Jamie McMurray 2 Be Replaced?

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#BackToReality- MiVidaLoca

So we got back from vacation, had a awesome timeBut my mind did not return to the proper location until yesterday because of the monsoon. The weather in Pennsylvania has been absolutely insane and some days I wish I could relocate-take the dogs take my yarn take my mom and go somewhere else-I always lik but my mind did not return to the proper location until yesterday because of the monsoon. The weather in Pennsylvania has been absolutely insane and some days I wish I could relocate I even take the dogs take my yarn take my mom and go somewhere else. I always like a change of scenery. Sometimes the maintenance of the house drives us insane but then you think about the fact that our house is outfitted for everything. I’ve been spending the week knitting and monitoring the rain. It’s amazing to see what damage mother nature can do in only one day with 4 inches of rain. I am working on two different blankets and drinking coffee like it’s going out of style. I slept in my own bed last night. I’ve been working on my make up reviews even though I have not gotten my packages yet. I will review any make up in the brands that I use and I will give my opinion of brands that I don’t use if they decide to make copycat packaging. I have posted on my Instagram some photos of a company that very similar packaging to two different brands that I use regularly. Speaking of my make up line, I am learning about which companies are under which umbrellas. Even though I am home, I will still check into random places because I like to keep people guessing. The other day I was thinking about liquidating my Redheart yarn collection, Because I prefer a different brand because of texture but as of right now I’m working two different projects both are red heart. So my yarn stash will depend on my mood I guess and what kind of deals I can get. With regard to my social life, still talking to different people-I’m not going to settle down with just anyone if I settle down at all. After so many years of being single I kinda like ability to do whatever whenever. MsLVidunder: http://www.chiefxpressdog.net

Family Reunion & Peach Of My Heart

So the past week and maybe before that, I have been very busy I have not felt like writing as much because I feel like I’ve been saying the same damn thing every time and I don’t want to annoy everybody. For the first time since I adopted the Chihuahua, I finally got to take a vacation-I was very very nervous in the beginning because I had never left my Chihuahua before and even though they say she did well and I was pretty damn OK on vacation because I had a good time for the most part-I still came on to hey very cranky little love bug and I understand it is more than likely because I left which is something I now know I cannot do. Well I didn’t joyed my time away because it was a family reunion where I had not seen my family in about eight years even though we keep in touch over Facebook etc. also the family reunion was in a place I’ve never been before probably never heard of before but it was a beautiful town. St Joseph Michigan. I also got to visit Indiana mind you it was only a truck stop. I still got to get myself an Indiana T-shirt-I also got to spend some time in Ohio. The hotel in Ohio was awesome because it was across the street from a shopping center that had practically everything I would need to sustain life. The only thing that was a raw back from the hotel was that It did not have certain channels that I’m used to. I am sure if I lived in Ohio I would make certain that I had access to those channels. I got to experience my first #Sheetz conscience store which is very much like WaWa. I have not consumed what I purchased in Ohio at that store because I’ve been making my home brew coffee. I seem to get an attitude adjustment when I am away from home but also the attitude adjustment was because I was around my family who I have not seen in forever it seemed. When it comes to my knitting, I had brought six skeins And surprisingly I only used the one +99% of a second. Right now I’m working with the third skein to make a gift for somebody. I just ordered another pair of size 6 bamboo circular knitting needles. And unfortunately my account for August has been depleted significantly because of vacation spending along with treating myself to many items from Sephora which I have been eyeing for a while. Also I ordered two more red camo yarn skeins. Sometimes I think I really do need a sugar daddy but honestly to God I don’t I just need to learn how to curtail my spending. Socially my life is pretty boring in the real world because I don’t have many people to hang out with. But I swear, if I had as many friends off-line as I do online-they would not be enough hours in the day. With regard to my Sephora order, it is mostly Tarte Cosmetics along with a few Sephora beauty products. I can tell you this that I will not run out of make up remover for a while. Also something I learned on my vacation was that I was excepted. Excepted to a program with NYX cosmetics. A sampling program-where we VIPs get items free and have to review them in order to continue receiving freebies. I’m going to be brutally honest with these reviews. I already know that I am not a fan of the NYX setting spray because of the chemical smell. It makes me sneeze know it does do a good job the smell factor is not appealing. Yesterday I spent $40 at Ulta on #UrbanDecay & #nyxcosmetics. Because are use Tarte’s creaseless concealer and The weather being brutal, I have been experiencing make up melt off- so I purchased from Ulta, #UrbanDecay Setting powder which is indeed waterproof, sweat proof. I have yet to do my make up today but I very well might just because. I am not going anywhere today and that is fine with me because I have been out and about a lot lately. Staying home with the babies is priority right now. If I could, I would relocate to Ohio because I really really liked where I stayed the first night and the last night of my vacation-there was a pool there was a whirlpool there was free Cinnabon and the bed was amazing, bigger than my bed. Overall life is good and I’m happy. Looking forward to what’s coming in my life and I still do not give two shits what other people think when it comes to my employment or entrepreneurship because I do what makes me happy and I honestly do not owe anybody an explanation for anything in my life. So with that being said I am going to return to my knitting and watching over my babies.

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