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Boatload Of Thought

I have a boatload on my mind lately which is why I did a journal entry yesterday and I’m writing this. I have an update on the missing boater on Lake Nockamixon but as responsible media, I’m gonna keep the details private. I wasn’t suicide but a freak accident that lead to his untimely death. Anyway in other news, I have been very busy acquiring beautiful rainbow colors of yarn-I don’t know when the last time was that I went on a extensive yarn haul but after my last shipment comes today I will be on a yarn diet because I have so much pretty stuff to work with. I also am thinking about teaching myself how to crochet-God willing I will learn from good old YouTube and why the hell is Bella Thorne sharing nude photos on social media? I will definitely get to the bottom of that one and I will post the article Ivan I just saw something on TMZ which I have yet to post about Mr. Jell-O head himself Bill Cosby-that also will be on the blog today-I have sent my ambassador Application in to one of my favorite beverage companies-vita Coco, So I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with that I’ve gone from drinking tap water with sweetleaf Stevia to mass quantities of coconut water and my body loves it. It may be a little expensive but if I feel good with it then definitely continue-speaking of ambassadorships, I am very happy with the new flavor from Lenny&Larry! So excited in fact, I already ordered my box- #SaltedCaramel- chocolate cookie W/caramel chips-definitely will be reviewing ASAP-also I’m going to be trying some different coconut water drinks so those reviews will be coming in soon. I am going to hopefully be doing more reviews of more product just not doing as many ambassadorships. I only am going to do ambassadorships for companies that are my daily/Weekly staples in my diet. Now I know I’ve probably talked about it before but I have a friend on Facebook who is semi famous or infamous from MTV-specifically catfish, he has started being a spokesperson and advocate for anxiety depression, weight loss etc. all of those things that we don’t always wanna talk about, he’s talking about them and that’s important- Matt Lowe & Lowetivation. Another thing that people need to understand about anxiety, depression, and everything that goes with-is that we are not always happy and we are definitely good actors. Now today, it is Tuesday, last night was quite interesting because of a tweet I sent. It was a tweet of subject matter I discussed in another country which if I remember correctly it is called: “Teen Mom OG Trolling #Baltierra”. Because when I sent a tweet last night with my opinion of a scene from the show I got all kinds of assholes coming back at me for being rude and being negative not understanding something-excuse me, I’m sorry you don’t think the way I do because if you did you would see how I perceived the conversation. When you have a neurological difference, you don’t see things the way people see them. You don’t have the same emotion or reaction that neurologically sound normal people have. Now as I am going on my third year possibly I think I figured it out in August 2017. I’ve learned a shit load about myself I’ve learned why I do things the way I do-I definitely think I was misdiagnosed as a child I think a lot of money was wasted by my family on medication they didn’t necessarily work. I don’t think we’re doing work for m 2017. I’ve learned a shit load about myself I’ve learned why I do things the way I do-I definitely think I was misdiagnosed as a child I think a lot of money was wasted by my family on medication that didn’t necessarily work. As I look back, I wish that I would’ve known sooner So that I would’ve been able to go on anxiety medication sooner. But that’s life I am living now. I think always considered iamb doing wonderfully regardless of whether I do or do not have a relationship or a social life outside of “my circle“- there are still days where I wish I had more of a social life outside the house but I am an introvert I do not like big crowds unless it is it Eric Church or Kenny Chesney concert. I say that because when you’re at a concert of an artist you truly love whether you’ve met them or had a lifestyle that was similar to the current. There’s just that vibe where are you feel comfortable and safe. Another thing that I take comfort in is my hobbies, knitting and of course writing and sharing articles of interest. With regard to Mr. Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for reelection, I still believe that he is one of the qualified subjects and possibly the only subject qualified enough at the moment because we have a barrel of monkeys with a shady ass past in the democratic category. I may be registered Republican, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I follow every thing that goes in the Republican barrel I vote based on the candidate whether that is in the primary or in the general election. I am an independent thinker I am socially liberal I am accepting of others that some in the Republican Party do not except. I think the current GOP and their stance on The LBGTQ community is very twisted and not in a good way. I support the LGBTQ community, I love everything rainbow, I don’t give two craps whether you’re gay whether you’re straight whether you’re transgender bisexual etc. I don’t care you are who you are and you deserve to be happy. As for the abortion situation-I don’t know if I’ve discussed it before but even though I fully support the women’s right to choose, I do believe abortion is murder. The crazy thing with Hollywood not being supportive of certain locations that have passed the anti-abortion bill for that want to ban abortions. You could kill your career and I think certain Hollywood personalities are killing their career with their political beliefs playing a role in their acting careers I don’t think politics needs to be affiliated with acting in any way I think it’s shooting yourself in the foot sometimes literally. Anyhow enough with my babbling because I have other things to do today. I will talk to you another day but in the meantime stay tuned for anything and everything if I care to share.

