Thursday Thoughts

Good morning and happy Thursday, I just got finished at the gym-a place I have not been in a few days because of drama that I didn’t want to participate in an energy I didn’t want to be in so I took a mental health break. Absolutely wonderful to be able to go back-I do have alternatives available next year which I don’t know if I’m going to partake in or not Time will tell. I just stopped in at duck donuts for a breakfast sandwich because I realized that I needed something to stoke my fires during this cold day – I am going to browse at Ulta to see what they have. Definitely excited for my BH cosmetics coming shortly I did order my triple witch collection of Samantha, Serena & Tabitha. Also I ordered one of the 16 pan eyeshadow palettes. I’m loving the holiday sales all over the place. Going into Ulta was definitely interesting and educational because I had a great discussion about the chaos of LAFitness – I am not the only one who has been put under pressure from the employees to sign up for the personal training program.  Frustrating as hell because I don’t want to be stressed out thinking about the gym. Anyway, I got a freebie at Ulta when it comes to my skincare, hello Pacifica Beauty Crystal Youth, how ya doing? Well, I definitely did a lot of extra spending the past few months but the holiday shopping season is in full swing. I never thought I was going to getting so many metaphysical goodies in the past weeks. Anyway, with all that said, I just joined Barnes and Noble and grabbed another book for the collection. . So in closing, I appreciate everybody’s patience and tolerance of me lately – I will check in later in another journal entry I’m guessing whenever I have something else to say that is not a news article.

Phoenixville-area water systems sold for $3.5M to Aqua Pennsylvania | Local News |

BRYN MAWR — Aqua America announced Wednesday that its Pennsylvania subsidiary has completed the purchase of three municipal water systems previously served by the Phoenixville Borough water system, totaling 535
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Wednesday Rambling

So Tuesday night I decided to downloaded Google Docs because I was frustrated with other drafting programs. I was thinking about many things including my craft and other things. I have been acquiring Several worry stones lately, sometimes I forget the names of them by the time I get home but I’m always able to look it up. Today is one of those days that I got a “mystery stone“ and it is likely to be an agate end it is smoky grey and that’s about all I know right now but I also got my rose quartz which I needed. also this morning I went into the mall to do my exercise-brought my own coffee which was nice of course because I like saving money when I can especially on a high spending month which qualifies November and December because of birthdays and holidays in general. I stopped at Morphe where I thought I was going to get something from Manny Gutierrez, little did I know that I would be romanced by the limited PRIDE eyeshadow palette. which returned for a short time at the price of $20 which is a steal because it is such a beautiful large selection of color. Also I grabbed a concealer because you always can have extra concealer and foundation on hand and last night I had tried to make a purchase online with #BHCosmetics, my purchase did not go through but it charged my credit card-I didn’t let that happen Long called my credit card company and they reversed the charges by this morning and I was able to go back and complete the purchase. I got what I am the “BewitchedCollection“, Samantha, Serena, and Tabatha; All liquid linen lip color I also got one of the mini palettes because, for some reason with some brands, I like to collect the mini palettes.  So with that said I know that Manny Gutierrez is coming out with his collaboration and I thought I was going to purchase it but when I saw the color story I was not impressed just like I was not impressed with the color story of conspiracy/controversy. Also yesterday I did some investigating of other local gyms/fitness centers-because I am not happy in my current situation because of the drama I don’t like the energy in my gym. I don’t know if I’m gonna end up switching or not but I’m doing the groundwork to figure out who is online with the “silver sneakers program“. My other option is getting more equipment at home. At the beginning of the day, we obviously went to the mall where we ran into the EMR chief – apparently one of the restaurants is having gas leak problems. After the mall exercise and shopping, we did groceries, etc. I had to get my glasses adjusted and ended up with a new frame because during the frame adjust, there was a failure to the frame. It’s been a hell of a crazy day. Looking forward to tomorrow just because life is good right now. As I’m writing this post I am relaxing with the pups. 

Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race, announces she is suspending her campaign – CBS News

The California senator has suffered from low polling and recently shuttered her field offices in New Hampshire
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Cyber Monday Chaos

