Cole Custer to replace Suarez at Stewart-Haas Racing in 2020

Cole Custer will be moving up to the NASCAR Cup Series at Stewart-Haas Racing in 2020, multiple sources confirmed to on Thursday.
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Saugus School Shooting

Refried Thoughts

Good Evening and welcome back to my blog, I had intended for this entry to be an extensive collection of thoughts from over a period of three days but unfortunately, it was destroyed during the editing process this morning. Anyhow the past few days have been eventful and productive. I am quite content with my current life. I have made several acquisitions and advances in my education! I have received some of the discontinued yarn for my inventory and I’ve reviewed some of the my Harry Potter / Hogwarts items. For the record, I have decided to move from crossover to single. I now identify as a ravenclaw. I made this decision because I’m more comfortable in this house versus a mixed household. I have printed out and completed my paperwork for RavenClaw I also have been studying the craft closer. After this morning when I had an impromptu meeting about Harry Potter, I am more interested in watching the movies. Speaking of movies, I wanna see the Bewitched movie, I have always loved Elizabeth Montgomery and I recently realized that I am a doppelgänger for her. The other day I discovered a network that airs both Bewitched & Green Acres. I just checked the webby for Mister Ed but it is apparently only available on Hulu and it’s $6 per month which means $72 each year, I don’t know if it is worth it. The other day I spilled coffee on my new phone wallet so I had to go farther into my budget than I would have liked. I had to get a new wireless charging capable case plus I decided to get the Disney Villains tech wristlet that I had first seen on my birthday. I have spent too much money this month and we have two weeks to go. So here I sit rewriting the entry. The other thing that I was thinking about this week was about the drama surrounding the collaboration of Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson. I have made note many times that I didn’t like the idea in the first place. I have made notice that there are definitely some duplicate content /colors. I in no way believe that Shane has formulated the color story himself. According to the ladies at Sephora, I am not the first customer to make that declaration about Jeffree Star Cosmetics recycling colors. I’m not quite certain I have everything that I originally put in this blog Inc in the entry but I think you’ll get the just and I appreciate my readers/followers very much so with that I am going to sign off for the day and go relax with my canines. 

Monday Milestones

Blessed Monday, welcome to a new week and a new beginning of sorts. I have had so many questions about what’s fictitious and what is true blue since I came out. Coming from the closet has taught me that not everything you see/hear or read is necessarily the truth! As long as you believe in something then you are going to be okay. Yes, I believe in God but I know there are others besides him. It’s definitely a feather in my witch hat when I get kudos from my favorite teachers of the craft. Last night I was praised for getting the word of about the bibles from Shawn Robbins which as a new sorcerer, I think it is very awesome to be praised. Today I have the opportunity to stay in town or going back to the studio to work and I am going to head back to the house and work because I am on the skids. Also known as too much shopping this month. This morning I saw the holiday offering from #MacCosmetics which I believe to be a color story copy from #UrbanDecay – it’s a selection of single shadows that I already have. It’s called the #MoonDust palette. Anyhow, I got some serious work done which I’m very thankful for, Currently working skein number two or maybe three. While knitting, I was watching LivePD – when we had an actual live police situation outside twice. Some people are not a fan of neighborhood policing but as a resident of the township, I am definitely in favor! So I have been having a pretty productive day and hopefully more of the same tomorrow. I have a few comments to make about relationships and communication. I am happy to have been gifted the wireless charging station for my sleeping quarters and it’s been a wonderful thing because I can have my phone on the charger and focus on my knitting which apparently some people don’t think qualifies as a job but I have spun my hobbies into wonderful jobs even if I’m on a fixed income – It is not necessarily the business of any relationship partner / prospective partner because it’s just not his business if there has been no in-person meet up. Also as a which, I am not going to put any spells on anybody related to sexual problems. And that my sweethearts has been my day.

Disney,Cosmetics X Crafting

Good Afternoon, I have had a busy day already & I’m enjoying what’s going on today.  It was a late start to the morning which was fine because I was able to get the tech wallet that I was lusting after. Prior to going for my exercise this morning, I got all my housework comp[leted including tidying up the den. Now that everything is accomplished for now including getting photos of #Morphe eyeshadow palletes for Comparision. I know right away that I’m purchasing more LunarBeauty but not certain about other stuff right now. I love all the things that are being released because let’s be honest- there are people who are going to put their money down on products just because but for me, I purchase it because I wanna support the brand. With that being said, I am not going to give my money to a brand who is involved in drama. When I’m referring to drama, I am talking About Shane & Jeffree. It’s ridiculous to collaborate with a personality who has no cosmetic background. As far as I know, Shane Yaw has zero education in the business. Since the collection has been released, people have been making comparisons to some of the colors that were supposedly formulated and created by Shane. Which I find is complete Hogwash (pigs intended) There are colors in the Conspiracy/Controversy palettes that are very similar to colors from past collections. With regard to BH90210, I love the people & I loved the original series, the fact that  Fox has said no more, because of the viewer decline says something big- apparently it’s being shopped around to other sources but for me, I love the cast immensely but I was not in love with the mini-series. I think the Riverdale Season 4 premiere was a better tribute to Luke than the BH90210 series. I was so disappointed with the gang that they didn’t do as well. So now I am seeing all kinds of things about Save BH90210 – I am not going to be following accounts who dwell on the past anymore. It’s almost 2020 and it’s going to be a great year for me because I am going to make it great. For the rest of the weekend, I’ll be working on the crafting. Fuck what others think about my job, my finances are not anyone’s business but my own.