Halloween & First 2

Halloween & First 2
So I’m just relaxing in my bed while thinking about the past few days. It has been busy but I’ve been accomplishing a lot of stuff. Knitting has been fruitful because I’ve finished projects. I’m thinking of starting another big dog blanket but making it a lapghan for myself. I’m looking forward to the midterms partly because it means money but also because it means not as much mudslinging. Making the blanket for Timmy made me realize I am capable of knitting over 70 stitches. With regard to the craziness on social media, I love my Facebook ohana even though I may or may not agree with what they have to say or their opinion on a certain subject because everyone is different. There are some rules out there that I agree need to be demolished and I fully believe that Mr. Trump will take care of them. Ending birthright citizenship is one example of positive changes – I don’t think it’s right for illegal immigrants to be here and I don’t think that just because they have an anchor offspring that particular child should be given automatic citizenship. Get the fuck out of my country if you didn’t come here through the proper channels. Another thing that drives me absolutely insane, is the dating apps that permit certain photos-our society has gotten to the point where it’s OK to be racist it’s OK to be prejudiced it’s OK to say that one race or religion is better than the other and to be honest it’s not-no one religion or race or ethnicity is better than another. I have nothing against other religions other races other ethnicities but in order for you to be leaving in my country, you must conform to the way we operate-do not bring your flag from your previous country and wave it in my country, You cannot be living in my country illegally and if you come to my country legally, you are to become a citizen you are to wave the American flag you don’t have to disown your previous life but you must realize that you are now a citizen of United States versus your former self. But with what I was saying about dating apps & photos-it dries me absolutely insane in a bad way when I see racist photos when I see celebrity photos being used by common folk trying to catfish. i’ve been thinking seriously about my political affiliation lately and even though I’m registered one way I’m register that way so I’m able to vote in all elections midterms and general. I have some liberal beliefs and I have some conservative beliefs. I believe in the Constitution and I believe in the Bill of Rights etc. I believe in free speech I believe in the right to bear arms.
So the first two days of November are in the books and my birthday maybe over at midnight but I’m gonna accept greetings all month. Yesterday and today have been pretty good as well as productive. It’s currently raining outside & the temperatures are more like spring vs autumn. Which is something I wouldn’t mind all year long. The goal of the remainder of the year is to eat healthier in order to drop 19 more pounds. Crazy maybe but I am tired of being a big woman. I’m still working on the alpaca project but hopefully, it will be completed by Election Day. Speaking of Election Day, there’s a petition on aiming to make election day a federal holiday which is actually a good idea. A lot of people are participating in the early voting but I bet there’s going to be thousands if not millions of people coming to vote on election day. I dunno if I mentioned it earlier, but I am not a true red blood Republican Even though I am registered to vote as a Republican. As I’m typing this, I feel like I have already confirmed this. I’ll be posting a few different definitions of other political parties and other articles.



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