CXP-About Me & My Website

dear readers, 

I am a republican female who decided to start publishing my thoughts about anything + everything that comes my way, I don’t think that there needs to be a specific genre for my blog only because topics can jump all around. I share stories from my social media friends and also write/publish my own material. I am furtunate enough to lead the kind of lifestyle where I cando basically whatever I want todo. When I write or share something, I do my best to look at both sides of the issue and make my best attempt to make a neutral story out of whatever it is.Okay so people are probably going to ask me what I mean by bicurious, I have always found both guys and gals attractive. Have I had any experiences with a woman? No, would I have relations with a woman? Doubtful but that doesn’t mean that I am not allowed have the pleasure of looking at them.

6-26-15 I am proud that my country now recognizes all marriages,no matter your gender or orientation #LoveWins


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