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Cosmetics/Tiny house

OK so I just did an survey and one of the questions was about beauty blogging-yes I do and I blog about other things too but this is going to be about Cosmetics and the like. I have been wanting to try Mr. Jeffrey Star OK so I just did an survey and one of the questions was about beauty blogging-yes I do and I blog about other things too but this is going to be about Cosmetics and the like. I have been wanting to try Jeffree Star Cosmetics for a wild now and now that I have #BloodSugar, and that I have ordered magic concealer-in shade c9 because both and http://www.JeffreeStarCosmetics Are currently sold out Love my two shade matches C7/C8- I went today to the first website mentioned and I finally broke down and got my Jeffree star brushes and sponges. So excited about that also excited for the new just released “Shake Your Palm-Palms mini travel palette from our friends at Too Faced Cosmetics! I did not think I would spend this much money on Cosmetics this month but even though some were impulse, They are items that I’ve been thinking about for a long time just never a bit ammunition a.k.a. bullet. Life is been pretty good lately and I’m looking forward to a better month next-I am getting in good shape I am being healthy I making the right choices etc. and my kids are happy and healthy which is making me happy. I don’t know why, but it seems like the passing of Diamond Lynn Star just might be the reason why I chose now to invest in Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Speaking of which and authenticity of product, I have seen a lot of ish on eBay, With the moniker 100% authentic-I don’t know if I’d spend my money on a day on these products because I’ve had bad luck with eBay purchases when it comes to cosmetics in the past they’ve all been 100% fake stolen crap-in fact when I saw that shit on eBay, I sent a message via Twitter to Jeffree and his cosmetics company because they have put out warnings before about purchasing on different platforms. I’m always cautious ever since I got fucked over on eBay. I had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the items that I thought were authentic before anyway as I digress just an FYI even though I have an outdoor space where I can relax without being interrupted, for the most part, I am still kind of dreaming of a bitch she shed/cabin hey Fan I don’t know but I tell you something next I’m going to start saving as if I was going to get something but not necessarily meaning that I will I’m just going to act like it-I am finished spending for the month and maybe just maybe there will be pictures of my make up area coming in the near future I just got to see her I feel about revealing that space.

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SheSheds, SheSpace And Tiny House Living #JeffreeStar

