Wednesday Gathering

Good morning family, I am just finishing up with my beauty haul at King of Prussia. I got my paws on everything I needed. My metaphysical store is relocating in the mall so I have to figure that out but I’m happy we still have it. Going to go home and get some knitting done-IContinue reading “Wednesday Gathering”

Pre-Written Intentions

Hello and welcome to Wednesday, I am pre-writing this on Tuesday evening because I want to be certain that I have a blog journal entry on this day. I am looking forward to #DogsMostWanted and going shopping today and I have to make a stop into Sephora for the #TooFacedCosmetics #PeachesAndCream eyeshadow palette titled #PalmSpringsContinue reading “Pre-Written Intentions”

A Witch’s Bible

Very excited to announce that I have ordered the following book also I got the notice this morning that it shipped… crazy but understandable that it’s going to take two weeks to arrive but with the hurricane season upon us I understand-it is coming from Florida and I am going to go to the bookstoreContinue reading “A Witch’s Bible”

Double Day Journal

Hello, I am relaxing with pups watching DTBH & enjoying the evening. I have my plans for Wednesday morning but in the meantime, I am going to do everything I find needs to be done. Today, I spent a lot of time doing errands and housework I was cuddling with the pups and following theContinue reading “Double Day Journal”

KOP x Seawitchy

Good morning America and welcome to Saturday-it is Labor Day so I want to say thank you to every single red-blooded beautiful American citizen who puts their blood sweat and tears into making our country great again. Life is good at the moment and I am content with what’s happening now that I have emotionallyContinue reading “KOP x Seawitchy”

Opinions + Oracle

OK so I’m sitting here knitting and relaxing with the three furbabies we’ve been getting texts from #DonaldTrump continuously, yes I voted for him-was it the right thing? At the time. I know there is not a live #LivePD until the middle of September but hey I’m watching the reruns anyway. Also, I am followingContinue reading “Opinions + Oracle”

#BH90210 X #Witchcraft

Good morning happy Friday, it is early in the morning I’m usually just getting up right now but I have been up since 5:30 because there’s been activity in the house.- I said in a Facebook post that I was going to do a brutally honest opinion blog which I am-as much as I loveContinue reading “#BH90210 X #Witchcraft”