Facebook Fake


This morning was interesting because there was an account that appeared to be. Garth Brooks, I began to question this when it began to private message me-knowing how busy his schedule is, I’m spies the guy has time to sleep. Anyway I posted a photo to my Instagram; I tagged the verified account of Garth Brooks. I think I did the same on Twitter, I know a lot of fake accounts pop up I am not gullible enough to fall for that bullshit of people cat fishing. I also do not appreciate people cyber bullying others whether it be on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram; what ever media you choose to use and say negative and degrading things about people. Why do you think there are so many suicides of children who have been bullied or cyber bullied it is because nobody has the balls to stop it let alone speak about it. I didn’t start this blog to be negative or be positive -I started this blog because I want to be honest and share my feelings and thoughts, maybe there’s other people who share my opinion. I honestly don’t think that social media is monitored properly when it comes to the cyber bullying or bullying in general and that needs to be fixed-there are plenty of social media networks that have taken a turn for the worse because they do not have social safety. Mainly social networking site and “dating sites” need to improve their social safety and security standards. There is something that kind of bothers me about some “dating sites” that you can only login using your Facebook-that is only a good thing when people are being honest when they are not felons or crooks or liars cheaters or sex offenders. I stay away from sites that require a Facebook logins because I don’t want “dating sites quote to know all my personal information where I’m going what I’m doing etc. also I do not want people knowing my information unless I tell them. I guess the bottom line for this entry is be honest and don’t go portray someone you are not-if you find it necessary to have a “second life” think about your first life and what is wrong with your first that you have to have a second life. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, break up with the person; if you’re in an unhappy marriage get a divorce don’t murder your spouse and for the last thing if you’re unhappy in your job or you cannot find a job, find something that you are happy with and be an entrepreneur. And I don’t think this entry would be complete without a little piece of my mind about the president who I still do not like who I still think is the trying the American citizen by even flirting with the idea of bringing “refugees” into this country where it is been known that Jihadists want to infiltrate and mix in with those “refugees” who happened to be all men I have not seen women and children mixed in with that group . Come on I’ll get real get serious and get focused on who these people are trying to cross into my country. I think it was something I said on a post on my fan page for this blog: www.facebook.com/SilverReaganPress about being in this country legally or illegally. Apparently there is another what some people May say has questionable qualifications for president. Mr. Ted Cruz was born in the country of Canada but his mother is American therefore he is an American citizen by birth. I know I was all upset about Mr. Barack Obama being born in Kenya and a lot of people are upset about that which I totally understand. From what I read on Wikipedia or whatever site I was on this morning trying to figure out who the hell Ted Cruz was, I now understand where it is legal for Barack Obama and Ted Cruz to be eligible to run for president-I do not believe that it is proper to have a president who is not of a certain religion unless he or she is going to do what is best for the country regardless of their faith. I think it is atrocity that Mr. Obama has been non-recognizing certain events that is happened in this country-it took longer to lower the flag to half staff after the Chattanooga military shooting then it did to turn the White House into a beautiful rainbow for the LGBT community marriage equality decision by the Supreme Court. I know that Democrats will try and say that Mr. Obama has done good has done great things for United States of America-yes he captured/demolished Mr. Osama bin Laden and has done some wonderful things for the LGBT community-those are wonderful accomplishments for him to be proud of, but there are things that really really irritate me that have happened under his administration as well. Mainly the war on law-enforcement: under the republican government, we did not have to read about what is practically daily assassinations of police officers of random drive-by shootings of fire houses . Also we did not have people killing people just because of the color of their skin-it is very disappointing to know that there are people in this country in the world who do not like you because of the color of your skin, everybody is human everybody has the right to live and there is no or that should be no #BlackLivesMatter or #WhiteLivesMatter, In reality folks- #AllLivesMatter. And just for the icing on top of the cake here, there should be no furbaby on this planet that is Miss treated or does not have a home. Every animal deserves to be loved and know what love is. on behalf of my miniature doxie Pink thank you very much for listening to my mom spill her thoughts and please stay tuned for the next entry and beyond.

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