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Thursday’s Rambling 

So I’ve had a fairly good day and I’m enjoying a quiet afternoon with my baby girl. I really don’t know what will happen next with the Duggar family but it will not be a good thing. The famous family is definitely in the hot seat for the situation made public a short time ago. I am very happy that I started following Perez Hilton on social media because he’s on top of this case breaking every single news tidbit possible. Part of me wants to go investigate the inside story with the sisters and learn their side of the story. I knew in my head that there just had to be something evil going on with those people,I honestly feel bad for the young people because they are living with screwed up people (patents). There’s allegations of severe abuse and the thought has crossed my mind about more sexual abuse. I’ll be doing some research on the family in the near future for certain because I know there’s going to be some deep dirt out there 


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