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2-7 Journal

So good afternoon everybody! I am writing this from the road because my uncle was lucky enough to receive notification today that his new vehicle was ready for pick up. Anyway I learned some interesting things when I went retail therapy browsing for mainly in Ulta beauty. I learned some things that are good and some things that are not so good. Not so good, is the fact that the brand in which I started my make up collection with is apparently filing for bankruptcy or has filed for bankruptcy in the recent years and it is just coming to light because she is struggling with sales and has a lot of merchandise in a warehouse that she is trying to liquidate. Now the article that I shared earlier to with my blog, it was about #MallyGirl. Which was or is the original #MallyBeauty, Ulta beauty or Mally Beauty is working on pulling out of all Ulta beauty locations I don’t know what the future of those products are going to be but if you don’t perform well enough in a brick-and-mortar store such as Ulta beauty-I don’t know how long your company will last. The good news from Ulta beauty is that my favorite low-cost high-quality brand #BHCosmetics is going to be getting a bigger display, #Neutrogena is going to be downsizing it’s display there is going to be new displays on that one side of theKing of Prussia location. Very happy about the upgrades coming to my local #UltaBeauty. I received my order from Urban Decay, sending the two vice special effects liquid lippies to the stockpile drawer. Definitely exciting to know I can wear whatever brand of lip color then have a long-lasting top coat. Be that my beauty products arrived earlier than expected, I wonder if my #LennyAndLarry’s stockpile order is going to be arriving early. Mom purchased a new snack for us all a paleo friendly snack that is vegan organic and delicious. Also, I have been posting a few random articles to the website today. Looking forward to getting the life back with regard to being copilot to my mom. Life is going to be good from here on out. I’ll be doing a little more sharing the website before bedtime even though the adrenaline rush has gotten everyone exhausted. God Bless America and our wonderful military and all first responders.

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Killer Zodiac Signs And How They Would Get Rid Of The Body After Murder, According To Astrology | YourTango

The killer zodiac signs have to clean up their mess and dispose of a corpse, but how would they do so? Astrology is a guide that provides information about our personalities, and depending on what you’re like, you’ll have a unique way of cleaning up your crime.
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Lilbit Of Monday Thoughts

I don’t really give two shits what people think about the merger of messenger systems. When I share certain items on the blog, I’m sharing what I think is relevant to an interest in the world. I don’t always agree with political personalities even if they are in my political party. I may be registered with one party, but I don’t always agree with what they say /do. I am a proud American Patriot with ancestors who are responsible for the creation of the country but I guarantee that they are spinning in their graves knowing what this country has become. My own father is probably disgusted with what’s going on in the country.

