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Past Few Days- Life’s Good

Life’s Good because I’m in control of what’s happening around me. I have been working diligently to not allow the negative people and events affect me. The other night we heard gunfire and I did the right thing which is if ya see or hear something- say something. I’m not going to roll over and get some sleep when I’m uncertain of what’s going on. Anyway today I’m waking up to a shit load of info tweets about all kinds of shootings etc. We live in a crazy world and ya never know what’s going to happen. Had a quiet milestone birthday on Thursday and eversince I’ve been trying to keep a lower profile in some places. I’m keeping myself busy with knitting projects and sharing articles while learning about myself. I’ve been keeping up with NASCAR stories and this morning I realized that we’re losing four drivers in three years. First Jeff Gordon, then Tony Stewart and this year it’s Dale Earnhardt Jr & Matt Kenseth. I’m moderately frustrated with the happenings in NASCAR because it’s a dumping of talent lately thinking that the younger guys are what’s going to keep NASCAR together. Over the past few days since the election, I have realized that I am very interested in what happens in my country I am very interested in what happens in my community so I was thinking about getting involved a little bit more so I’m going to take those stepsI can I’m not going to share anymore about that until I know my future but there are other things besides politics that I’m interested in. My life is going in the right direction even if it’s slower than I’d like

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