Simon Cowell Hospitalized With Broken Back After Falling Off Electric Bicycle | Hollywood Reporter

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Kim Kardashian Flies to Wyoming to See Kanye West

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Why One School Is Turning To Outdoor Classrooms Amid Coronavirus | Wheaton, IL Patch

Why One School Is Turning To Outdoor Classrooms… – Wheaton, IL – “When there’s a lot of stress and chaos in the world, we find that it’s really helpful to be out in nature,” Brenna McLachlan said. — Read on

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s layoffs are latest sign of decline. Long live Comcast SportsNet | Mike Sielski

The network could have been the dominant sports media force in the Philadelphia market. It has instead been ruined by corporate shortsightedness and bad decision-making. — Read on

Detroit Lions Release 6 Players | News Break

Prior to the start of training camp, the Detroit Lions decided to begin their workout regiment with 90 players, while splitting the roster. The decision to split the roster meant separating the rookies from the veteran players. “We did try to do that and split those guys up mostly by… — Read on

Florida’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim Identified as 9-Year-Old Kimora ‘Kimmie’ Lynum

Kimora “Kimmie” Lynum was described as a “jovial, fun-loving, and free-spirited 9-year-old child” who had no pre-existing health conditions — Read on

At least 879 people have been sickened in a salmonella outbreak linked to onions sold at grocery stores including Walmart and Kroger | News Break

At least 879 people in the US and Canada have been sickened in a salmonella outbreak linked to onions from Thomson International. Thomson International is recalling all onions shipped since May 1. They’re sold in grocery stores including Kroger and Walmart and were sent to all 50 states. Customers, restaurants,… — Read on

People report receiving seeds from China in the mail, MDARD says don’t plant them | WEYI

MICHIGAN, (WPBN/WGTU) — If you’ve received seeds in the mail, don’t plant them. Across the United States and including right here in Michigan, people have reported receiving unsolicited packages containing seeds from China in the mail. Now, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is warning residents who receive these packages not to openContinue reading “People report receiving seeds from China in the mail, MDARD says don’t plant them | WEYI”

Garth Brooks Reveals Daughter Allie Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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Herman Cain Took Coronavirus Seriously, Friend Insists

“This is such a partisan age and people get defined by where they stood on the political spectrum and I’m sure a lot of people will define Herman in that way — that was so much not who he was,” the friend says — Read on