#CrazyDay, #Bush41

I am sitting here with my kids, watching homicide hunter-I have many things on my mind and I’m going to unleash. The day started off normally and I went into one of my favorite make up stores today expecting to have an answer about a price adjustment I was curious about on an item that I saw on sale at another store. Apparently the other store had the sale before the company store had the sale and I was hoping to get a price adjustment. That didn’t happen. They refused to do a price adjustment even with an unopened package with a receipt. The bad thing is that I actually am a product reviewer for this particular company. So that story is going to be continuing even though I will continue to do product review product promotion in general my association with that particular company is up in the air at the moment in my mind and by the way it was Nyx cosmetics. Anyway I am looking forward to getting my new phone case/wallet in purple and surprise gift from one of my favorite yoga companies Chobani. Enough about me let’s talk about President George HW Bush, what a gentleman what a patriot and what a loving father grandfather etc. this country is not going to be the same without the elder Mr. and Mrs. GHW Bush. Now Mrs. and Mr. Bush had never spent a Christmas away from each other in over 70 years-Mrs. Bush as we know died in April and Mr. Bush died on Friday so as to go with edition they will not be spending a Christmas apart because they are both in heaven together with their three-year-old daughter Robin. So within the coming days the world is going to adjust to life without the older Mr. and Mrs. Bush-I definitely feel for the family of Bush 43, I know what it’s like to lose an awesome amazing ireplaceable father. I have a profile photo of a collage of Bush 43/Bush 41 etc. because of the mixup annoyance crazy this morning my day has been riddled with anxiety riddled with concern of many things but on the good side of skin care and beauty, I hit the jackpot on my #TarteCosmetics-SkinCare spending under $50 is absolutely heartwarming when it comes to the amount of product I got when you buy travel kits. You sometimes get more then if you buy the full-size because even though their travel size you can buy multiples for sometimes less than the price of the full-size jars. I fell in love with the H2O drink of water moisturizer and also The Maracuja undereye treatment. In one of the packages came the mermaid skin serum and a travel size or style of the deep dive cleansing gel. I definitely have enough product for God hoping into 2019 and I’m definitely going to stay with that skin care routine along with my NuSkin glacial marine mud mask along with the AP 24 whitening toothpaste which I did a little blurb on earlier in the week after my dentist appointment. I had zero cavities I had a pretty good report from the dentist and I just started using that toothpaste a few weeks ago and unlike Sensodyne, my teeth my mouth does not hurt after using the product. I might be allergic to fluoride I don’t know yet but I am the type of person who has strange allergies. So time will tell what happens. So tomorrow I am going to have a relaxing day in my knitting zone because I didn’t do shit today and that’s not like me it’s probably why I’m going insane today but another thing I should mention, is that on the way home-we saw a panhandler with a vicious dog and thank you very much to the #NextDoorApp. I was able to report this to the police and my neighbors with just a text message and they responded and I reached out to them on Facebook etc. so I am very very pleased that the hashtag NextDoorApp Is available for the citizens of many many communities. So with that all said I’m going to say good night and there may or may not be more article share today. God bless America God bless President Bush and his family and thank you to President Trump for being so phenomenally generous to the Bush family in this horrible time.


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