray for your ancestors and those who have gone before you.

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