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Monday Ramble

So today’s events were quite taxing and annoying because nothing went smoothly but I survived the day with no meltdown. I went to the doctor for a regular appointment and then had blood work done which was aggravating just because it was hurry up and wait. Going with no food or drink until after noon is a complete pain in the ass. I rely on caffeine/coffee for my sanity. I’m finally getting some relaxation time with my girls and tomorrow I’ll be able to work all day on my knitting. Knitting as I’ve mentioned in past entries is very relaxing for me and I’m certain that it’s something that keeps me calm. I have enough yarn in the basement for several weeks to come since it takes at least three days to make anything. Today when I was sitting in the dr’s office, I shared an article about a young man who is in the sixth grade who is a crochet addict and started when he was about five years old. He is only 11 but I find it pretty awesome that a young man wants to take on the craft world. I think that article is filed under #CraftingPawz. This morning I went to the gym well I should say late morning. I only got in have a work out but half is better than none and as for my social situation from yesterday, I honestly don’t give two fucks because it’s his loss. I have been talking to him often on for about a year I may be a little more and we tried to meet up once before this and it fell through I have and it fell through again yesterday with zero communication. When I checked the site where we had met &!he message but did not reply so I blocked his ass and I took him out of my favorites on the phone and everything else. While I was at the gym, I found out that the Chapman family is going to be on television again they are currently filming for WGNA and they are teaming up with other bountyhunters to catch fugitives. Definitely looking forward to this program whenever it comes on. I have been a fan of theirs from the get go. Do I feel guilty about shopping on Poshmark, absolutely not because I get some of the best product from companies I love at discount prices -Do I shop too often absolutely I do but sometimes shopping makes me feel better. With regard to the Philadelphia Eagles, regardless what happen yesterday and thank you to Nick and Jason-I love this team because I love Philadelphia. Even though we did not make it to the Super Bowl this year we did it last year and we made it pretty damn far this year. It’s like Martin Truex Jr, God bless him-we won the championship in 2017, it was a great run it was awesome I have the championship flag on my fence I have the Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Super Bowl flag on my fence-I’m adding an American flag W/red and blue stripe in February I hope. There’s definitely some stuff I’m going to post on this blog after I finish this crazy entry but when I purchase something on Poshmark it’s because either I don’t want to pay full price for it it’s hard to find Gotta have it. Just because I came into the skincare and make up scene way later than many other people, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun at my age. Age just a number it is how you feel inside that matters I forget the quote that Ian Ziering uses when it comes to how you take care of your skin but I know as I get older my skin shows my age sometimes and that’s why I’m now a skin care junkie but I use Tarte Cosmetics skin care except for the glacial marine mud mask – The reason I split my skin care regimen is because I found things that work for me and it doesn’t matter what brand, if it works I stick with it. Talking about toothpaste, there is only one brand I can use and that’s the company’s brand…. The AP 24 whitening toothpaste without fluoride is the only toothpaste that doesn’t hurt my teeth or my mouth etc., today I had ice water no ice chest cold ass water and my teeth did not hurt at all. So I know this is a ramble but it’s how my brain works sometimes everything just feels out in it’s not organized. Now I’m going to go scroll the Google posts again to see what I need to share to keep my blog interesting. Thanks for having patience to read this chaos.

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Gym Ratz & Life

Good evening from my sofa, today was a pretty good day because I finally started my workout program or non-program as I should say. As I posted on my personal Facebook yesterday, I was able to get a membership through my health insurance company to #SilverSneakers, which I chose LA Fitness! There is a location about a mile from my house which is absolutely awesome because I can go every day. And I am planning on going every single day weather permitting and my badazz body Will be back sooner rather than later I just have to teach myself to not go for retail therapy afterwards. I got some awesome urban decay cosmetics this morning but I cannot keep doing that because my Wallet doesn’t need to get a work out every single day. Though I will be going back tomorrow to do an exchange because one of the products I purchased this morning looks as if it was used and returned some how, Even though their policy is final sale this product I bought definitely looks used. Anyway we got to take the pups to get their nails clipped after we took a family trip to the movies. A Dog’s Way Home is an amazing film and I definitely was focused on the film vs my phone which I had on do not disturb as well as my phone. There were some great previews for upcoming movies- including the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose, it’s called A Dog’s Journey which I’m definitely going to see. There’s not many things tv/movie wise that can keep my attention but movies like these definitely do. Looking forward to getting to do the gym rat gig on the regular because I’ve been wanting to get back into better shape. For me, it’s not for just the physical but the mental and emotional well-being. Prior to this journal entry, there were a few article shares and maybe more before bedtime.

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Short Note

So it’s the day after the Philadelphia Eagles clawed their way to victory Over the Chicago Bears. Yes we won by one point but that one point takes us closer to the Super Bowl and we have two games to go until said Super Bowl but I shared a article about Nick Foles possibly being traded on the off-season. God bless my brother because he knows more about the possible situation than I would. #NickFoles is what they call an old bird when it comes to his Eagles career. Anyway I cleaned up the dog room I did some work in my room, now I’m sitting with coffee and the pups watching investigation discovery. I just saw a safe auto commercial where the car was wearing freaking pajamas. Yes this is real life and when I went to the mall this morning I didn’t buy a darn thing for myself, I bought something for the kids. I was supposed to be taking photos of my make up today but I’m too tired to move a muscle at the moment so that may have to wait until tomorrow while I have more time to do more cleaning etc. I shall be back later when I have more to babble about but I feel like if I go on I’m going to repeat. Talk to you later.

