Immigration etc.

Immigration etc.
Many things are going through my mind because of all the craziness going on following the elections and other issues. I have associates on both sides of the aisle but honestly the New Democratic socialism has me fucking scared. The one thing I firmly believe is that Mr President must have the final say with regard to sanctuary city/state declarations. In my honest opinion, I don’t see any reason why a free country has to be host to any illegal immigrants/aliens. I know that the country is built on immigration but not an illegal immigration system. Over the past few days, I have been mulling over what to journal because of the plethora of craziness. Many of the thoughts running through my head have been written about in the past. Sorry but not sorry for being repetitive since the issues that returning to the mind are very important to me. Aside from the political thoughts in my brain, I have been working on the multiple knitting projects. I’ve been ordering yarn often because I wanna be stocked up on product/material for winter. I hate to be in situations where I have too little of the material when working on a project. I’ve just discovered Candy Shop line from Premier Yarns. I already love working with Sweet Roll so I’m not at all stunned that I’ve fallen in love with another line. So the tally of love for Premier Yarns is at 3! Candy Shop
Deborah Norville
Sweet Roll.
After the crazy weather conditions yesterday, I am happy to report that my road is no longer a parking lot. There were multiple disabled vehicles and an accident- don’t think there were any injuries since fire-rescue wasn’t necessary. Spending time with the furry trio and crafting is my cold weather past time. Until later Y’all please stay safe and warm. God Bless America.



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