Facebook Etc & Beyond

Facebook Etc & Beyond
Dear friends family and ours, I have decided to start posting random statuses on my pages because some of the things my Facebook family is sharing or doing at this present time is not to my liking and instead of on following etc. I am removing myself from certain situations to protect my sanity, what’s left of my sanity and my ability to function on a daily basis. Last night I had a problem with the rain storm hastenthe noise was annoying the crap out of me and I couldn’t turn it off. Certain things bother me more than others and in situations where I can not control-I get very frustrated. Yesterday there were not really any things that I cared or wanted to share from anywhere yesterday onto the blog and I’m realizing that that’s OK even if I don’t post. If I don’t post it’s not because I don’t care about my followers because I do-I use this platform to journal my thoughts and feelings along with articles that I feel are noteworthy of one genre or another I am also an avid user of Twitter and gab. Also Tumblr. Yes I am well aware of what’s happened with the App Store and Tumblr and I’m not happy about it because it is the responsibility of the material posterior what they share and what they don’t share whether you know or you don’t know what you’re sharing that no excuse you must know what you are sharing what you are downloading etc. but it was also the host platform responsibility. I do think there are too many liberal media liberal platforms out there that we need more conservative platforms obviously but we also need to protect our first amendment we need to protect our Second Amendment we need to protect every fucking thing that my eighth generation grandfather and 55 other great men who signed that piece of paper which is better known as the Declaration of Independence we must protect that we must protect every piece of paper that describes our rights as citizens as members of this great nation. I am an American patriot I am an American ambassador and I will defend my country. I very much dislike the politicians who think that they can or illegal immigrants etc. I do not like illegal immigrants at all I do not like anyone who is here illegally whether you immigrated or you came here I did not take the citizenship test/oath. Another thing that drives me crazy and I wish we could do something about is those crazy celebrities who say they’re going to leave my country if such and such goes in the office I’ve been why the hell haven’t you left yet if you’re so damn unhappy? Anyway I am going to enjoy the rest of my day working and you may or may not hear from me for a while depending on what I see in the news that I feel is important to share. God bless America God bless our president and God bless every red blooded American citizen Who gives a damn about this wonderful country we live then #FreedomComesFirst #AmericansComeFirst One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.



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