Happy Everything

Good morning, happy Kwanzaa and happy Boxing Day-Our family made it through Christmas etc. with little to no anxiety which is good in fact I don’t remember getting anxious at all. We definitely enjoyed seeing Santa Claus on the firetruck and we enjoyed exchanging gifts. First time as an extended family which is nice. Yesterday and the day before I shared a lot of articles from around the web. I didn’t want to do a journal entry because all my thoughts had not been compiled nor was the holiday completely over until last night. Unlike last year where we spent the entire Christmas day with the police and fire departments because there was a transformer fire explosion on our street-thankfully we did not have one of those yesterday. But there was a traffic collision up the street last evening where we had to thundering fire trucks and an ambulance. We don’t know exactly what happened nor do we know exactly the outcome but I did learn something, that my PulsePoint App now allows me to share incidents just like the other app in which I employ to Know what’s going on around town aside from the next-door app. All yesterday for the most part, I spent the day in knitting which sadly I don’t have much to show for it because I’m working on a big project which I’m going to continue working on today. Yes my local mall is open has been for almost a half hour-I am not going today I don’t think maybe tomorrow. Crazy people returning what they don’t want or in the wrong size etc., why don’t people get more gift cards etc. or do money transfers because then you won’t have the problem of I hope I got the right thing. Anyway life is good we are all blessed and I’m spending the day with the furball trio. Merry Christmas happy holidays happy Kwanzaa happy Festivus enjoy the end of the year and let’s let bygones be bygones move onto the next year and FYI to add a little normal seat other day I am currently watching #WelcomeToMurdertown.- happy hump day bitches.


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