After Midnight

Once again I’m awake at an hour that I should not be,I don’t understand why this happens every time I promise myself that I’m going to get the full night of sleep that is needed. There’s some things that I want to say about my experiences in life that need to be said just not quite sure how rightnow. So I guess it’s going to be my first tobe continued piece 

Steve Byrnes Interview @Nascar @SteveByrnes12

I just wanted to share this: whenever something negative happens to someone in the community, we all forget about competition and just come together as family. We are all praying for you Steve ❤️

A Few Random Thoughts

Just sitting here and thinking about what a gloomy day it is weather wise but there are definitely better to come our way. Got my exercise in and now I just want to go back to sleep lol. 
I did pick up a few new tarts to add to the collection,also learned how to remove melted tart from warmer. >>>take a plastic knife + go around the edges. Also went into Buildabear,there are some new critters but I have other things that I need to put my money towards rightnow. 

Just Thinking

Okay so I’m just relaxing and watching television and thinking about the day which is soon to be over,I’m very happy to know that the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect has been found guilty on all 30 counts. I’m very thankful that I’ve got wonderful social media connections. 

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