Over the past few days I have been obsessed with my she shed area which is really a she space because according to management, I do not need a separate structure on our property. I’ve been drooling over photos I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest-some of them really have caught my eye because I have always had a pipe dream to live in a tiny house. Granted in the winter I get really claustrophobic and don’t like being cooped up indoors wearing multiple layers of clothing-I am happiest when it is 72 and sunny where I have minimal but conservative clothing on. I am no spring chicken which means I cannot wear all those skimpy outfits anymore-kind of sad about that sometimes. Anyway I have actually shared a few fines on eBay to my website about some horse trailers that actually have living spaces in them-why don’t they make single horse living space trailers? Anyway I’d have to be a millionaire to purchase the proper tiny house whether it be a horse trailer or a Winnebago or just a cabin up to my standards so since I’m not ever going to be a millionaire, I will have to settle for my sheets to bas anyway I’d have to be a millionaire to purchase the proper tiny house whether it be a horse trailer or a Winnebago or just a cabin up to my standards so since I’m not ever going to be a millionaire, I will have to settle for with my she space. Onto the # section of this entry, Jeffree star- I have followed him since I began my little obsession with beauty/health skin care. I know he is controversial as is Kat Von D. But this month I added both beauty lines to my arsenal and I am not ashamed to say that I’m in love with the products that I’ve gotten. I am a bargain shopper I do buy things off Posh mark and I am always careful about what I buy-I know that there have been some scam artists with fake product or stolen product but i’m always very careful with what I buy everywhere. There’s even bullshit on eBay in the way of fake make up etc. don’t even get me started on the Amazon bullshit with regard to free shipping on certain items. As I am dictating this entry , I am sitting in my porch room and I’m loving life. A few hours ago, Jeffree Starr and his boyfriend Nathan announced the passing of one of their Pomeranian children… Diamond Lynn Star passed away several days ago my guess is a heart attack from what I gathered off the video. It has been reported that Diamond was the runt of the litter in the puppy mill industry and she was born with a smaller an average heart she also suffered from alopecia-as a pet parent, I know the pain that they are going through. I have been through it twice in my life and I know I’m gonna go through it again a few more times and as a doggy mom, I’m not looking forward to it but I know that when that time comes for my children, that my dad my Nana and everyone else that I’ve loved is up there waiting to take care of my babies. with all that said my life is good, I am happy I am being productive and I have a plethora of fresh yarn that came into my inventory within the past couple days. I went on a little shopping bench this month with regard to Cosmetics and yarn and protein cookies. Protein cookies, something that I’ve learned is a wonderful snack and it can be a meal replacement depending on your lifestyle. Since January I have lost 18 pounds and I am planning to lose another 5 to 10. Whether I drop more than 10 pounds is up to God because I know that my weight loss will stop when my body is comfortable. This is LGBTQ pride month, I am not in the community but I definitely support The community. Vice President Pence had made a few statements about the LGBT flag a.k.a. the pride flag and how he feels that it is inappropriate for it to be flown at certain locations which I heavily disagree with. In my mind, his feelings towards the flying of the pride flag in certain locations is prejudiced against the men and women who are in the community yes I did vote for Trump/Pence in the year 2016-a decision that I’m not quite sure what I think of right now but I know that having Donald and Michael in the White House right now is better than the alternative that we had the options of. I am disgusted with some of the things they have done but I also think that we are better off with Mr. Donald J Trump as our commander-in-chief. I know the Liberals don’t believe that Mr. Trump was or is the perfect president-there is no such thing as a perfect anybody whether it be president or governor or mayor or supervisor whatever you are there is no perfect anything and if you think that then you are crazy. anyhow I look forward to the 2019 autumn election and I look forward to the elections in the future but as an election season employee of the county, I sometimes just sit there and shake my head when it comes to the ballot system, the voting system in my home state. I know that a lot of places have gone to the paper ballots successfully but dear Lord, it was a complete fiasco in my jurisdictions. Now looking at my personal life, I did have a date in April which I blogged about that was not very successful obviously because I’m still single or shall I say single again depending on which way you look at it, I am having a great time talking to different people sometimes I take a mental else break when I’m talking to someone just to see if the feelings I have for them are real or not because I know that people say almost anything these days and you never really freaking know who you were talking to which is probably why MTV and catfish have going on this long-people have not learned. I have been on the Internet socializing since I was 20 something I’m now 40 something and over that time, I’ve met a lot of interesting people some are still on my Facebook friends list and some have them blocked and those that have been blocked have probably been cursed out because they betrayed me in one fashion or another. It’s kind of crazy how people think that OK so I’ve been talking to this person for a week and I want to meet them but during that week it is not consistent and you don’t have that much information about the other-I’m not gonna meet you after one week of talking, I want to get to know somebody-I want to know who I’m going to meet especially that it is my golden rule to have them come to my turf . The reason I will not meet someone anywhere else besides my turf is because I have allies, If something goes wrong I know someone had my back then I’m safe and oh by the way I don’t give out my personal phone number to anybody unless I’ve been friends with you for a very long while. It’s either Kik, Skype or Google voice. But as I digress, I’m sitting outside still and I smell bonfire or gas or something but it’s not enough to do anything about it since I don’t know where the heck it’s coming from. So enough rambling from this little chickie, I bid you farewell until next time.

