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Friday Tidbits

Crazy eight ball, I asked the eight ball some questions this morning about relationships about money etc. and the only thing it told me I would be productive in is saving money so I don’t know how any current or future relationships are going to pan out. Whether I speak about them or not it does not matter-I feel like even if I were in a relationship it’s not going to last forever because it always seems like when I get comfortable with someone or something-Janga. I have officially been single since 2008 even though I’ve had date I’ve had flirtation ship no guy has not been significant enough for me to change my mind relationship wise. Recycling flirtationships are a bad habit for me. I am very content with my Knitting and Cosmetics collections as of right now. I have recently joined “The Star Family “ and there’s something called “mystery boxes “ and I’m not participating today because I have enough product right now. Today has been busy, I’ve been to the gym I’ve been grocery shopping etc. enjoying the rest the afternoon with the kids watching #LivePD And knitting. Definitely enjoying my open space and the new energy I found this morning. From here on out I am going to do me in the sense of I come first nobody else comes first unless it’s family – I have said this before with this heat wave I feel like we are in the tropics-but if we were in the tropics we would have palm trees and oceans etc. as the day progresses I am hopefully will find new content for my blog-the teen mom OG saga continues-as does political sagas along with totally ridiculous and crazy situations. Until later my friends stay cool.

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Random Evernote Thoughts

OK today’s been a little strange-it started out really well and I was in a great mood we got the house cleaned up etc. and the shit hit the fan at the dinner table. Earlier in the day I had been working on one of the PCs and the mouse was on the counter which is fine- but someone else decided it wasn’t fine which annoyed the shit out of me -I like certain things a certain way depending on what the item is and if it’s out of place I get agitated-

Something else that came to my attention is when I post certain photos on Instagram, I get offers of influencer or ambassador or affiliate offers but they’re never in that category I am looking to be representing. It’s ridiculous to get an offer for activewear your sunglasses or jewelry or clothing that I wouldn’t wear. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the offer but I declined them or ignore them for a reason I don’t wear or use certain things.

It’s me it’s like a but in my family orders more shit than I do, when I order something I have a reason or a task or an item whether it be Current or in the future. When I see people spend money that they could use to stay for their future for their next day or in case of emergency-what the fuck-I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for voicing my own opinion

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Alyssa Milano Dragged Twitter for Attending Marianne Williamson Fundraiser

The actress announced she would attend the fundraiser for Democratic hopeful Marianne Williamson, who has been accused in the past of being anti-vaccination. And when she hit back at a critic for smoking in his profile pic, things got even worse.
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