Crazy Busy & Chaos

Life’s always busy lately and unless I’m sleeping or spending quiet time with my furbabies, there’s no such thing as relaxing. I know I have been kinda complaining about my uncle etc but I’m not going to be a complainer unless the situation is driving me insane. Ever since they’ve arrived, my life has been turned upside down & sideways. I’ve always enjoyed living at home surprisingly but lately I’ve been really agitated about it. There’s very little space of my own anymore, because of the fact that my uncle & his dog do almost anything they want at any time of day/night. I love going out to the mall on a frequent basis but because of the stress and anxiety from my uncle who makes me feel practically uncomfortable with even speaking freely I’ve been doing retail therapy too much. Honestly, I can not afford to burn through my paycheck in 2 weeks then have very little for the end of the month. I’m very thankful to be a member of the shopping community called Poshmark but at the same time, the fact that the money goes there or to eBay is insane! I have been thinking about possibly the idea of selling my knitwear online etc but for the remainder of the year, I’m going to be working on donation only.

Come January, I have a plan to upgrade the website because, with my expansion of ideas, I could be able to post photos and video. I am also going to be killing the BlogSpot account permanently. Focusing on this website and posting directly from the content. Like 99% of my posts, this is going to be cut short because I’m exhausted. So please stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry.


Body of man reported missing in Orange Village found |

ORANGE VILLAGE, Ohio – The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has identified a body found by Cleveland Metroparks Rangers as a man who had been reported missing in November. Thomas Short Jr. arrived in Orange around November 18.
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