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She Shed Etc

So it’s Sunday morning, June 2-yesterday I was out and about doing my stuff with mom and I came across the idea that Had been buried in my head about a #SheShed. Granted, I have been thinking about this, because sometimes I feel like I need it. The reason I think that is because sometimes I feel like I don’t have my own my own personal space. I love having my family live with me/living with my family but the lack of privacy sometimes bothers me. That is why I thought a she shed would be perfect for me-not for extra storage because that we do not need but somewhere where I could go to get away from the crazy, somewhere where I can relax with no stress. So my she shed idea is still on the table just trying to figure out how to go about it if it’s going to become a reality. I realize that I don’t always “need” this she shed but sometimes it would be nice to have a place to go where nobody’s going to randomly walk in on me-I love my family, I’m glad my uncle is living here but the lack of privacy is starting to drive me insane after six months?-I have looked at options, In the sense of sport utility sheds and we all know that I love tiny house living I admire that but my collective nature with regard to Cosmetics and knitting and stockpiling the food sometimes makes me wonder if I’d ever be cut out for tiny house living/she shed capability. My life is pretty damn good and I am happy with the way my life is for the most part, all I want is a place that I can go when I feel overwhelmed and annoyed the world when I don’t want to be bothered. I’m always going to look at the she shed option whether I get one or not-with regard to mother nature and this tornado bullshit I’ve had enough, when it’s stormy outside, My mood sucks-that’s part of my anxiety disorder and not having my own space screws with my mind a lot. Part of the reason I love living in my own little world is that I can block out certain people etc. when I need to zone out I’m sure there’s gonna be another update to she shed before it gets published. Even if I don’t get my she shed, I’m always going to be daydreaming about it I’m always going to love interior design and I’m always going to enjoy shopping probably for things I don’t really need but. Anyway tonight is going to be a long night according to the weather report because I have 4 hours of showers coming up Thomas so I probably won’t be going to sleep until 1030 tonight. Finished rambling for the evening good night God bless and adios

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End Of Month Ramblings

OK so I have been a little over opinionated on Facebook and other outlets lately so I think it’s time that I write it all down. Somethings in my count Yep I’m happy about and somethings I am not happy about, same goes with the entire world somethings I’m happy about and somethings I’m not a fan yes I voted for Mr. Trump, that does not mean that I agree with everything he does but I think he was a better choice than any Democrat out there. With that being said-I do not like the drama and the cat fights etc. surrounding the Democratic Party-Both big picture and small picture it sucks. Being opinionated or over opinionated is why I started this blog in the very first place. Most of my life is going wonderfully, I am busy I am happy with most of what’s happening, I am busy knitting and sharing articles also taking care of my canine. Staying healthy has been something that I’ve been working hard hat. I am currently 5 to 8 pounds away from my goal weight at least what my doctor wants. If I am lucky I will get down to my ideal goal weight. As for my climate that I live in, where are The palm trees, I have my hibiscus is but; this weather is tropical enough for me to miss my island home. Living 25+ years in the Virgin Islands yes I miss it even though I know it is very expensive right now I can guarantee you if I went back and had the funds unlimited-I would definitely stay but with regard to that I think that our territories should be allowed to have voting rights. I think that we need to do a statehood on Puerto Rico and possibly the Virgin Islands-the district of Columbia-I think it still needs to be what it is but I think they do need voting rights as well. I wish that our territories were recognized more not just when there is #HurricaneSeason. People seem to forget that the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico is definitely American territory there are American citizens there they deserve rights just like everybody else that lives on the mainland. As for the abortion situation, I am play life-I understand that women deserve rights they do but in the sense of murder-every child deserves a bite to live that is why there is adoption. I’ve got plenty of humans and animals if you cannot or will not take care of sad human or animal do not adopt do not foster, if you do not have the balls to be responsible and just don’t have sex. I know that I am more liberal in some areas then I don’t use where I am conservative that is why I consider myself a freethinking independent because I don’t believe everything of one party. As far as voting if you are independent, I think you need to either register with the party you are closely affiliated with or somewhat agree with in order to vote that is what I did of coarse. These damn paper ballots that we have now-I don’t like him I don’t agree with him I think it was better electronica though I understand where they were all concerned but as a election season employee of the county, I think those machines need more research before they deployed them across the stage. There were problems all over in my jurisdiction meaning my township. Some of them did not open on time and others were picky about the ballots they processed. The perforations on the ballot some selves were very unsatisfactory so they need to reevaluate how they print them and the perforations at the bottom. While I am dictating this, I am walking in my mom because I didn’t feel like going to the gym today I decided to do cardio. looking forward to the next month in the year in the month of June, I support the LGBT community, I think every American citizen deserve rights whether you are gay straight bi sexual whatever same goes for your religion-it should not matter as long as you are not a radical citiz, I think every American citizen deserves rights whether you are gay straight bi sexual whatever same goes for your religion-it should not matter as long as you are not a radical illegal immigrant or a radical in anyway you should have voting rights you should not be discriminated against. You should not be a discriminated against if you have a disability, I speak from experience I have “disabilities”. But I do not see them as disabilities because I have been living with them my entire life and what people think does not matter you either accept me or get the fuck out of my life because I don’t want you. Yes I’m an entrepreneur and that means that I work for myself I do what I want that makes me happy and keeps my time filled up my finances are not a concern so that is pleasant. I know I’m a shopping addict from many different categories. I love my cosmetics, I love my skin care and I love my crafting. With regard to my love for Cosmetics, I purchase only cruelty free items and work with what I love brand wise. Always interested in trying new brands only if they are cruelty free and I’m not afraid to shout out to a company if I want to try them but yet they are not cruelty free I try to get the message across that it’s better business to be cruelty free than not. Now that I’m finished with my rambling for the day we hope, God bless America and no matter what I say about our president-right now he’s better than the alternative or alternatives especially in 2020 with the clown car of candidates, in my personal opinion I don’t think any of them are qualified to be in the White House even if they have been part of the White House before I think there is something creepy about every single damn candidate including the current president. Just being honest.