So I tried to make this post earlier but thanks to extreme activity for cyber Monday, I was unable to publish also lost the post because it was supposedly posting for over five minutes. Right now I need to remember exactly what I said and it’s not gonna be that difficult because I’ve had an interesting day. So this morning I planned on having a positive karma day which was absolute until the middle of my manicure. But starting off the day, I had a great morning getting my exercise and coffee at the mall. I had planned on returning to the gym this morning but last night I somehow got a cramp in my knee and it unlocked up and usually when it’s winter weather, I get arthritis aside from the fact I am 8 pounds overweight. I got my coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts because that’s what I wanted this morning instead of Starbucks and even though Starbucks has fired the barista who was anti-police, I still feel like right now Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have any drama. And their prices are cheaper on most items. So as I sit here with my 14-year-old, watching live PD-I am reminiscing about my day. I got my nails done in Greenwich Village which is like a grass green and it is gorgeous #LoveIt, When I was at the manicurist, I got a phone call which I did not answer-it was LA fitness and if y’all I have been following along with me over the past year and a half or so hoping you guys know that I am a member of the gym and that Jim is fairly close to home which is a blessing and also a curse because on Friday as I posted-I had a difficult day and was none too happy with management and I swear to the gods that if I was able, I would take my silver sneakers and run as far away as possible because I believe or to my understanding, there are at least two other gyms in the area that except silver sneakers. As I sit here I am looking forward to tomorrow because it is going to be a crafty creative day speaking of the craft, I am very happy to announce that I now have my shadow box which is basically a trinket box where I can keep my gemstones and worry stones. I am addicted to worry about stones because they are inexpensive. Now as I mentioned earlier I had that issue with LA Fitness on Friday-I was almost at the end of my spa day manicure, when my phone rang-I don’t know what the hell possessed them to call me and not leave message-but I find it very very very unprofessional and rude not to mention harassment . By the way, something disturbing happened last night or yesterday afternoon surprise surprise I’ve been in Virginia, there is a proposal to make self-defense against the law especially when it comes hand-in-hand with a firearm #PoliceState? HOW THE FUCK OK, #DoNotCaliforniaMyCommonwealth, #DoNotCaliforniaMyVirginia, #DoNotCaliforniaMyPennsylvania-And #DoNotCaliforniaMyCountry #MyAmerica #13OriginalColonies, speaking of those colonies, how can one of those go rogue like California, Washington, Minnesota etc. because unfortunately New York and New Jersey are going semi rogue and that is even scarier than California itself-Especially now are all well aware of September 11th 2001 where we lost so many innocent lives to a terrorist attack which some people deem an inside job which I surely doubt.  that all said written out, I am going to log off and schedule this entry. So for the record it was written on cyber Monday, December 2-it should be published and live by late at night Monday. I am thankful and I am blessed and I am grateful for my readers who put up with my shenanigans. Until later ladies and gentlemen stay blessed.  

Preempting Chaos

 OK so I just download a Google docs because other apps are annoying as shit and they open in black background and you cannot necessarily say what the fuck you’re doing. I just published a post on my personal Facebook about what happened today being that LA Fitness decided to harass me via telephone or at least they tried to and I did not answer nor did they leave a message but I have not been in the gym since Friday and on Friday, they tried to bully me Into signing up for the personal training program-I am just fine with my silver sneakers membership and I have posted about this a few times on Twitter etc. in tonight I posted on Whisper about the situation in short-come to find out that LA Fitness has a brand/company is infamous for bullying members and when I first joined the program/ gym said I was not interested The personal training program because I honestly didn’t find it necessary because I was content with working on my own and I still am content with working on my own. They got a new fitness manager and he told me incorrectly that there was a “complementary monthly fitness assessment“-and I found out that you must sign up for the personal training programv to have access to the complementary fitness assessment on a monthly basis. Well, I am not going to pay $200 or higher a month for a personal trainer. Granted I did have my ass kicked on Friday which was good but no thank you to spending the money out of pocket-I am on a budget on a regular basis. December has barely begun and I’m already almost in the red because of holiday shopping and wish list/bucket list items that I found along the way the past few days thanks to sales. I have acquired a lot of things for my witchcraft and I’ve also done my holiday shopping. Anyhow I don’t know my future with LA Fitness but I know what I want and I know what I’m not gonna deal with anything that goes for personal professional or health-wise That’s all I’m going to say right now because there is a post going up tonight with more detail so I’m going to log off and try and get some other work done. 

Holiday Bananza

Dear friends, family as followers- The past two days have been very fruitful when it comes to acquiring things I needed in my world metaphysically but at the same time my poor wallet and said why me?, Anyhow I got some holiday shopping done and I got some bucket list items off my list which always has something on it. I pumped my member points at Sephora yesterday with some Christmas shopping which needed to be done especially when you get a text saying this is what I want. I got the metal drinking straws from #JeffreeStar at #Morphe – even though I am upset with Jeffree, I am willing to purchase certain things. Mainly because these were on the bucket list of things I wanted. When I got home, I started looking on eBay etc. for the other colors in the collection because he has four different colors in his metal straw collection and lo and behold, I found the black, the blue and the green unbranded in the quad set for five dollars each so that is 12 straws for $18 and one pack of #JeffreeStar branded metal straws is $20 in store – hello I found an alternative that is not going to break my fucking piggy bank which is already hurting and we’re only a few hours into the new month but it is OK because I am very good when it comes to holding off unless necessary. I was just alerted to something that’s going on in the state of Virginia which I’m going to have to look and find the article to if it exists there is apparently a bill swirling around where it would make it illegal to do any type of self-defense training especially with a firearm and this is very fucking disturbing to me is that we still live in the United States of America with a republican president whether you like him or not he is our president in anyway Virginia is one of the 13 original colonies and to have this happen in one of the original colonies makes me very upset. As mentioned above, I was able to take advantage of holiday deals with regard to my metaphysical collection. Another charm and 4 gems. Added to the bowl of gems is adventurine, clear quartz, Ruby Zoisite. That was yesterday but today I got beautiful chakra pendulum is clear quartz and finally got my pentagram – my pentagram sits within a Celtic crescent moon. I am very happy compared to Friday. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I get back to the gym. If I could transfer my membership to another fitness venue I definitely think it would happen. So in closing, I’m going to do a little magic crafting.

Starbucks Fires Employee Who Sold Coffee Labeled ‘PIG’ to Police Officer – News Breaking LIVE

Starbucks Fires Employee Who Sold Coffee Labeled ‘PIG’ to Police Officer – News Breaking LIVE
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