Boats N Hoes & Crazy Situations

So the past few days have been interesting indeed. 9 out of 10, life is amazing but when the anxiety takes over I’m very unhappy with a pretty much everything and everyone makes me aggravated and Uber aggressive towards many who probably don’t deserve it. I am set in my ways and I like things just so. If things are off by a little bit – I’m very unsettled as I am lately. I adore my sweet pups and they are my Savior but sleeping on the sofa is getting old. I don’t have privacy either so in a twisted way I feel as though I am a guest in my own home along with sharing a bathroom. Love having a new housemate in the form of my uncle – along with a third dog which Pink isn’t thrilled with but Lulu is completely smitten with Timmy. I know in the long run things are going to be okay but the adjustment time frame is stressful and I’m eating more. It’s very difficult to eat healthily when you feel overwhelmed etc. With relationships, I feel like I keep finding the assholes and it’s pure maddening when you think about it because lying guys are all around the place. I’ve had two mini relationships since September. When they don’t go as planned, the emotional rollercoaster drains your batteries and scars the heart. So aside from the craziness, I am definitely keeping busy with knitting -currently have three projects going and have several projects, I’m waiting to do. There are some days I wanna live in a yarn store and other days I wanna live in a beauty store. But I probably never will do either. I know that not everyone likes when I do one of these entries but I honestly do not care because after all the stuff is out of my head I can let go of it.


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