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Political SAT/Crazy Life/DHS

Good Afternoon, my week has been a bit crazy with the primaries and other regular life happenings. I’m very content with my life lately even though my social life is in the toilet, other things are well. Being law enforcement during election season can be kinda insane especially if you have to jump into action- thankfully in my new location, I didn’t have any unruly voters, I did have a few questionable situations but unfortunately nothing offensive. I must admit that my new location is a better environment versus my previous station. I don’t like the new paper ballot system & I’m not alone. Our township supervisor herd all kinds of comments about the system, from “I love it to where’s the sledgehammer” which I’m leaning towards to sledgehammer side of things. Another thing that made me upset was the mudslinging and defamation happening from the loser in the primaries. I certainly do not want a sleazy low standard puppet in my local government. I actually did not have my phone with me for half the day which personally it drove me crazy since my anxiety etc. my watch died battery wise about noon so I was up a creek no paddles. I was very happy but he is with the gay good I could go home and sleep. But before I went to sleep I was very happily texted by a friend of mine who told me that my candidates won. Very happy but very interested to find out what happens in November. From Tuesday until now things of been quiet. I woke up to a friend request from someone I did not know who is not in my circle of friends or acquaintances and found out that this individual shared my cover photo from police week 2018 and was. I woke up to a friend request from someone I did not know who is not in my circle of friends or acquaintances and found out that this individual shared my cover photo from police week 2018 and had made some derogatory comments on his post. He also shared one photo from my cousin along with a slew of other photos and most of his profile is stolen media with his slanderous commentary-the township chairman says there’s nothing that can be done because there’s the First Amendment but what about #StollenMedia? I am waiting to find out what other opinions are because there has to be something against stolen media-I have decided to download an app where I can add a watermark to my photos if I so choose. We also finally got to go to the horse show and it was a beautiful spring afternoon. Sometimes I miss the horse show life but I don’t think I’m grateful enough for show riding, those days are long over. Looking back at my cover photo being stolen, I’m angry about the slander on a photo taken by the police. Still waiting for the response from my friends on if any further action can be taken. Updates will be posted as they come in.
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Saturday Rant

So my day is going well, woke up this morning not intending to spend anymore money but #Influencers changed my mind- I was alerted to a #GottaHaveIt #Sentimental color which I found on Poshmark after looking on the website and it being sold out-also when I was checking my emails I saw a half birthday gift from Tarte Cosmetics. #CrazyObsessed with skin care and beauty products am I? Yes indeed I have to have certain things in my arsenal/beauty trolleys. I totally love urban decay liquid lipsticks & glosses etc. I have been contemplating the #BeverlyHills90210 eyeshadow palette from solalook, Even though I have found that Jcat Beauty Has a named similar palette but the question is do I need to have it? I don’t know because I have most of the colors already and I don’t need to do any duplication unnecessarily also I don’t want to add to my brand arsenal right now. I am very close to finishing my mega lapghan, going to hopefully finish it by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. We will be home for the rest of the day watching television drinking coffee and knitting-the shopping this morning definitely made me feel good looking forward to getting back to eating healthier after a few Carbaholic moments. Last night I shared an article about Luke Perry, there are definitely conflicts in my head about how he was buried or what happened to him in the afterlife postmortem . With regard to what’s going on in my Township-I’m very frustrated with Democrats and trying to change what isn’t broken around here I’ve been I’ve lived here since 1985 and I hate seeing the bullshit and other crap happening trying to change things. I believe that we need to control the Board of Supervisors, In the sense of where they came from-where they live and who is paying for their current residential. I’m not happy that some evaluations were done without the citizens knowing and all the Board of Supervisors as to say is oh you should come to a meeting-everything the fact tha i’m not happy that some evaluations were done without the citizens knowing and all the Board of Supervisors as to say is oh you should come to a meeting-first our school buses get sold out to first student now the township took over the ambulance service which means we lost some good hard-working paramedics etc. changing the colors changing the services adding this taking away that all under the banner of making the township better-now we have to worry about the township turning into fucking Las Vegas even if I wanted to live with digital billboards and 24 hours whatever’s, I would live in Las Vegas or New York City. My hometown doesn’t need to be turned into a fucking circus and our representatives need to be a lifelong resident of the jurisdiction they serve.

