Several Injured In 2-Alarm Fire At KOP Apartments | Norristown, PA Patch

Major Fire At KOP Apartment Building – Norristown, PA – A powerful late night fire at a King of Prussia apartment building Wednesday left numerous residents and first responders injured.
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ReWrite Of Crazytrain

Dear Friends, I had been in the process of uploading a lengthy blog when it evaporated & I was rather frustrated as it was quite detailed from my thought process over the past few weeks. Nothing upsets me more than losing a document that I’ve worked on for a long time. It was all my anxiety-ridden thoughts. If I can remember a few things, I had been frustrated with a smorgasbord of bullshit happening in Facebook groups, specifically my witchcraft teaching/instructional covens. I am very lucky to have my author friends who I can lean on when necessary, I’ve learned that there are some in the Wiccan/Pagan community who are not so understanding of the Neurodivergent learning process. So anyhow, I don’t like being lied to, etc, so I left the group, coincidentally I found a new to me group that focuses more on spells, crystals, etc. I haven’t posted as of yet but did comment. It’s nice to know that there are some other neurodivergent learners. In recent weeks, there’s been some crazy stuff happening in the celebrity world along with the big bad nasty world. Between the bullshit politics and crazy terrorism all over the map. There is one incident in particular that upset me was a now-deleted comment on twitter from Halsey. She was born after the first World Trade Center attack – Her most recent release got negative reviews from a music critic whose offices are located in the basement is located in the new world trade center – the tweet was washing that the building in which housed the agency would collapse! Excuse me, lil ignorant bitch, you just called for the WTC to collapse again- OMG, was I outraged because I have personal ties to WTC-2001. Any apologies made by Halsey aren’t good enough for me since she’s from New Jersey. The bigger story of the week is going to take over 2020, the untimely and tragic passing of Kobe Bean Bryant. I remember the first breaking news of the aircraft down in Calabasas, my first thought was who the fuck would be flying under such awful weather conditions. During my initial thoughts, I didn’t necessarily think it was a celebrity involved aircraft accident. The first outlet to pick up the story was TMZ, and I waited for a few other outlets to break until I posted the article. I am still keeping tabs on the story and posting whatever is waranted. Back a few weeks ago I got an erroneous report from LA Fitness that I was supposedly back to the dangerous pre-diabetic stage of life because of my BMI level. Well according to my dr, I am in perfect health with all good levels of everything, there’s zero chance of LAF being able to know jackshit about diabetic levels w/o doing a blood test which I thought I was getting yesterday- thankfully unnecessary. All the more reason, I am happy that I have my home gym. I don’t have all the big expensive fancy equipment, but I have yoga equipment and weights which are amazing. Anyway, the rest of my day is going to be spent working on my various projects. Come February, I have the intention of starting to conserve my money, only buying the necessary items.