Random Thoughts On A Sunday

I’ve been meaning to compose an article about social networking sites but never got around to it until now. As of right now I am not a member of any kind of “dating or social sites ‘ because I don’t like the way they have all turned into “hook-up/one night stand/friends with benefits orgies. I am single and if I find a person who has genuine interest for a relationship,I may decide to change my mind. I am happy with just having the basic networking sites because all I do anymore is follow the news and events in the world. I don’t watch network newscasts,I only watch reality programs and I’ve self taught myself on many different topics. I maynot be book smart but I’m street smart and know enough to make my way through life without too much trouble. Now the reason I left the social-dating sites is because there were too many scammers and catfish. I was tired of being stressed out over stupid shit. I know that this entry is totally random but it’s been in my head and had to be spit out 

Until later. 

My Thoughts About 4/26 SprintCup event @RIRInsider

So I’m sitting here relaxing with the dog and watching television, I had mentioned earlier today on my WP blog that I’m very proud of Kurt Busch for winning the Toyota Owners 400 over at Richmond International Raceway. Even though Joey Logano had the pole position for the event,I was extremely happy that he didn’t win the race. I do have my reasons for not liking Joey,there are just things about him that I cannot put up with. 

With Regard to the Kyle Busch situation and the 18 car,I support the green drivers having the opportunity of driving in the big leagues because they are the drivers who will be replacing the current drivers when they end up retiring. Speaking of retirement,it’s that final year for Jeff Gordon,which I kinda like eventhough I don’t quite know what #Nascar willbe with out him. Speaking of without,it’s the first week of being with out Steve Byrnes. Definitely a somber time for everyone. Considering that I lost my dad to cancer,I totally understand the emotional trauma that Bryson and Karen are going through. I’m not going to tell my story right now but believe that I have totally been in their shoes. 
Enough for now,I bid you farewell #HaveAnAwesomeNight

My Day In Review: #Nascar + #RandomThoughts

Today I was going to spend lounging around w/my sweetheart but instead, a friend invited me out, we went to brunch and then a little shopping. The mall was absolutely jammed, reminded me of why I don’t usually venture over there on the weekends. I got myself a Trenta tea from Starbucks. Half Black + Half Green, not sure if they put the sweetener in, but it’s drinkable.. Came home to my sweet baby & the final laps of the ToyotaOwners400 at RichmondInternationalRaceway. An event where Joey Logano had the pole position but thankfully did not turn out victorious. The winner of this race was Stewart-Haas driver Kurt Busch. I’m happy that the 41 team was able to prevail considering all the crazy bullshit he has gone through in his personal life. Oh and fyi, I’m becoming addicted to periscope which is a twitter live video broadcasting app, love having the insider access to places that sometimes or sometimes not the public is allowed, I’m thankful for my media connections.

WordPress Virgin #TheNouvaeuStar/2PalmKeyLime

Lastnight i had trouble falling asleep because there was so much shit going through my mind. I was thinking about how much I wanted to write a blog on the situation in Baltimore about Freddie Gray, but then I read an article about how he passed, it was indeed because of Police error. An error in which they shouldn’t have made. So with that in mind, I am refraining from composing an article. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the rescheduled event at Richmond International Raceway: I will definitely be tuned into Fox at 1pm for the ToyotaOwners400. I’ll be back later with another update. Until then, we send you well wishes and blessings.

Summary Of Thoughts #BruceJenner

Last night I was following the interview with Bruce through Twitter and I wasn’t going to watch it but I decided to turn on the set. I found it very interesting and informative for all of us. It’s amazing how very nice the man is without all the drama of the Kardashian women around. I think what’s he’s doing is very brave. The fact that he was open with every thing & be able to tell his story is awesome. I maynot be a fan of his but I am a fan of everyone being happy with their lives. If he’s happier with his life being more feminine that’s great. 

Gloomy Weather Thursday

So I’m finally relaxing at home on the sofa with my other half aka my dachshund girl. Par usual we are watching television while we have before bed snacks. The weather is definitely not exactly what we’d like to have this time of the year, it’s April and we’re back to extra blankets. Yeah I got my two hour exercise over at the mall where I updated our YankeeCandle WaxMelts collection. I don’t know if I should be admitting that I have at least one of each tart in the store.  I also have some of the online exclusive and international tarts. I maybe back later this evening with another entry