#YankeeCandle Tart Collection Additions

Here we are again, it’s a kinda nice day in Philadelphia, I have my YankeeCandle Tart Melter on. I retrieved the shipment from the mailbox this morning and the 7 tarts arrived, fairly safely. Juicy Peach is a lil damaged but it’s a melt so it’s not that big of a deal.

TailgateHigh Hits Backs Himself Into The Wall

I never thought I’d be writing about an unsigned country artist befriends you and then unfriends you all in about two weeks. Well that’s what happened with ReverbNation Artist GannonAdams, I don’t even remember how I got to talking to him but that will not be happening anymore since I don’t know what happened to cause him to unfriend/unfollow me on Twitter when all I did was promote his music and be nice to him. He’s associated with Jason Aldean so I’m wondering if the nastiness is rubbing off on Gannon,Jason’s father is Gannon’s manager. I’m not happy about this but at least it has happened before I put my money out to purchase the album which was released at 11:00pm last night. And I have every right to write this story about the event because my blog is about me & my life. Eventhough this happened I’m definitely not going to allow it to ruin my day/week/month/year or

Life because todo that is absolutely stupid. Enough with that mess. #MovingOn 

Catfishing Catfish + Beyond

Spending my day with my little girl and watching various programs on various stations. And I have decided that I wanted to compose an entry about one of my favorite programs on MTV. catfish is in it’s 4th season and I’m addicted to this only because it’s interesting to see what people have for “excuses for not meeting someone who they’ve been communicating with online. I know that there’s an uber number of scammers/liars out there which is totally the reason I decided to remove myself from 99% social media networks. I have had small situations that I’ve been catfished but never fell for any long enough to embarrass myself thankfully. The episode of the show that I just finished watching was where two women who’ve never met in person before yet had been communicating over the telephone and video message the last few years. In a twisted way they managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Max + Nev. The real reason that they were unable to meet in person and required assistance from MTV/Catfish  was purely monetary. Thankfully everything worked out for the best in the end. 


So I’m sitting here in bed with the blankets on thinking about the day, pretty good,got things done and didn’t over eat. Looking forward to tomorrow when I can get out with a friend for dinner & have some fun. I had to star another Twitter account because my feeds were clogged. It’s necessary for me to be able to see what happens in this nutty ole world if I’m supposed to be a blogger. I have to have access to the stories whether I like them or not. 

Friday Morning Thoughts

Good Morning, it is like a soft day in Ireland but I’m in Philadelphia. Still hurting from yesterday’s boomtime but it definitely feels great to know that I have started my attempt at eating healthier. I know it’s not easy for me but I have the desire to get into better shape before I get too old. I have discovered the wonderful world of KindSnacks. A delicious and satisfying food without giving the bloating side affects.   

What I’m Thinking #Life

Another day is almost over and I have to say that I am enjoying my life without stress. Since I made the decision to delete some social networks from my life I’m not being subjected to drama and crazy situations where people think that they have the right to treat women like trash. Just because someone signs up to be a member of a social community doesn’t mean that or gives permission to men to ask whatever send whatever or do whatever they want. The majority of the social communities that I used to love-I have grown to hate because the majority of the males are either pigs,playboys or looking for a handout + I’m so not going to be providing any of what they are looking for. Eventhough I am single, I am happy with my life because I have fairly cool social connections. My social circle maybe small but I’d rather have true friends rather than people just being nice every now and then. 

Random Thoughts About @TheYankeeCandle

So I’m just relaxing after a long day on the go & decided that it would be a great time to check in with some random thoughts. I definitely got some good exercise in at the mall,avoiding the guilty pleasure snacks that I could have but didn’t get. Also didn’t get any Tart WaxMelts from The YankeeCandle eventhough I could have easily gotten some that I don’t already have. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably have almost at least one of each of the scents in the Tart Line. There are some that are only available in the large jars that I wish were available in tarts.