Report: Red Sox Expected to Hire Amaro as 1B Coach

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OK so I just saw this report on #TeamStream when the alert came across my phone I nearly fell over-for any team to hire Ruben Amaro must be desperate for help because the Phillies got rid of this dingbat. Good luck Boston and better luck to the Red Sox fans because I’m afraid you’re going to need it

Report: Red Sox Expected to Hire Amaro as 1B Coach


Illinois HS football player dies following game – NY Daily News

#HighSchoolFootball #PlayerDiesFollowingGame #NewYorkDailyNews #Illinois
My question here is why is the New York daily news reporting a story that happened in the state of Illinois? I’m surprised I have yet to find this in any Chicago area news paper or tweet.

Illinois HS football player dies following game – NY Daily News

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#SaturdayAtTheSpeedwayWe are sitting here watching television and relaxing w/the space heater and the second cup of coffee which I’m sure isn’t going to be the final cup. I’m definitely happy in my own skin lately because I’ve definitely found my healthy eating pattern-plan….. I’m not going to diet or deny myself any foods anymore because that’s just not normal.. I think I said that I am not going anyplace special this weekend which is fine because i love being able to eat healthy. So i’m still watching the #NascarTrucks race, not totally understanding who’s who but definitely having a nice afternoon while listening to Kevin Harvick & Michael Waltrip. Speaking of MW, i’m definitely looking forward to see him on track tomorrow.. My big question of the weekend hasn’t been answered yet. Who will be singing the national anthem for the #CampingWorld500? I know that my friend Eric Church is going to be the pace car driver…. As for my #TripleNation, I’m definitely nervous about who’s going or not going to have a bad day tomorrow. Will update later 🙂