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First Rambling Of 2019

So I’m sitting here watching television, I do every day anyway but I have been thinking a lot about my first journal entry for 2019. And I wanted to thank all my new subscribers/followers and I appreciate every single one-when I started this blog back in the day I never thought it would grow to this potential. When I say I never thought it would grow to a potential, I mean I never thought I would become someone who people wanted to follow up, someone who people looked to as an influencer. I say that because I have gotten many many likes on my Instagram about the products I “promote review”-I do indeed have an affiliation with NuSkin, I am an independent consultant-I do more promotion versus sale but I am a devoted user of the toothpaste with out fluoride. Up until I tried the AP 24 whitening toothpaste, my teeth were horrible-I was afraid to brush my teeth because the pain. In October or late September I decided yes I’m going to try. I have used it ever since I bought it and I love it I will not change back to a regular toothpaste with the chemicals etc. I believe it was the chemicals that made my mouth and my teeth hurt and bleed.Granted my teeth still played every now and then but it’s not as bad. I also love the glacial marine mud mask because it pulls out the impurities and it pulls out the blackheads and it makes my skin smoother. I also use some other cosmetics that I love that I unofficially promote. I know that it would make me more credible as a NuSkin independent consultant. I do have credibility I do have honesty in my posts regardless of what product I am using or eating etc. I am honest. I have a good relationship with Chobani yogurt, I am not on their squad of employees or official promoters/ambassadors but that’s OK-I love certain cosmetic brands more than others-

Originally when I started out in February 2017, it was on a whim, a whim because because I have black circles under my eyes I had puffiness under my eyes I started wanting to get rid of that. I happen to be out and about, I went into Ulta beauty, did a little spontaneous spending which is something that has happened a lot lately on different items that I may not necessarily need but I necessarily wanted. I started with Mally Cosmetics -I love trying new products. I swear that I have enough make up but then I turn around and I go buy something else something that I may or may not need. I have several of everything in some categories, I get multiple of one thing in different brands because I don’t want to run out of something at the wrong time. Like right now, I’m in need of extra Urban Decay setting spray and lip primer etc. I also have a few different brush sets from BH Cosmetics that I am lusting after. But aside from my cosmetics obsession, I really want to get my weight under control once & for all. I am thankful for my new insurance which will allow me to get into a gym program. I have always wanted to be able to go to the gym and work on my image. Speaking of image, I’m on the edge where I do and do not like myself image-wise. I have always been this way and probably always will. I have been told by others, that I look good etc, but I don’t and won’t see it until I get to where I want to be physically and mentally. Right now, I am putting lipstick on a mini pig.

Anyhow, the reason I had originally wanted to write this entry is because of the fact that I am frustrated with certain people and things going on. The craziness of the bigwig Democrats trying to destroy the country and the president. It makes me sick because of the fact that this country wasn’t meant to be invaded by undocumented immigrants and political officials who were not born here in America. I know that the country was built on immigration but these new immigrants aren’t going through the proper channels. Illegal immigration is the death of my country. I have friends who are Democrats and they are great people but politically we don’t agree. The other thing that annoys me is when certain people are immature in relationships,not necessarily with me but in general. If you are in a commitment with somebody,it’s improper to be anything except friends with others. And I don’t want to hear about your marriage etc. Now when it comes to relations with me, I’m looking for someone who is going to be a great friend and more of a life partner. I’m not getting any younger. When it comes to the Asperger’s, I need a partner who is going to be a long-term steady person in my life, and I don’t do very well with change. The flirtationships I have had in the past, are indeed apart of the past, but I always have questions about what could have been. Some of the people who’ve I’ve had relations with I’m still in contact with but some I am not. What to do do I have regrets? Yes and no, do I wish things were different in my life? Yes I do, I think that I could be in a different situation if I had more freedoms. But I look back on my life and think about how lucky I am. My life is pretty good to the point where I do indeed have what is necessary. And necessary is good enough for now.

