#PapalWeekendWrapUpI am sitting in my bed watching investigation discovery until I decided it is time to go to sleep-I decided that my day was fairly good even though we had that run in with that individual trying to catfish people into thinking he was Garth Brooks. Mr. Brooks would not use an album cover as his profile photo, he would not solicit his fans for money, he would not get his name wrong on his profile. I had my doubts from the beginning that this imposter was not who he was trying to portray. It is rather disturbing that people go and mislead people. Just as a precaution when I first was befriended by this individual I made the conscious choice to tag the official Garth Brooks fan page on Facebook with every status update which I included this imposter in. I pray that Garth or somebody on his team finds out about the imposter because this account needs to be shut down. Despite the fact that this was not Garth-I spent the morning listening to I heart radio: the Garth Brooks Channel which set me for a very good day because that is a type of music I listen to when I very first started enjoying country music. The day went on to include Twitter wars with democratic Fulk who thought it would be fun to name call Andy grade people-mainly conservative activist CJ Pearson. When it comes to people cyber bullying others it is really sad because they have no life to speak of that is exciting enough for them not to harass others and make others miserable. I am very thankful for the mute and reports spam buttons. My afternoon was spent watching NASCAR, it was not exactly the best day for my nations-two of my nations ran out of gas, One of my nations refused to speak to the media again which I understand and I respect him for that because it is better to not say anything when you’re in a foul mood. That nation’s wife tweeted me this morning when I re tweeted her tweet containing a quote from Eric Church. Aside from the craziness with the imposter and the cyber bullying from the assholes along with the NASCAR follies I spent the day reading the papal updates on Facebook and Twitter. So I am going to return to Twitter for little bit longer and see what other things I can get myself into. Definitely will report back in the morning after when I hope is a good night sleep

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