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Crafting And Quick Thought

I have been very busy lately, and I’m very happy that last month is in the past. I have been very devoted to finishing the Sprinkles Blanket which is the largest project that I have embarked on. Working with PremierYarns is absolutely wonderful but I’m probably shifting to another brand for a while. This morning, I got the chance to go use my coupon at Jo-Ann. It was 55% off one item which I used the opportunity to get something I don’t usually. The winner is the Bernat Velvet yarn in Gray Orchid. I don’t quite know what I’m going to make which is what I can normally do now because every time I plan a project it backfires. My current project is far from perfect but it is what it is. I’ve done some windowshopping and there are definitely some things that I like not everything and come on with me or be sent to my studio. After I finish this blanket I’m going to work on my path rug and then maybe plan the next project. Knitting is my creative passion even though I am not a professional nor do I do anything perfectly. My blogging is not perfect either but it’s okay since just getting things out of my head makes everything better. So it’s back to the knitting and LivePD. I’ll be back later when there’s more on my mind.

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Their Loss

ok, so I am sitting here with Pink & Lulu watching television. I have been thinking about many things that I’ve been going through lately. Less than two years ago, I met the guy in which I wrote about in the entry Spring Fling- Anyway I am not really upset as I am annoyed, because there are probably so many things I could have done with my social life in that time frame. Even though I don’t ever put all eggs in one basket romantically or flirtationship wise. I actually am happier that this ghosting occurred on the second date instead of two months down the road. Going forward, I am going to be so much more cautious. After being on social media for 20+ years, I’m definitely not going to give up. Next up is my seasonal job which I have unofficially resigned from due to some unforeseen problems. Problems may not be the right word because those with Autism don’t really see the “problems” they could cause. The seasonal position was a community service during elections season. I have served twice as Deputy Constable which is basically the peacekeeper. In November there was an irrational voter who was threatening to contest the results because there were to past presidential photos up on the wall. These were school projects which is actually pretty cool. Anyway, I was informed of this guy from the husband of the judge-important to note because it’s going to be noted at the end of this story- I was given info on the photos by a select few voters who were parents who were also disturbed by the actions. Long story short is that yes I called the police and I don’t regret it, nor do I regret the way I handled the entire situation because it was my job to keep the polling place trouble free. Take note that it’s mid-April & the primary elections are in less than one month away- Our boss notified me that there was a turd in the punch bowl. The turd is now claiming that the situation was murky enough to have my job relocated. The question I have is what the heck took so long for there to be a problem with my performance. Anyhow instead of putting myself in the position to be rejected again, I’ve decided to remove myself completely I’m going to miss the socializing but then again why would I wanna socialize with prickly people who find something wrong with my ratifying a safety concern? So moral of this story is that these two situations were not fully in my control, therefore, it wasn’t my fault, it’s certainly not me, it’s the people who can’t understand or deal with it. I cannot change these issues nor would I want to even though I have sometimes think about what things could be different if I didn’t have Cerebral Palsy or Asperger’s Syndrome.

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Just hanging out with the pups and watching television with my beverages. Sadly or not there is no worthy news to share from Google yet. Still shocked by the untimely death of Ms. Brenda. I’ll be working on my knitting project today so looking forward to seeing all the new yarns coming from my favorite companies. So many options to choose from when it comes to yarn.