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Retail Therapy ETC

Good Evening Friends:

Past couple days I have been going to the mall practically every other day because I had energy to burn. Some days I’ve spent money & other days there wasn’t any money spent…. I have really loaded up on #TarteCosmetics lately, I did indeed a refund from Loreal regarding my #NyxCosmetics debacle. Like I have said in previous entries, I am not spending anymore money on the Nyx Brand. Yes I do use selected products from #NuSkin; the AP24 non-fluoride whitening toothpaste along w/the glacial marine mud mask…. I am indeed an independent consultant for the company but my main focus is more about promotion. Promotions can be fun, like the one I did for #BHCosmetics the other day, I do have the gift for gab. Speaking of GAB, I am on GAB social network under Chiefxpressdog. So as yall know, I have paypal & in the process of getting CashApp… I dunno whatelse to say in this entry other than my blog has been updated daily for the past 1.5 weeks & I’m very happy with the consistency, I will say that I have been doing research into many things with  regards to politics, I maybe registered under one group, but it doesn’t always mean that’s the way I’m going tobe voting. I may only “work for the county” during elections but, I’m finding that the political mud slings all year long. In closing, not everything in this country is making me happy eventhough we have a POTUS under my voter registration.

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OK so I wasn’t going to post today in the journal category but since my girls decided they can’t live without me at night, apparently I have some free time. Today was a good day, a little bit crazy as usual but I am doing all right-still in a situation of uncertainty when it comes to my emotions and my daily temper but I am finding my coping mechanisms. I’m still waiting for my cell phone case/wallet which should’ve been here on the 11th; apparently it may not be here till the 17th-mind you I made the purchase on December 4. Yes, I am frustrated not only about that and other things going on in my life but The issue with Poshmark. I sent a request for a return shipping label because 11 piece make up brush set that I ordered. When I received it it was total trash quality and even though I only spent $14 plus shipping which is $6.49, I still don’t want something I could’ve bought off eBay for the same price and the shipping. Thank God for Instagram because they’re going to be looking into it-yes I messaged Poshmark via Instagram. While we’re talking about December 17, not only is at my mothers birthday but it is also the day that Tumblr will remove adult content and be more strict about what people are allowed to post. I know that I have dabbled in adult video viewing before, But I have not done so in a while because it doesn’t really work for me anymore-let’s face it I would prefer a real relationship but I don’t know if that’s going to happen for various reasons. Again another frustrating situation but I know that God has control and he will bring someone if I am destined to be with someone. Speaking of God yes I do believe just like I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I saw something about someone out there warning Santa Claus to be gender neutral-That is fucking ridiculous the next thing we’re gonna want to do is dump the Easter Bunny in the same category. Santa and the Bunny are men so get over It Santa aka Saint Nicholas, The Easter bunny I think years also known as Peter Rabbit. So today I stayed home and worked on my knitting projects and drank at least two cups of coffee. The weather was not horrible but then again I didn’t get outside much. The two scarves I’m working on are for donations and even though I’m toying around with the idea of selling, it may or may not happen. I like not having deadlines to finish things. Hence why I am better at being self employed vs working outside the house. Tomorrow’s schedule is going to be much like today but I’m hoping to get out of the house todo some errands and get fresh air. As I was going over the article picking pot aka random finds, I’m seeing a lot of teen mom drama which is making me frustrated af. I’m getting really tired of some storylines because I feel like all they want is attention. The Baltierra’s are driving me crazy, used to love them but I can hardly deal with them anymore. I’m sorry but sometimes it just gets really nauseating having to see the same shit week after week etc. I am also not swooning over Married At First Sight that much anymore because we’ve seen the process and the number of disasters outweighs the success stories. I can probably count on one hand the number of marriages that have lasted. Frustrating situation number 926, Cops has not been on my television since I don’t remember when and even though it hasn’t been canceled-there would be riots if it was-, the networks haven’t been giving it any airtime. New season is coming out in January. LivePD is always on it seems and I’m totally loving it. Anyhow I’m sorry to cut this short but it’s bedtime for my girls. I’ll finish the story tomorrow.