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Social Media Blindness leads to posting of cop’s death & firefighter’s response rant – Statter911

Social Media Blindness leads to posting of cop’s death & firefighter’s response rant – Statter911
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End Of Day Thoughts

Dear Friends, I’m sitting here in bed while the girls are asleep. This morning, the news about Beth Chapman didn’t necessarily surprise me but I am indeed concerned and worried about her and her family. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I felt like cardio was more important. Also, I got a few things in the way of storage that I have been wanting for a while now. I got a second organization box for my room and also a wish list item for my knitting therapy. I have adopted many jumbo skeins of yarn that are 7 once or larger. The yarn drum can be used for both storage and also project assistance. I could ramble on about the yarn drum but will not. After 19 years in the broadcast booth for NASCAR, Darrell Waltrip announcers has retired from the announcer’s booth. Plus I am very happy to announce that my favorite driver Martin Truex Jr smoked the competition. It was victory number 4 of the 2019 season. I don’t know if we are going to be the champion this season or not but another flag on my fence would be absolutely amazing. Speaking of my outside area, I’m still intrigued by the idea of having a She Shed/She Space but I don’t think I want to spend thousands of dollars. But with regard to money and saving, I have to have a goal even if I don’t follow through on it. When I was shopping for my yarn drum, I saw some new yarn that I am kind of interested in but not completely certain if I can work with it because it’s bulky size 6. My current project is in a chunky size 4 and its the first time I have used twisted yarn.

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JSC Short #Jawbreaker etc

Hey everyone, yesterday was the launch of the long-awaited jawbreaker Collection by a friend in my head Jeffree Star. Ever since I started my make up/Cosmetics journey I have liked Mr. Diva, I know he’s controversial I know he’s flamboyant I know he’s no bullshit which I like people that don’t know bullshit. I have some of his items and I will continue to grow my collection in his line, I do have plans to add some #JawbreakerCollection items to my arsenal when the bank account will allow. I am very excited for those fans who were able to pick it up on launch. There are some things that I am going to go into slowly with that collection because I already have a lot of product from other brands that I frequent all the time. Plus I’ve added four new Brands to my collection this season and I don’t add new brands that often. I really do my research on the brand before I add them to my make up trolleys. I’ve been focusing a lot on my outdoor space I have been adding yarn to my yarn inventory and I have been working on my health mainly my fluids etc. I’ve gotten into coconut water and coffee more. So as I write this I’m sitting out in my yard with my dogs. I know also that Morphe is somewhat controversial because they’ve had hit and miss products especially with Jaclyn Hill. I have posted some things about that entire situation on the blog before and I’m sure that situation is not complete because as far as I am aware she has not had the balls or the peace of mind to recall any of her tainted products-I have not bought anything Morphe since my travel brush set. And even though I ordered the Jeffree Star Brushes and Sponge set from them, it is a Jeffree Star product. Since I am a member of Jeffree’s Website anything further that I need from him I will order directly from him. When the order from the Morphe website arrives I will be posting a photo. I hate going shopping because I have enough stuff until the next launch. Until the next time I find something earth shattering that I need to share I am going to go hide.

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Twp Drama?

I have come back to drop more ish on my journal because of a little unwanted drama and some excitement in the beauty community. I have once again been questioning my political involvement in my community because of some hateful bullshit, I have never been one to be hateful and rude towards anyone. I have my opinion and I’m not going to stop giving my opinion on any subject. I was private messaged by a political figure in our community alleging that there are people who are not happy with the way I talk trash about people then apparently I complain whenever I get treated poorly. Though the complaint holds no merit in my opinion because this ”official” denied name drop when I inquired about who threw me under the bus as he put it. To be honest, I don’t completely give a crap what people are thinking or saying because they obviously don’t have what it takes to come to me with the alleged problem. So in closing with this-instead of trying to start drama about me if you have a serious problem with me which I hardly doubt-please come to me do not go through the Board of Supervisors-have some balls and be honest. I will never apologize for being truthful or being honest or sharing my opinion and that is why I started this blog was to vent to nobody in particular but I’m not just gonna sit back and let people talk shit about me at all there’s going to be repercussions there’s going to be a blog written about you so watch how you approach.